Commercial real estate B2B lead generation service

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B2B Lead Generation Service – How Our Real Estate Clients Get Leads

The large size of transactions in the real estate industry allows multiple parties, such as investors, lenders, brokers, agents, developers and property managers to win big. To seize these opportunities, a coherent business flow must be put in place through lead generation. While traditional methods such as networking and direct mail can work, these strategies are very time consuming and increasingly competitive. Many professionals don’t realize that you can create and tailor posts to hyper-targeted lists on LinkedIn in any niche, from residential to business.

Our B2B real estate lead generation solutions

At Leadin, we understand the importance of LinkedIn lead generation to the growth of your business. We’ll help you generate leads that attract new customers and simply expand your referral / word of mouth network. With our LinkedIn lead generation services, we will save you from having to resort to telephone prospecting. We can instead make your presentation with impactful messages. Based on our experience with more than 100 clients, we specialize in translating the specific characteristics of clients into LinkedIn profiles. What does that mean ? You’ll be able to skip the laborious process of sifting through long lists of potential customers that might not be right for you, and gain well-targeted customers from the start of horizontal prospecting campaigns.

Our lead generation solutions for software companies (SaaS)


We create specific lists of ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


We send connection requests and follow-up leads at scale


Respond to qualified leads, set up phone calls and appointments

For which real estate players are our solutions the most suitable?

With over 100 clients, we have experience in most real estate niches, including the following:

  • Real estate agents and brokers

  • Real estate investors

  • Lenders

  • Mortgage brokers

  • Business owners

  • Real estate technology companies

  • Developers

Professionals in this industry are very active on LinkedIn because of the value of relationships, which translates into natural conversations about recommendations, rates, markets, deals, and terms. One of our clients in the home loan industry earns an average of 22 prospects per month.

Capabilities of our real estate lead generation experts

LinkedIn’s success comes down to super-precise target lists, persuasive messages, and a slew of market awareness actions. Here’s what our lead generation experts will do for you:

  • Create targeted lists of your ideal customers

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • Write effective personalized sequences that start sales conversations

  • Send 500 to 1,500 messages per month to these prospects from your LinkedIn profile

Professionals in this industry are very active due to the value of relationships, which translate into natural conversations and recommendations, rates, markets, offers and terms. One of our mortgage loan clients wins and receives an average of 22 prospects per month.

Why our generation of leads for B2B real estate?

Not only will you initiate dozens of conversations with potential buyers each month depending on your role within the global tertiary ecosystem, but the first degree connections that we seek for you will be part of your network forever. Thus, from the first month, you will build up a constant supply of prospects who will have ongoing business that matches your criteria and others who will need to be maintained and monitored for future business with you.

So far, these 15 templates have been kept secret! 👇🏽

One thing is for sure: without the best strategies, the best tools are not enough.

Because everyone uses the same models of messages seen and reviewed,

“Hello, I saw that you are {{titre} }, let me sell you something? “

LeadIn has tried dozens of strategies over the past 8 months on behalf of our clients, and we’ve picked the best performing posts to get you started.

Based on this, we wrote an ebook with some of our favorite approaches that generated hundreds of high potential conversations, and converts like BOOM!

So we decided to share them 👍

This eBook contains 15 templates to start engaging your ideal audience for better results.

For our agency, this generated:

+ 55% acceptance rate in general

+ 40% response rate on follow-ups

+400 reserved demos

A large number of new customers …

So if you want to learn more about sequences and get new ideas to strengthen your acquisition campaigns, download your copy! 👇

Mockup 15 linkedin messages templates

Maximize the potential and results of your prospecting👇🏽

Join our community of experts in social selling / automation / B2B growth and take advantage of the advice and support of expert social sellers to maximize the potential of your sequences to explode your generation of B2B prospects! The community is based on thekey pillars of digital acquisition: strategy, targeting, copywriting and in-depth data analysis.

It is also +1,000 campaigns launched and thousands of leads generated for clients of our agency division!

To maximize the potential of your sequences, it’s here👇🏽

The LinkedIn Stack: Best Social Selling, Tools & Automation Hacks

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