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LeadIn uses data from hundreds of recruiting campaigns to send proven, personalized messages to your ideal candidates on LinkedIn, getting positive responses right to your inbox, without costly InMails.

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We are not a simple software, nor a simple service provider,
we are your reliable and long-lasting partner. You will be in good company.

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What does the LeadIn service do for you?

We have taken our LeadIn technology twice as far by taking care with and / or for our clients of the setup, implementation and analysis of the entire campaign.

We engage, track and relaunch your ideal prospects, right up to engaging high-potential sales conversations and generating appointments in your agenda.

You just have to choose your future recruit among the candidates who have shown their interest, all on automatic pilot and without commissions!

+ 700M

LinkedIn has over 700 million users worldwide


Our clients have a ROI of 5-10 in the first year with LeadIn 45% more Opportunities compared to any


More opportunities compared to any other traditional cold technique

Why call on LeadIn for your recruitment?

Recruitment is an evolving field and traditional platforms are less and less effective: the best recruits for your company are already in place! And they know: the choice is theirs. If you’re not Apple, chances are that not all the best resumes come straight to visit you.

So, finding the right profiles (the Human, THE real bill for success) requires an expert HR service, or to call on an outsourced firm for high commissions on each recruitment. This is why the use of LinkedIn and “social recruiting” is increasingly used by companies of all sizes to drive hires and create career opportunities!

At LeadIn, we offer our clients the power of turnkey campaigns via our LeadIn.Tech® platform: a disruptive and innovative approach that will appeal to the best profiles for you.

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Data-driven LinkedIn talent search

Take advantage of our best recruitment strategies and engage your most qualified targets and candidates by leading them directly into your strategic hiring tunnel. 100% done-for-you.

Data-driven LinkedIn recruiting


1: Precise Research and Targeting

We build lists of ideal candidates for your vacancies in order to find you the exact audiences you want to reach. We will hire thousands of your talents in a 100% personalized and efficient way.

2: Preparation and Validation

Writing custom message sequences that actually get answers

3: Connection and Engagement

Connect and send thousands of personalized messages to your targets each month

4: Tracking and Ranking of Opportunities

We follow and revive your targets until they make an appointment with you! All your talents with the highest potential are found tagged in the LeadIn area, ranked in order of priority. Never miss a candidate again and fill your appointment calendar by focusing on the final selection of the best candidate identified for the position to be filled!

Stop manually posting on LinkedIn and hire top talent

The power of a LinkedIn recruiting expert without the need for expensive InMails.

Building target lists

Editorial A / B testing

Automated sourcing

Strategy based on data analysis

Leverage the most secure and advanced LinkedIn automation platform

Your LinkedIn reach needs to be scaled efficiently, securely, and affordably. Instantly access hidden sales opportunities on LinkedIn.

Use our exclusive customer dashboard to track and respond to your leads so you never miss a chance again.

Instantly see performance statistics for all your campaigns and compare which strategies are driving the most results.

Stop wasting hours of your day manually sending follow-ups and reminders and let our proven system do it for you.

Software and secure data

LinkedIn lead generation pricing

We know that not everyone starts in the same place! Let our experts develop and execute a proven sourcing system for you that will deliver prequalified candidates straight to your inbox.



€ 297 /month

* Setup fees offered for any commitment of at least 3 months

100% made-for-you

400 targets / month

Sequence writing

15 to 25 connections / day

LinkedIn connected inbox

Dedicated manager

CRM integration

Email, chat support

D̶a̶s̶h̶b̶o̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶d̶e̶ ̶p̶i̶l̶o̶t̶a̶g̶e̶

A̶C̶C̶È̶S̶ ̶L̶E̶A̶D̶I̶N̶®̶ ̶

C̶L̶A̶S̶S̶E̶M̶E̶N̶T̶ ̶D̶E̶S̶ O̶P̶P̶O̶R̶T̶U̶N̶I̶T̶É̶S̶̶


€ 397 /month

* Setup fees offered for any commitment of at least 3 months

100% made-for-you

700 targets / month

Sequence writing

25 to 35 connections / day


Dedicated manager

CRM integration

Email, chat support

Steering dashboard

LeadIn.Tech® Access

C̶L̶A̶S̶S̶E̶M̶E̶N̶T̶ ̶D̶E̶S̶ O̶P̶P̶O̶R̶T̶U̶N̶I̶T̶É̶S̶̶


€ 497 /month

* Setup fees offered for any commitment of at least 3 months

100% made-for-you

1,000 targets / month

Sequence writing

40 to 60 connections / day


Dedicated manager

CRM integration

Email, chat support

Steering dashboard

LeadIn.Tech® Access

Reporting and ranking of opportunities

* Number of monthly boarding places limited.

frequently asked Questions

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!

The initial launch call lasts 60 minutes. Then you can count on 5-10 minutes a day to respond and turn the leads generated by your campaign into hires.

On average, LeadIn clients see between 30 - 80 responses / conversations per month per 1,000 engaged targets. The total number of qualified leads depends on the following factors:

- How active is your target audience on LinkedIn?

- How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? Attractiveness of your business, notoriety, etc.

- Are you already a major player in your market?

On average, our clients make 5 to 20 quality appointments per month and per account.

Simply send an email to your account manager or to [email protected] Also note that we have an initial commitment of at least 3 months for any new service pack. Then the service can be canceled at any time. For more details, contact your account manager.

It is now possible, and the current offer allows you to take advantage of a 7-day free trial! Our system allows new customers to use our LinkedIn automation tool without our “made-for-you” service, while being available to you via support available via chat from the platform. Go to the LeadIn.Tech® page.

Although we have not seen any issues so far after more than two years of intervention and for over 100,000 messages sent, there are risks associated with using these tactics on your LinkedIn account. Our security options (account warm-up, AI, volume control and restrictions) and automatic withdrawal of connection requests pending acceptance will ensure you can enjoy the service without interruption. This is not the case with Google Chrome extensions that you should absolutely avoid!

No. LeadIn only sends free InMails to "Open Profiles" to ensure that we never use your InMail credits. However, you must have a Recruiter Lite license allowing us to build hyper-personalized targeting according to your job descriptions as well as to be able to guarantee the use of the tool in complete safety.

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