Sales navigator: Essential tool for prospecting on LinkedIn?

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Is it mandatory to have Sales Navigator to prospect on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a flagship tool for finding and making contact with the right people to develop your professional activity. So far I am not teaching you anything but during your use of the account LinkedIn “standard” , I imagine you have asked yourself the following question: “ Is it necessary to subscribe to the LinkedIn Premium offer of Sales Navigator or not ? ” This article aims to answer your question by retracing the advantages and disadvantages of this premium offer on LinkedIn.

What is the Sales Navigator offer?

Sales Navigator is one of Premium subscriptions with variable prices offered by LinkedIn. There are a total of 4: Career for profiles looking for jobs, Business to develop its network, Recruitment to, as the name suggests, find and recruit your future talents and finally the offer Sales or Sales Navigator to create new business opportunities. It is of course the last that interests us. I develop the other premium offers within Is LinkedIn Premium Really Worth It?

The different LinkedIn Premium offers

First of all, regarding Sales Navigator, if this is your first time using it, you can take advantage of a free month to test this tool via the button “ Start your free trial “. But also try again one more time for free later if LinkedIn is kind to you like in the example below.

Sales Navigator features

You will then arrive on the page of prices . As you can see below, Sales Navigator represents a significant investment:

  • 74.36 € per month if you opt for a monthly plan
  • Or € 59.49 per month for an annual commitment. Or a 20% discount

Also note that there is two Sales Navigator offers :

  • For the people , in summary if you want to have a single account
  • For the teams , the goal being to create a shared network between the members of your team in order to collaborate more easily and more effectively.

Sales navigator payment process

Classic questioning before taking out the subscription. First test the functionalities as much as possible via free trial month . After this month of testing, take stock of the results obtained and does the tool really serve you in your daily prospecting.

If the answer is favorable, start with a monthly subscription for structure your commercial approach and that you get the expected results or better. Subsequently, if you decide that Sales Navigator has become a essential tool and that you are betting on the long term, take out a subscription to take advantage of the 20% reduction.

Now that you know how to take advantage of your trial period and subscribe to Sales Navigator, let’s get to the heart of the matter, Sales Navigator, What is it exactly ?

As mentioned above Sales Navigator is a tool mainly intended for “sales” as its name suggests to commercial in companies , those who are looking for prospects to sell them a good or a service.

Sales Navigator will give you access to its advanced search tool with more filters for segment your profile search than the classic search tool.

The way Sales Navigator works is quite simple, the extremely powerful advanced search feature allows you to see 2,500 results (prospects) in a search against 1000 for standard function . All the more so, since this offer also includes other advantages such as 20 Inmails per month where the alert system for your prospects . However, these advantages remain minor if you want to start a good automated and personalized prospecting !

The research tool is so powerful for prospecting a business, it is the major element that makes this offer so attractive to professionals. You can break down your search on Sales Navigator pretty much everything. This includes things like job title , the area of the activity even going up to the person’s seniority within the organization . The big advantage is that you can “sort” ultra specific on the people you want to target. To go further on the advanced search function, I invite you to read our article on “ How do I use the advanced search on LinkedIn? “

The benefits of Sales Navigator

The benefits that Sales Navigator will provide you with for your qualified lead generation are :

  • A search functionality which segments your target personalities and accounts
  • Of additional benefits : Send InMail, an alert system, connect directly …
  • See all the people who consult your profile , very useful for relaunching contacts
  • Save leads and accounts to lists with an automatic notification system
  • This represents +500 M active users around the world in just about every industry.
  • Of research histories to avoid starting from scratch with each new search
  • Integration with automated prospecting tools such as LeadIn .

Why is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it?

Quite honestly if you are a sales professional and don’t use LinkedIn Sales Navigator , it will be very complicated to find prospects RELEVANT on LinkedIn. In my opinion, this tool is necessary for those who want to find hot leads on LinkedIn or for project founders who want to generate traction quickly.

For me the only reasons to only use the standard search function is that you don’t use LinkedIn to find new prospects but only to grow your professional network. Your ideal target is not very well segmented, so basic filters are enough for you (although I doubt it ..). Finally, you don’t have € 75 to invest every month …

More seriously, for those who wish to find other prospects, Sales Navigator is worth 100% of its value .

This tool gives you access to a huge database as well as very advanced filtering capabilities to define and hit your perfect target.

To achieve it, you must of course write cold messages that “make you want”, here is 3 tips for writing an effective post on LinkedIn .

Small tips associated with the search tool “ Former employer “.

Via this filter, you can simply compile a list of prospects on the basis of their old job . A powerful example of how useful this tool is is that you can search for prospects who have worked at your current customers .

Do you see me coming?

Yes, if one of your prospect had a job at Google and he changes structure, say an SME, you can wait for him taking into account that he used your product at Google and that it could interest its new structure . Once again, I refer you to our advanced search article on LinkedIn.

This is of course just one example among many that you can use with Sales Navigator to target and record your ideal prospects.

The only downside of Sales Navigator

One of the main problems that Sales Navigator users face is the time it takes to transform the prospects resulting from this research in an e-mail campaign.

This work is long and tedious , it is necessary to capture the placing of prospects in lists, to try to find their emails or telephone number using tools, to gather all this information on an excel or spreedsheet, to implement it in its CRM and to start its campaign of prospecting.

Huge loss of time guaranteed !

Especially since you can’t really use LinkedIn for direct sales effectively. Because I remind you, you are limit at 20 InMail per month , so it is in your interest to have a conversion rate close to 100% …

This is why we have created LeadIn . We allow you to export your prospect list directly from Sales Navigator, find their emails and then create intelligent and personalized sales scenarios via various prospecting channels including of course LinkedIn.

To find out more, to book a demonstration of our tool , it is by here .

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