Use the full potential of LinkedIn

Send personalized invitations from Free Connect, Messages and InMails. Combine them with profile visit and subscription features to optimize your acceptance and response rates with your potential customers.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Cloud-based system

We provide you with a dedicated IP address. Connect securely from any browser and manage your campaigns. You can connect multiple LinkedIn profiles under one user account.

Create the ideal campaign

Create sequences for your first, second or third degree connections. Add highly personalized login invitations, messages and InMails with as many steps as you want. Set deadlines between each step and watch prospects come to you automatically.

Personalize your messages

Add placeholders in your messages and get noticed in your prospect’s inbox.

Use name, title, company name, university name, etc. of your interlocutor.

Write and test the performance of up to 5 messages at the same time with A / B testing.

Add hyper-personalized images and GIFs to your messages.

Intelligent detection of responses and feedback from prospects in the campaign

When the prospect replies to your message or email, the sequence ends automatically. Continue the conversation manually or refer the prospect to the campaign until you get the response you want.

Real-time information

Track your campaign’s performance with our detailed analytics.

Report on all major activity on your LinkedIn account.

Overview of the performance dashboard for individual campaigns.

Detailed monitoring of the campaigns that give the best results.

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Smart inbox and lead labeling

Directly integrated into your LinkedIn and your E-mail, our smart inbox allows you to:

Communicate with your prospects in one place.

Create personalized labels, track your leads, and focus on real opportunities.

Add specific notes for each prospect and don't forget the details of your conversation.

Save your response templates for quick and easy responses.

Create a campaign tailored to your needs

Connect your LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account and choose how you want to target your prospects:

Search results on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Users who reacted to a specific post on LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator saved prospect list.

CSV file with your prospect database.

Hours of work and limits

Choose a working window and limits per action for your account to run your sequences. Change the limits at any time.

Integrate your LeadIn account with any other third-party tool

Easily connect and send the data of your prospects to other third-party tools such as any CRM via Zapier or Integromat via a system of personalized webhooks.

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