Recruitment services that actually find your next ideal candidates, without commissions


Looking to scale your recruitment activitiesInvest in the best acquisition channels and strategies by outsourcing to our experts your recruitment missions, for fast and 100% guaranteed results.

Sourcing Boost 🎯
From 351€/month

500 targets per month

Shifter Pro ⚡️
From 621€/month

1 000 targets per month

We generate a constant flow of high-potential talent for our clients' job offers

Talents recruited by all sizes of companies, small or large, locally or internationally each month :

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What are LeadIn recruitment services?

Recruitment is an evolving field and traditional platforms are less and less effective: best recruits for your company are already active ! If you’re not Apple, chances are that not all of the best resumes will come to you directly.

At their request, we have pushed our LeadIn® technology twice further by taking care of their talent hunt for our corporate clients and recruitment agencies. All you have to do is choose your future recruit from among the candidates who have shown their interest, all without commissions !

We build your dream shortlists of new talents

Our teams use the social recruiting on LinkedIn as well as email multichannel  to hire, track and relaunch your ideal candidates until you build up a short list of high potential candidates and interviews  directly in your calendar. 

By entrusting us with your recruitment actions, you eliminate the vagaries of research, put an end to cold calls and you offer yourself (and/or your recruiters) the possibility of focusing on candidates already interested in your offers.

Increase income

How does it work ?

We multiply by 10X the efficiency of your talent sourcing and your results by hiring for you
your most qualified identified targets, leading them directly into your pool of candidates. It is guaranteed!

Data processing

→ Receipt of campaigns items
→ Kick-off call booking
→ Choice of the best engagement strategy

Analytical research and targeting

→ Identification of your ideal candidates
→ Building the database
→ Enrichment of the database

Preparation and validation (D+7)

→ Writing message sequences
→ A/B Testing and recommendations
→ Planning of personalized workflows

Launch of campaigns

→ Connection of your accounts to our platform
→ Planning and execution of daily actions
→ We prospect for you new candidates

Generation of opportunities

→ Follow-up of your candidates up to their booking
→ Performance monitoring points and regular candidates
→ Interested candidates and qualified interviews booked

All the power of an expert recruiter in sourcing:
without cost, training and risk

Choose the collaboration type that suits you best to get started with our services →

Sourcing Boost 🎯

Talent search on LinkedIn

From 351€/month

Shifter Pro ⚡️​

Multichannel talent search

From 621€/month


Number of monthly targets


1 000/month

Specific search channel


LinkedIn + Email

Identification of ideal targets for the position

Constitution of the database

Writing personalized messages

Generation of new interested candidates and qualified interviews


Access and use of our platform



Support by email, chat and phone

Email, chat

Email, chat, phone

CRM/ATS integration


Checking points

1 time/month


Implementation and daily follow-up

Dedicated account manager


Implementation of a custom-configured contact management CRM for your activity (ATS mode)

+140€/month (contact us)

+140€/month (contact us)

+140€/month (contact us)

+ 700M

Number of professionals around the world that we can target for our clients


Our clients have a ROI of 5-10 in the first year with LeadIn 45% more Opportunities compared to any


More opportunities compared to any other traditional recruitment technique

What our corporate clients and recruitment firms think of our services

LeadIn is the partner you've been looking for.

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Frequently asked questions about our recruitment offers

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!
For any other request, contact our team via the chat at the bottom right of your screen.

All our packs generate on average 2 to 5% of qualified candidates & interviews per month, beyond the 1st month (it is normal to observe a certain inertia of optimization of actions from the 2nd month).

This makes our services the most competitive cost/acquisition ratio of new qualified candidates on the market!

These are costs inherent in the launch of each partnership: understanding of the client's environment, strategic recommendations, optimization of media, implementation of targeting, drafting of arguments based on data, etc.
In short, it's a considerable work for which we can only cancel the costs in the subscription of our superior packs!

Of course, and above all it is essential! We make your brand image a priority. Indeed, our technology is designed to allow us to intelligently alternate automated actions and human actions. Whatever the volume of monthly prospecting, we always prioritize a personalized individual commitment of quality; all in the image of a 100% manual prospecting.

Yes. You can repeat the pack choice and boarding procedure several times by specifying in our form that the accounts will be linked.

When all accounts are connected to our platform, we will give you access to a "company" level so that you and/or your team can consult all of your active prospecting accounts.

A question ? Write to us via the chat or at to find out more!

Our customer success team is available every day via chat from our platform to answer your questions with an average response time of around 5 - 10 minutes. A direct telephone line and the email address of your account manager are also available to you.
The higher packs also provide monthly points with the latter in order to follow the evolution of your campaigns and answer your questions.

The higher packs plan to multiply the manual points of contact with your audience (LinkedIn profile visits, profile subscriptions, reactions and "likes" of the prospect's publications, etc.). These are ideal actions to maximize engagement rates with your prospects and drive more results at scale.

Yes ! Whatever your product or service offer, or your strategy (prospects and/or priority companies, volume, "account based marketing"...) we develop engagement scenarios based on data from +1000 campaigns.
Your campaigns are 100% tailor-made to your company, both in the flow of actions and in the writing and sending of messages and emails.

We have structured ourselves over time to combine quality candidate search for recruiters, support, training and advice at an unbeatable price. This experience (+500 candidate search campaigns) has allowed us to understand what really works for our clients.

No. After numerous trials over the past few years, we have not identified a better client investment ⇄ campaign effectiveness ratio (number of leads and appointments generated) than when the client manages the responses of his leads himself.

And there are actually several benefits to this:
• an accelerated launch procedure in less than 8 days for each new customer
• the exploitation of each response to its full potential by yourself/your teams (always more efficient than an outsourced business developer)
• the consistency of having followed the exchanges with your prospects before the appointments for a better conversion... towards obtaining more results and signing new opportunities.

Yes ! You can choose the "single price" pack for this same service. After a one-time billing, our teams will work to get you your ideal recruit until this one has been identified (and within the limit of 6 months).
The ideal option for companies or recruiters with a position to be filled on an ad hoc basis.

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