Performance-based B2B qualified appointments generation

Looking to accelerate your business development with appointments booked directly into your calendar and that of your sales representatives? Pay only for validated appointments while we find your next clients.

Growth 📈
100€ - 150€/qualified appointment*.

Booking of qualified appointments

*Price depending on the size of your target and the number of appointments desired

+1500 new opportunities and appointments generated, locally or internationally

With and for all sizes of companies, small or large :

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Increase income

We fill your diaries with new appointments

We leverage our LeadIn® technology and data from 1000+ prospecting campaigns across all industries to generate interest in your product and service offerings…. to drive your most qualified prospects and ideal decision makers to book an appointment directly into your/your team’s calendar.

How does it work ?

Take the guesswork out of prospecting, put an end to cold calls and give yourself (and/or your salespeople)
the opportunity to focus on prospects already interested in your offers, simply.

1. Targeting information and enrichment

→ Creation of targeted and qualified email lists of your ideal prospects

→ Creation of an optimized sales page (landing page) with a calendar synchronized with yours to receive appointments

2. Drafting and validation during the launch (D+7)

→ Analysis of past campaign data in relation to your objectives

→ Writing clear, hyper-personalized emails that elicit responses

→ Presentation of our platform + connection to your agenda

3. Execution of prospecting actions

→ Purchase of domain names

→ Creating email accounts

→ Sending personalized messages to your ideal clients each month

Optional: synchronization with your CRM

4. Get appointments and close deals

→ You are notified as soon as you receive an appointment reservation

→ If the prospect doesn't show up, you move them to the corresponding column to be contacted again to make a new appointment

All the power of an expert business developer:
without cost, training and risk

Choose the collaboration type that suits you best to get started with our services →

Social selling (packages)

Personalized prospecting by Linkedin & Email

From 260€/month

Growth (Performance) 📈

Generation of successful appointments

100€ - 150€/qualified appointment


Number of monthly targets

250 to 1,000/month

According to performance and customer order

Specific prospecting channel

LinkedIn / Email

Email (growth)

Number of touch points per target

4 to 12

3 to 4

Identifying your ideal decision makers

Constitution of the database

Writing personalized messages

Lead generation and qualified appointments

Estimate: 1-15/month

Depending on the performance and volume ordered

Mode of collaboration / billing

Package, from 260€ HT/month

Performance, from 100€ HT/appointment


Access and use of our platform

LeadIn® access, depending on the package chosen

Twilead® access + sending results

Support by email, chat and phone

Depending on the package chosen


CRM integration


Checking points

Depending on the package chosen

If requested by the customer

Implementation and daily follow-up

Dedicated account manager


Optimization of your Linkedin profile

+150€ once, the 1st month


Implementation of a Marketing-Sales CRM tailored to your company




Number of business email addresses we can target for our clients


Our clients have a 5-10% ROI in the first year with LeadIn


More opportunities compared to any other traditional prospecting technique

What our clients say about our outsourced prospecting services

LeadIn is the partner you've been looking for.

Are you ready to use a ” 4.0 ” agency? Book a demo with our team and see for yourself!

Frequently asked questions about our prospecting offers

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!
For any other request, contact our team via the chat at the bottom right of your screen.

Be assured that you are only paying for qualified leads by filling in your precise targeting criteria in our onboarding questionnaire. If a prospect that does not meet your criteria is contacted, you can cancel the appointment and remove the opportunity from our platform.

We call social selling any business development action initiated on social networks. These are also complementary actions to a less direct sales strategy: profile follow-ups and views, engagement with LinkedIn publications and the professional page, etc.

If we had to summarize: our social selling packages apply to all our customers, reproduce "human" actions and are therefore more engaging; while our performance model is reserved for growing companies wishing to accelerate, and having more than 10,000 potential prospects and who only want appointments!

We have automated appointment reminder systems in place and we have telephone rescheduling when necessary. Make sure you only pay for leads that have shown up.

You define a budget adapted to your company before our collaboration.
Our team allows you to control your budget allocated to the generation of qualified appointments, for that you just have to define a monthly budget limit and you pay only by performance.

No long-term commitment is involved in the process. Our services are all without commitment, whatever our packages and our agency makes every effort to provide maximum results to its customers.

No ! We do not use your tools and will not ask you for access to your business email accounts in order to preserve the reputation of your domain name and to maximize the deliverability of our emails.

We buy one or more domain names for each new client, and make sure to "preheat" the addresses associated with your sales representatives before each campaign.

In short, we only ask you to integrate your agenda into our platform during the launch call so that your prospects can book commercial appointments with you!

In general, no! If you have less than 3,000 potential leads, we recommend that you subscribe to one of our "social selling" packages in order to exploit your leads in as much depth as possible and maximize the chances of conversion per lead (= multiplication of contact points and increase of the conversion rate).

For any strategic questions beforehand, book a call with our team below!

We have structured ourselves over time to combine quality prospecting, support, training and advice at an unbeatable price. This experience (+3,000 campaigns in prospecting) has allowed us to understand what really works for our clients, in most B2B sectors and industries. Our services are 100% non-binding and our only objective is to bring you the maximum results, as quickly as possible! We take the "risk" for you, and you only pay for what you get.

Within the framework of this "performance" collaboration, we integrate the management of all the interactions (= responses) from the campaigns in order to relieve you as much as possible and to only send you your results in the form of reserved appointments! A prospect doesn't show up for an appointment? Report it in the corresponding column, or change the status of the appointment, and we will do what is necessary to reschedule an exchange.

We generally manage to launch each new collaboration within 7 days (subject to the volume of new clients at the time of launch).

Although it is necessary to allow up to 2 additional weeks to finalize the preheating of the media (domain name, email address), we do everything to be effective with your campaigns as soon as possible. Also, we improve our prospecting for you over time to get the best possible results for your business.

You don't take any risks, you only get concrete results!

You want to discuss/get started on your project?

To learn more or get started with our B2B performance prospecting services:
book an appointment with our sales team to take the next step.