Automated LinkedIn and email prospecting
that actually gets responses

THE # 1 LINKEDIN & Email Automation Smart Software, 100% Unlimited and Cloud Based

Create the most personalized touchpoints with your potential customers,
all in one tool. We already have everything you need.

linkedin automated prospecting software
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How does our prospecting software work?

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Create your LeadIn account

Sign up and open your account in minutes by following the startup link on this page. You have 14 days of free trial.

Connect your LinkedIn and email accounts

Once you're in your account, connect your LinkedIn and email account to start creating your automated LinkedIn + emailing scenarios and maximize your prospecting results.

Launch your multi-channel campaigns

Search and import your ideal prospects from LinkedIn or CSV and create your automated LinkedIn and email sequences.
Add as many steps as you want!

The security of your LinkedIn account and your domain name reputation are more important than ever

A new proxy IP address is assigned to each account and our algorithm mimics human behavior.

Gone are the days when your account/deliverability of your domain name was suspended due to too much activity! Embedded AI will increase your daily campaign limits gradually each day to better mimic human behavior and avoid any associated risk.

LeadIn provides for random delays between actions, to mimic human behavior.

This means that your computer does not need to be turned on. It works 24/7 in the cloud (or at specific times, depending on your settings).

Achieve your goals

Why choose LeadIn

The most powerful features in the B2B outreach automation in an all-in-one tool towards a new era of social prospecting.

Security icon

Safe and secure

Our system is completely secure thanks to our cloud infrastructure, our dedicated location-based IP addresses and our proprietary human mimicry system. Everything is done in a perfectly human manner that is both completely undetectable and reliable to profit from your automation campaigns on autopilot.

Cloud based icon

100% Cloud-based

No more extensions that compromise your account and force you to keep your screen on. The cloud-based system ensures security and a dedicated IP address is assigned to each account from your location. Log in securely from any browser and manage your campaigns and inbox.

Personalization icon

Advanced customization

With our wide selection of variables, you can personalize your messages to a whole new level. You can add imagery or gifs in advanced customization, via LinkedIn and / or email. If you want to make changes to prospect information, you can do so with just a few clicks from the platform to avoid awkward engagement.

Smart mailbox icon

Smart inbox

Thanks to our smart chat feature, you can reply to messages and emails directly from LeadIn without any difficulty. Sort your posts by campaign, tag leads, add notes next to conversations, and focus on what really matters: closing business and maximizing engagement metrics from your campaigns.

CRM integration icon

The most advanced multichannel prospecting on the market

Import your prospects from LinkedIn in all its forms, or from a CSV document, and automatically combine the most effective channels of B2B prospecting: use emails and engagement sequences on LinkedIn to create as many points of contact as possible with your prospects and generate new business opportunities on autopilot.

User interface icon

Transparent and essential user interface

The interface is intuitive and the experience as transparent as possible to allow our users to focus on their leads and their results. Create campaigns in under minutes and manage it all from one place. It’s the nicest and fastest UX of any automation tool on the market!

Getting in touch with your potential customers has never been easier

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Send personalized invitations from Free Connect, Messages and InMails. Combine them with the profile visit and subscription features to optimize contact with your potential customers.

LinkedIn compatibility:  LinkedIn Basic, Sales Navigator, CSV import, post engagement, saved prospect lists. 

Combine the two most effective prospecting channels

E-mail prospecting

Add and combine E-mails with your prospecting actions on LinkedIn, all in one sequence.

E-mail compatibility: Gmail, Outlook, custom SMTP.

We make sure your emails are delivered

Discovery and verification of emails

Discovery: Find the professional emails of your prospects, with or without being connected with them on LinkedIn, and without the use of a third-party tool.
Verification : Say goodbye to high bounce rates with our included real-time email verification feature.

Add a touch of creativity to your prospecting actions

Personalization of images and GIFs

Create brand new hyper-personalized acquisition tunnels at scale without third-party integrations by simply adding images and GIFs to your LinkedIn and Email prospecting actions. Multiply your response rate up to 2.7X and generate as many new opportunities as possible.

Create scenarios based on the behavior of your prospects

Smart sequences

Smart sequences are breakthrough algorithms that allow you to make the most of the potential of multi-channel prospecting and personalization.

Automate all your lead generation actions with stages and deadlines at your convenience that think for you!

We have tried everything. You won't find a better tool anywhere else.

Take advantage of the most advanced features of a smart all-in-one LinkedIn & B2B e-mail prospecting tool TODAY!

