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Let’s start with a simply mind-blowing statistic: according to an Oktopost study, 80.33% of B2B leads are now generated by LinkedIn, far ahead of Twitter (12.73%) and Facebook (6.73%). But if you want to take advantage of the huge professional database that is LinkedIn, you’ll have to do better than the basic free account. In this handy guide, LeadIn explores the different premium plans offered by LinkedIn (as well as the Sales Navigator) and summarizes the goals, benefits and pricing of each subscription. Let’s go !

#1 LinkedIn Premium Career

According to a study by Jobvite, 72% of recruiters are now active on LinkedIn, and 67% of them believe that LinkedIn is the channel that delivers the best candidates to companies. Not using Microsoft’s social network when you’re actively looking for a job is a serious handicap. It’s even shooting yourself in the foot!

If a free account can sometimes be enough to find a job in line with your profile, expectations and aspirations, the LinkedIn Premium Career formula, formerly LinkedIn Job Seeker, is a formidable gas pedal of employability, as you will see in the following.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Premium Career?

According to LinkedIn, candidates with Premium Career get hired twice as fast on average.

#1 A LinkedIn Premium profile

This translates into a badge on your profile picture and in the search results of the social network. Premium members can enable the badge feature in their LinkedIn account settings. What is the purpose of the LinkedIn badge? This is a legitimate question! In reality, the Premium badge has two purposes: to set you apart from the crowd of applicants, but also and above all to show recruiters that you take your career and/or job search seriously.

#2 Premium candidate status

Applications from Premium Career members have priority over those from other LinkedIn members. In short, you are sure that your application will be visible to recruiters. They will not miss your profile and will systematically consider you in their recruitment.

Please note: this privilege is only available to members with Premium Career if they apply via the ” Jobs You Might Be Interested In” (JYMBII) feature. This status can be compared to sponsored searches on search engines.

#3 The complete list of people who have viewed your profile

Members who use LinkedIn for free can only see the last five people who viewed their profile. With a LinkedIn Premium Career subscription, you’ll have a complete view of who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

Even better: you will receive interesting information about how these people landed on your profile. This will allow you to personalize your first contact and take a proactive approach to your job search. It will also help you identify the most effective tactics to streamline your efforts and maximize your chances.

#4 InMail credits to contact potential recruiters

InMail is LinkedIn’s personal messaging system that allows you to communicate with people outside your network. This communication channel can be particularly useful during a job search to contact a potential recruiter. According to LinkedIn, InMail is 2.6 times more effective than email alone. With a LinkedIn Premium Career account, you’ll be able to send five InMail messages per month, and you’ll have the option to purchase additional InMail credits.

#5 Other benefits of LinkedIn Premium Career

Having a LinkedIn Premium Career account also means enjoying the following benefits:

  • The advanced search filter allows you to refine your search and save time finding the right job and the recruiters most likely to be interested in your profile;
  • Information on other candidates. This feature allows you to analyze the level of experience, skills and education of other candidates before applying;
  • An open profile, allowing anyone to contact you without necessarily being connected to you (or being referred by a third party);
  • Online video courses to master the most sought-after skills.

How much does LinkedIn Premium Career cost?

Count $29.99 per month in monthly payment and $19,99 per month in annual payment for a LinkedIn Premium Career account. This is the cheapest premium account on LinkedIn.

#2 The LinkedIn Premium Business package

The Premium Business offer is focused on the needs of B2B sales professionals. The Premium Business account helps you identify and engage key decision makers at target companies to feed your pipeline, launch Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs and boost your sales performance. As explained in a study by Oktopost, just over 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business?

The objective of LinkedIn Premium Business is simple: to give sales professionals the means to strengthen their B2B sales prospecting, but also to work on their networking. Overall, we remain on an intermediate formula between the free account and the Sales Navigator, which is the real prospecting machine of LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, Premium Business member profiles are viewed 6 times more than basic profiles. Do you need this formula? Let’s take a look at its different features to help you decide.

#1 A credit of 15 InMails per month

You will be able to contact all members of LinkedIn, even if they are not part of your network. We advise you to use this technique sparingly so as not to burn out your cartridges, especially if you are in a niche sector with few major accounts. To delve deeper into this crucial point in your prospecting efforts, we recommend you read our article “3 level or more… everything you need to know about LinkedIn relationship levels!“.

#2 A complete and unlimited view on profiles

With a basic free account, LinkedIn hides some information about members who are not in your network. This includes name, position held, location, etc. With a LinkedIn Premium Business account, you have a complete and unlimited view of all LinkedIn members (up to 3e level)… a significant asset to streamline your networking efforts and more quickly identify members of your distant circle who may share common interests with you.

