LinkedIn lead generation for Startups & SMEs / VSEs

LinkedIn lead generation SMEs and startups
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With more funding channels than ever before and a boom in new industries like tech, e-commerce, etc., now is the time for small businesses and start-ups to thrive. With competition being very strong, it is important for small businesses to keep pace with the market trends, including competitors’ marketing and employee branding strategies. This is why it is essential to develop a fully optimized LinkedIn page with clear branding. LinkedIn can help centralize all brand initiatives with current events to cultivate a constant flow of lead generation.

Our lead generation solutions for small businesses and startups

At Leadin, we will help you generate leads for your business. So you won’t just follow the market… you will stay ahead of market trends and develop a strong network of first-degree relationships to help keep your business stable. Whatever the industry, we’re here to help. Our first step is to give you recommendations to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Since your LinkedIn profile is often the place where new potential customers make a first impression of your small business, it’s important that you use this page to establish your authority and appeal.

Our lead generation solutions for small businesses and startups


We create specific lists of ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


We send connection requests and follow-up leads at scale


Respond to qualified leads, set up phone calls and appointments

Quality leads for startups and very small businesses

Our comprehensive social selling services at Leadin also help you connect with potential new customers through personalized and attention-worthy messages. After optimizing your LinkedIn profile, we will have a better understanding of your own brand identity and, therefore, the type of companies you want to work with. We will list the qualities desired for potential new customers in a target questionnaire. Using these guidelines will minimize dead-end leads with customers who don’t fit your profile perfectly. Rather, the messages you receive will come from highly desirable companies that are a perfect match to what you defined in the target questionnaire.

Expert lead generation capabilities for small businesses

Our LinkedIn posts are far from generic, and our lead generation experts will craft posts that speak to your company’s capabilities, accomplishments, and identity. Plus, we know the value of persistence. We automatically track potential leads four or more times, making sure your presence is known to increase your chances of a response.

The first contact with a potential new lead can be considered the most important. The quality and personalization of this message tells about how they view your business as a whole and influences their decision to work with you. With that in mind, we make sure our lead generation messages are nothing short of perfect.

Why our lead generation for small businesses?

With our commitment to generating leads for small businesses, our comprehensive social selling services will help you with every step, including optimizing your profile, brainstorming your customer wish list, creating messages and automation of follow-up messages. With these four elements, we relieve you of some of the burden of finding new customers. This will allow you to focus on refining and developing your own products and services, staying competitive with other companies, and expanding your network to ensure your future success.

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