Create scenarios based on the behavior of your prospects

Smart sequences are breakthrough algorithms that allow you to make the most of the potential of multi-channel prospecting and personalization.

Smart leadin sequences


Combine 7 different actions into one sequence, set the time between them and add as many steps as you want.

User profile

View your prospect's LinkedIn profile

Connection request

Send an invitation to connect to your 2nd, 3rd degree and group connections.


Send a LinkedIn message to your first degree connections.

User profile

View your prospect's LinkedIn profile

InMail Message

Send a free InMail to your 2nd and 3rd degree connections directly.


Send an E-mail to your prospect.

Email Discovery & Verification

Find and check the professional emails of your prospects.

Automatic piloting

Set conditions in your sequence and create different results based on the behavior of your targets.

"IF Connected" step

Check if the prospect accepted your invitation to connect.

"IF Free InMail" step

Check if the prospect's LinkedIn profile is open to free InMails.

Step "IF E-mail discovered"

See if LeadIn has discovered and verified your prospect's business email.

Step "IF personal / imported e-mail"

Check if the prospect has a publicly available email address on their LinkedIn profile.

Step "IF opened e-mail"

Check if the prospect opened the email you sent.

Step "IF E-mail link clicked"

Check if the prospect clicked on the link in your email, if applicable.

Custom condition

Combine up to 5 custom conditions from the conditions above to define whether or not a prospect moves to the next step in your sequence.

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