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Engage prospects who have reacted to a post in the LinkedIn News Feed with the “Post Engagement” feature.

76% Acceptance rate

35% Response rate

85% The opening rate

Sequence Contacter les prospects qui ont reagi a la publication dun article dun leader dopinion du secteur.
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Targeting a post on LinkedIn with the "Post Engagement" feature of LeadIn.

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Hello {{firstName} }, I could see that you had reacted to the message from {{AuthorName}} on {{SujetDuPost} }.

As I also noticed from looking at your profile that you are familiar with {{Sujet} }, I wanted to know how you approach the {{Key issue you solve}} in {{CurrentCompany} }?

Looking forward to telling you more about it if you are open to it.


{{VotreNom} }

{{VotrePoste} }. @ {{Your society}}

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Subject: LinkedIn Suite

Hello {{firstName} }, I tried to reach you on LinkedIn a few days ago, but since I didn't get a response from you, I decided to give it a try here as well.

Seeing that you have reacted to {{AuthorName}} 's article on {{SujetDuPost} }. I wanted to show you how we helped solve {{the key problem you are solving}} for {{affected business / case study}}.

Do you have a few minutes this week or the next to discuss it?



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Connection request

Hello {{FirstName} }, I wanted to thank you because I noticed that you reacted to my post on {{sujet} }.

Looking forward to being part of your network and following your news.

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Hello {{firstName} }, and thanks for adding! 🤜🤛

The reason I wanted to be part of your network as well is to see how you approach {{Key issue you are solving}} in {{CurrentCompany} }.

Do you do it through {{option1} }, Where {{option2} }?

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Hello {{firstName} }, quickly ... just wanted to know what you thought of {{key issue you are solving}}?

To read you,

{{Your first name}}

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Subject: Quick question (LinkedIn suite)

Hello {{firstName} },

I tried reaching you through LinkedIn, but I'm assuming you're inundated with connection requests as well?

The reason I wanted to contact you is because I noticed that you reacted to {{AuthorName} }'s article on {{SujetDuPost} }.

We were able to help {{Affected Company / Case Study}} solve {{The key problem you are solving}} so I was wondering how you approach the issue in {{CurrentCompany} }?

How about discussing it quickly this week or the next?



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