Cold prospecting, 3 tips for writing an effective message

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# N ° 1: Cold prospecting – A captivating unique hook

The main cause of dropping business response rates is a bad hook line. Each teaser should have as many key elements as possible of the following four.

  • The person: you have to shout out who you are selling to or they won’t think the message is for them.
  • The Issue: What is the number 1 problem you solve for your prospects (the real problem)?
  • The proposition: Exactly what you do in layman’s terms, without being vague and while being unique.
  • Success: Paint a picture of what life might be like after they’ve used your service or product.

TIP: If you execute this unique teaser correctly and place it at the top of your website, you can easily increase conversions by 50%.

Here’s an example of Leadin’s hook:

Leadin intelligently helps time-pressed founders and executives generate qualified leads and increase LinkedIn sales – by creating a predictable revenue machine.

  • La Persona: Founding members or managers of a company
  • The question: Busy or short on time
  • The proposal: Scaling, generating and qualifying prospects on LinkedIn
  • Success: A predictable income generating machine

TIP # 1: If you are in a competitive market or sell products without unique attributes, you need to “knock down the big domino” (Source: Russel brunsen ) and make them believe (Source: Frank kern ) that what you sell will suit them.

The “big domino” is the often hidden number 1 objection (ie the prospect won’t tell you) that kills the answer. If you’re a marketing agency, the “big domino” is that they don’t believe you can get them qualified leads. You will have to remove this doubt, and you will be able to unfold the rest in a fluid, automatic and responsive way.

Here’s another example of a (generic) e-commerce payment processor:

We offer CFOs the best transaction processing rates – by cutting out the middleman, you keep more revenue from all credit card sales.

  • La Persona: Financial directors of a company
  • The Question: Save Society Money on Processing Fees
  • The proposal: Offer the best transaction rates
  • Success: Keep More Revenue From All Credit Card Sales

# N ° 2: Undeniable credibility

Especially with cold prospecting, most prospects are skeptical and won’t believe you. Saying you’re the best IT vendor in town doesn’t mean anything until you can prove it.

Examples of strong credibility vectors:

  • We have developed apps for brands like Apple, Kaiser and Target
  • We work with over 100 local businesses in Paris.
  • Our customers observe an average decrease of 30% in staff turnover.
  • I have managed over $ 50 million in Google ad campaigns over the past three years.
  • We have generated over 200 qualified leads for your competitors in the past six months.

TIP # 2: The number of years you’ve spent doing something isn’t a good credibility factor at the top of the funnel posts. Your potential customers want to see the recent results that you have directly generated in the form of real numbers.

# N ° 3: An irresistible offer

A good offer can take it all. First, you need to understand what sales genius Chet Holmes discovered to be true years ago:

Only about 3% of all of your leads are actually in the market for what you’re selling at any given time.

This means that even with an excellent hook with undeniable credibility, most of the time, it’s still not “the right time” for your prospects. The secret is to end your post with a call to action that is virtually impossible to say no to. It’s a way to get your foot in the door, making it easier to sell or smoothly switch to a phone conversation.

Examples of irresistible offers that call for action:

  • Would you like a free SEO audit? Forward your website and I’ll take a look.
  • Can I send you a free sample of our high quality corporate t-shirts?
  • Can I share with you some case studies of the results we have achieved for similar companies?
  • Would you like to receive a free copy of my bestseller?

The bottom line is that even though 97% of prospects are not in the corporate t-shirt market, they can still say yes to a free sample, and when the next corporate event takes place, they will remember. from you.

TIP # 3: That’s why it’s essential to follow up on every lead. You’re wasting money if you don’t follow up with prospects 3-7 times a year who have shown interest when the time just wasn’t right.

In conclusion, each message must have a clear catchphrase, a strong credibility factor and an irresistible offer. You will win if you can align all of these elements with as few words as possible. Our best results come in just 3 to 4 sentences. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but this requires testing.

Finally, before proceeding with your cold prospecting message, you must first connect with the person. I explain how to do this in a dedicated article on “ How to connect with someone on Linkedin?

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