Is Mailshake the right tool for prospecting in B2B? Our full review

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Mailshake is a B2B prospecting tool specializing in cold emailing.

Indeed, despite the emergence of prospecting on LinkedIn, emailing remains a very popular channel among B2B salespeople. In fact, 45% of them still consider emailing to be the most effective channel for B2B prospecting.

Here’s our full Mailshake review.

Our opinion on Mailshake in a nutshell

Mailshake is cold mailing software. Equipped, at first sight, with all the functionalities sought for this kind of tool, we deplore however a certain inadequacy in the reporting. It is thus complicated to measure but also to possibly correct the performance of your current campaigns.

What is Mailshake?

avis Mailshake

Mailshake is cold mailing software . Created in 2015 by Bob Senoff, Sujan Patel and Colin Mathews, it was originally an email marketing software. It was in 2017 that the publisher decided to specialize in cold mailing : sending cold emails.

Unlike in B2C where it would be contrary to the GDPR to send unsolicited emails, in B2B , sending cold emails while respecting the GDPR remains entirely possible .

Like LeadIn or Lemlist, Mailshake is SaaS software. So you don’t have to install it on your computer. All you have to do is pay for a subscription and identify yourself to be able to use it.

Intuitive , Mailshake allows you to automate your email sequences , personalize your messages and maximize deliverability.

This software is also equipped with many integrations that allow you to optimize the results of your campaigns, in particular by improving the opening and click rates.

On the other hand, we hope that you master the language of Shakespeare because the software is entirely published in English .

Mailshake Features

To deliver on their performance promises, the Mailshake editors have developed a number of features . The main one remains the sending of cold emails .

Cold email sequences

sequence cold email avec Mailshake

To send your newsletters or your transactional emails , Mailshake will not be of much help . Indeed, the tool is only specialized in outreach by email .

Mailshake makes it possible to send ultra-personalized emails, thus guaranteeing optimal deliverability .

Here are the other features that allow Mailshake to guarantee the best results for your email campaigns:


reporting avec Mailshake

Thanks to precise and easy-to-read reporting, Mailshake allows you to keep an eye on your main KPIs:

  • Click through rate

  • The opening rate

  • Response rate

  • Bounce emails

Learn more about the indicators to follow in B2B prospecting.

A / B testing

ab testing avec Mailshake

Mailshake lets you ab test your campaigns to find out which version performs best. 2 email sequences .

However , other variants cannot be tested simultaneously . This is unfortunate because it saves time on your tests and leads to an optimized campaign more quickly.

Other tools like LeadIn allow you to test up to 5 variants at the same time!

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

Automatic Sequences

Mailshake has an AI-powered email editor . This allows it to create emails with more efficiency. Plus, customization options help optimize your open and engagement rates by including variations directly in the subject line .

This feature sells well on paper but we tested it and were a bit disappointed . Its added value is very marginal and sometimes makes syntax errors .

If you were thinking of completely automating the writing of your emails with Mailshake, it is unfortunately not for now!


intégration Zapier et Mailshake

The software created by Bob Senof and his acolytes has a Zapier integrator. This allows it to integrate with more than 80 software . It is thus possible to link the Texan tool with tools such as:

Useful resources

In addition to its ultimate mission of prospecting software via emailing, Mailshake is also intended as a support tool for entrepreneurs. Thus, it offers resources to help them:

  • A training

  • white papers

  • A masterclass

  • A tool for analyzing the relevance of emails

  • A blog

Mailshake also offers customizable templates and dynamic fields.

Who is Mailshake for?

The tool targets independent entrepreneurs as well as startups and companies seeking to automate their B2B prospecting.

Mailshake pricing

Being a SaaS software, Mailshake is accessible by subscription, via 2 formulas :

Email Outreach at 59 euros per month. This formula allows you to benefit from:

  • Automatic Sequences

  • Email personalization

  • A / B testing

  • Salesforce / Hubspot / Pipedrive integrations

  • 5,000 credits to clean your databases. Database cleaning consists of eliminating invalid emails. This helps to optimize the deliverability rate.

Sales Engagement: 99 euros per month

The Sales Engagement formula includes, in addition to the features offered by email outreach:

  • Social-selling

  • Creating Custom Tasks

  • Sending Limit Increase

  • Premium onboarding

  • 10,000 credits to clean your databases

If you pay your subscription for 12 months in one go, you benefit from a reduction of around 25%.

The publisher does not offer a free trial period . On the other hand, it is possible to be reimbursed after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the software.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mailshake

Based on the different opinions of customers who have used Mailshake, the tool offers many advantages. disadvantages also exist.


Here are the main benefits noted by Mailshake users:

  • Ease of use

  • Responsive and professional support

  • Very qualitative and very useful resources.

  • Good results on email campaigns

avis positif sur Mailshake


Here are the disadvantages decried by some users:

  • An e-mail handling that can be a bit tricky for someone uninitiated in cold e-mailing

  • Insufficient reporting

  • A higher than average price

  • a tool reserved for English speakers

It also appears that the team pays its users to incentivize them to post positive reviews , as user Freddy puts it on the G2 site.

faux avis positifs Mailshake

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Mailshake

Unlike Mailshake, LeadIn is primarily a two-in-one tool that allows you to automate prospecting on LinkedIn but also by email .

In reality, it is above all a LinkedIn automation software that also allows you to scrape the email addresses of prospects and then launch automated emailing sequences .

Here are its main features:

  • Automated prospecting on LinkedIn . LeadIn optimizes your LinkedIn profile, allows you to send free inMails and follow-up messages and run several campaigns simultaneously.

  • An email finder to automatically retrieve (and verify) the email addresses of your prospects on LinkedIn. The great advantage of LeadIn is its feature of automatic pre-heating of email addresses collected in order to maximize deliverability .

  • Advanced customization options with GIFs and images. According to our tests with several hundred supported customers, they achieve a commitment rate 2.2 times higher than the average.

  • Centralized messaging . Find all your messages in the same place, even if you prospect by email and via LinkedIn at the same time. You wo n’t have to go back and forth between your email inbox and your LinkedIn account.

  • Efficient and easy-to-interpret reporting . Tables and graphs allow you to track your KPIs. It is even possible to focus on a particular KPI.

  • Ultra-responsive customer support , relevant and available 7 days a week.

Among the alternatives to Mailshake, also find:

In conclusion, Mailshake which seems rather appreciated by its users. However, we can doubt it because the team pays them to publish positive opinions…

However, if you want to optimize the reach of your prospecting campaigns, opt instead for LeadIn which allows you to prospect by email and on LinkedIn,

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

This is a feature Mailshake lacks.