What's even better than the best B2B lead generation tool ?
A team of social prospecting experts that does it all, for you!

Need to generate B2B leads and appointments but you don’t know/want/have the time to do it yourself ?
Meet our social selling agency expert services that have generated over 10.000 leads & appointments, 100% done-for-you.

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LeadIn the best tool on the market

B2B lead and appointments generation

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Recruitment service on Linkedin

Candidate search and sourcing

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Software 🔥

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Turnkey services 🏁

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All-in-one unlimited subscription ⚡️

You are used to prospecting and you are looking for an efficient all-in-one software to automate your campaigns.

100% Secure, undetectable, cloud-based.

Access our prospecting software

14-day free trial to test everything.

For prospecting 🚀

Outsource your B2B lead and appointments generation.

100% Done by us, for you.

Generate new clients

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Outsource your recruitment actions, without commission.

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Optimize your sourcing

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Frequently asked questions about our LeadIn platform

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!

You can connect up to 80-100 new people per day, with or without a personalized note, thanks to our latest updates as well as using a paid subscription on LinkedIn. You can send up to 120 messages to existing connections every 24 hours, send 800 free InMails per month and up to 100 Emails per day. You can choose to run your campaigns 7 days a week, or not to run them on weekends.

Yes, LeadIn's ability to combine LinkedIn with the email approach, to discover and verify professional emails, to recognize if the target's profile is open to free InMails, allows you to bypass LinkedIn's usage limits!

We are referring to LeadIn's multi-channel prospecting and the ability to find alternative, secure, and truly effective paths to your prospects: LeadIn's intelligent sequences react to the user's behavior and choose the most direct way to get in touch with them.

Imagine sending 60-80 login requests per day, 80 free emails, and 100 emails to verified business addresses, all from a single sequence, isn't that the most effective way to engage your market today?

We regularly try all the solutions on the market, you can believe us, it's the most secure, comfortable and efficient!

While some tools may cause your account to be restricted or banned, using our tool is 100% safe as it works as if a human was in front of the computer, simply automating things the same way a human would manually. All from the cloud, so you don't even need to be present at your computer, you can even go on vacation and come back with qualified leads!

No, our system is totally human and, unless you use generic, non-personalized messages, no one can suspect that you are using an automation tool. We have developed our tool to even correct all the typographical errors of your prospects (first names, etc.) in order to automatically correct the majority of inconsistencies!

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, which means that we will not charge you anything unless you decide to re-subscribe.

Once you sign up for LeadIn, you will have a 14-day free trial. You will be able to add a LinkedIn account and connect an account for emailing. If you want to add multiple accounts, you can ask chat support to add multiple multi-account connection credits, which will upgrade your subscription.

Once payment is made, your subscription will be active for 30 days.

Yes, our multilingual support team is available Monday through Friday from 8am - 12am and Saturday through Sunday from 11am - 7pm to answer your questions. Our average response time is approximately 2 - 5 minutes for an agent to connect live into the conversation.

No, LeadIn is a cloud-based tool that you connect to with your browser and can close at any time, since it works independently of your computer.

What our clients say about us

LeadIn is the tool you've always been looking for.

You are ready to use a “4.0” prospecting software? Book a demo with our team and see by yourself !

Become a LeadIn partner

Our affiliate program is free and only takes a few minutes to create an account. Once registered, you can start referring and earning 25% of automatic commissions on both our software and services!

As a LeadIn affiliate, you will earn 25% of the monthly value of all the people subscribing to the LeadIn platform that you have referred, for the duration of their engagement, without special conditions. And this, multiplied by the number of connected accounts! Ex: you refer a customer who connects 7 accounts, you generate more than 100 € each month on autopilot!

LeadIn is the most advanced multi-channel LinkedIn & Email automation software (we can prove it, unlike the rest of the market, just take a look at our "alternatives" pages!). Promote an exclusive product that is in high demand by salespeople, consultants, startup founders and marketing agencies, or even recruiters.

Affiliates get priority support anytime by phone, email, or live chat. You will also benefit from a dedicated affiliate manager and detailed training.

Payments are made automatically 7 days after collection.

Conversions are tracked through your affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software.

There is no minimum payout before getting paid.

In some cases, we can grant credit to an affiliate even if the customer has not registered thanks to his link (error), contact us if necessary.

If you have any questions about our LeadIn + affiliate program, we are available by chat or at:

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Need advice on your project?

You have a question about our software or B2B services and would like to discuss it with our team?
Book an appointment with our sales team to define the most effective collaboration.