Discover smart sequences: the future of B2B lead generation

Let your smart sequences do the thinking for you! Create different scenarios for your workflows based on the behavior of your prospects. Discover our models with real data that you can use immediately.

Séquence Contacter les prospects qui ont réagi à la publication dun article dun leader dopinion du secteur.

Engage prospects who have responded to a LinkedIn News Feed post.

76% Acceptance rate

35% Response rate

85% The opening rate

Séquence 2 Contactez les prospects potentiels qui ont réagi à votre propre message.

Reach out to potential prospects who have responded to your post.

93% Acceptance rate

65% Response rate

80% The opening rate

Séquence 3 Cibler des membres spécifiques du groupe

Target specific members of a group.

53% Acceptance rate

27% Response rate

73% The opening rate

Séquence Vente B2B Classique

Classic B2B sales sequence.

34% Acceptance rate

17% Response rate

76% The opening rate

Séquence Visiteurs du site web

Engage website visitors.

43% Acceptance rate

23% Response rate

71% The opening rate

Smart Sequence on LeadIn

Approach a peer (leader to leader).

44% Acceptance rate

29% Response rate

82% opening tauw

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