#3 Business Insights

LinkedIn has integrated a “Business Insights” feature into its Premium Business package. In short, the social network provides you with relevant information about a company’s growth, business trends, workforce trends, etc. It is an excellent way to identify your prospects, qualify them and eventually rank them (Lead Scoring).

#4 Who viewed your profile?

This is a common feature for all LinkedIn premium accounts. With a Premium Business plan, you will have access to the complete list of members who have visited your profile over the last 90 days. LinkedIn also tells you how they found your profile.

#5 Online course videos

LinkedIn offers Premium Business members unlimited access to e-learning videos in key areas of their profession, including business development, technology applied to sales and marketing, creativity, etc.

How much does a LinkedIn Premium Business subscription cost?

To subscribe to LinkedIn Premium Business, you will need to pay $59,99 per month, and $47.99 per month as an annual payment ($575.88 per year).

#3 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is, by far, the most formidable weapon for salespeople doing social selling, especially in a context where B2B buyers are increasingly relying on LinkedIn to make buying decisions. Because it is a relatively expensive tool, it is imperative that you learn about it and take advantage of its various features to make your investment profitable.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator?

The Sales Navigator allows you to build and filter lists of contacts and accounts from the world’s largest professional database, LinkedIn.

The tool also allows you to set up real-time alerts when certain members perform certain actions on the platform: publication of an article, change of position or employer, etc. As you will see, the Sales Navigator has been specifically designed to identify, engage and sign new customers. Now let’s take a look at the different features of the three versions of Sales Navigator: Core, Advanced and Advanced Plus.

#1 The “Core” version of Sales Navigator

This is the basic package of the tool… but it will allow you to do great things, especially if you are a VSE:

  • Unlimited search to explore LinkedIn members. You can also save your searches.
  • Unlimited access to the list of members who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days;
  • A credit of 50 InMails per month;
  • Advanced search filters, and the ability to use Sales Spotlights to find relevant prospects based on a broad spectrum of variables;
  • Recommendations for qualifying prospects;
  • Integration with various tools, including Outlook and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator mobile application (no SNAP integration with the “Core” version);
  • The ability to save identified leads and accounts;
  • The ability to set up alerts on prospects and companies.

#2 The “Advanced” version of Sales Navigator

This is the intermediate formula of the Sales Navigator. It is mainly aimed at beautiful SMEs and large companies that do Social Selling and Account-Based Marketing (ABM);

  • The “Advanced” version includes all the features of the “Core” version;
  • Advanced integration of Sales Navigator with your tools (including SNAP);
  • Ability to engage prospects and customers via TeamLink;
  • Access to Smart Links, a feature that makes it easy to aggregate and share content from a Sales Navigator workflow, track user online behavior and receive actionable insights into prospect and customer behavior;
  • Advanced reporting tools;
  • The ability to centralize billing for contracts signed via LinkedIn ;
  • Access to LinkedIn’s “Enterprise” tools.

#3 The “Advanced Plus” version of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is the most advanced version of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It completes the functionality of the “Advanced” version with full synchronization with CRM and advanced integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

What is the price of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator “Core” package costs $99.99 per month as a monthly payment, and $64.99 per month as an annual payment. The “Advanced” version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $149.99 per month, while the “Advanced Plus” version can be quoted for, depending on the number of accounts you plan to have, the number of InMail credits you want, etc. LinkedIn offers a 30-day trial period to test the tool and become familiar with its features. To go further, you can read our practical guide to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

#4 LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

As the name clearly implies, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is designed for corporate recruiters and recruiting firms who want to activate the power of LinkedIn to source and engage top talent. This LinkedIn offering is enjoying tremendous success due to two factors:

  • Competence and talent become major competitive advantages;
  • Many professions are experiencing severe shortages. According to Michael Page, French companies are short of more than 200,000 sales profiles.

Benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Does your company have recurring human resources needs? LinkedIn Recruiter Lite can help.

  • A credit of 30 InMails per month to contact candidates and save time by using the preset templates;
  • Advanced search functionality to target top talent, even for complex occupations (over 20 search filters available);
  • The formula allows you to create a real candidate pipeline by saving searches and InMail templates;
  • Dynamic suggestions, with profiles likely to interest you according to your needs;
  • The complete list of potential candidates who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days;
  • Unlimited profile views (up to the3rd level);
  • Automatic tracking of candidates and vacancies with the “Projects” option;
  • A design and user experience centered around recruitment and talent search.

What is the price of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

After your first month’s free trial, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite will cost you $99,95 per month if you choose the annual payment option, and around $150 if you choose the monthly payment option. Note: If your company recruits more than 10 profiles per year, it may be more appropriate to use LinkedIn Recruiter (rather than Recruiter Lite). The tool is indeed better sized (price on quotation).

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