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By following the trends of latest restrictions and changes of the LinkedIn service policy, the generation of prospects must evolve towards the multichannel. No one will have missed it: LinkedIn is in a spam war , by toughening its rules month after month, while evaluating the impact that new regulations may have on their premium plan revenues. Obviously (and so much the better!) massive and impersonal automation as has been the case in recent years will soon be a thing of the past.

Comment supported by the recent update of the news LinkedIn weekly invitation limit . Now we can only add 100 persons to his network per week on LinkedIn.

It’s only natural: when an audience is under strong marketing pressure , it always ends up running out of steam! This has been the case with many niches on LinkedIn for several months now. “Social selling doesn’t work anymore”, as some might shout. In a way we can understand them, imagine receiving dozens of connection requests from strangers per week, knowing that once you accept them, you are going to receive a automated commercial message … no wonder we went from a 70% acceptance rate in 2018 to 30% in 2021.

With all the bad practices of the network, your audience is probably less inclined to open up to you and its doors, and that’s a shame because you have very certainly a lot of value to bring them .

In this context, how to reinvent yourself and reconnect with a high commitment and predictable results? What is the future of B2B lead generation ? The hyper-personalized multichannel is it within everyone’s reach?

Smart sequences: Favor the multichannel approach & personalization

The LeadIn Intelligent Sequences are unique algorithms that allow you to use the multi-channel approach and personalization to its maximum potential. An objective : FEWER targets , MORE commitment (and everyone is happy, LinkedIn included)! By combining surgical targeting and hyper-personalized engagement strategy in several forms (message, InMail, E-mail), you will stand out from the crowd, and your target will not be able to ignore you.

The “ Smart Sequences Of LeadIn are undoubtedly the most innovative and comprehensive way to reach your prospects and increase conversion rate .

And not only.

Due to the previously mentioned LinkedIn restrictions, smart sequences are actually the only effective way to generate and nurture your leads. They combine the features of LinkedIn (InMails, Connection Requests, Messages, Follow) with Emails (found and verified by LeadIn) and create as many customizable touchpoints as possible with your prospects .

As you can see, smart sequences take the process of engaging prospects to a whole new level.

Possibilities. Yes. So many possibilities !

Before the introduction of smart sequences, your options were, more or less, limited to predefined threads.

Now you have the possibility of combining the same functions and operations that were already possible on LeadIn (and some news) in every way possible and unimaginable. You can now use the potential of each channel to the maximum, within the limits of safety.

Although the old predefined “simple” scenarios are still available, you now have the flexibility to create scenarios in the way you think they will work best for your users. business goals .

Therefore, at a time when you surely thought that your approaches could not be more humanized , the smart sequences will take you much further!

Let’s see how it all looks in practice.

Smart sequence # 1 (easiest)

LinkedIn smart sequences

As you can see from the algorithm diagram, after the email verification step, this sequence is configured for several options.

In the event that LeadIn discovers and check the prospect’s email , we can continue our communication by e-mail channel. Otherwise, the sequence continues with the connection request. If the prospect agrees, the LinkedIn portion of the scenario will send a message, and if not, there is always the option to “follow” the prospect, which can act as a subtle reminder of our connection attempt.

Email verification step

LeadIn will try to find and check business emails of your prospect list BEFORE you connect with them. The success rate varies between 30 and 50%, which represents 500 to 1000 valid business emails from a search in the Sales Navigator which generated around 2,500 leads.

Smart sequence # 2 (the “post engagement” campaign)

As a reminder, these are campaigns of prospect search that target people who have interacted with a post in the LinkedIn News Feed. To do this, start by creating a campaign with “ post engagement “.

Smart sequences part 2

Then choose the post from the news feed on which you identified your target audience , and write a personalized message related to the post or person to maximize your engagement rate.

Copy link to post

Note: Engagement campaigns via LinkedIn posts have been proven to be extremely attractive in terms of acceptance and response rates (up to 75% or even 90%). They are excellent for break the ice because you start your conversation with prospects with a topic, interest, or connection that you have in common.

P3 intelligent sequences

As you can see from the algorithm diagram, after the connection request, this intelligent sequence is configured according to several options.

The scenario checks whether the prospect’s profile is open to Free InMails . If so, the right branch of our smart sequence will go in that direction and send an InMail.

Otherwise, the sequence will change direction and try to find and verify the prospect’s professional email address . If the prospect’s email is available, the discussion thread will reach them through this channel. Otherwise, it will just “follow” the prospect as a “last” reminder of our connection attempt.

Smart sequence # 3 (the complex sequence)

Smart sequences 3

This sequence is interesting because it decreases the need for connection requests using other customizable channels.

First, the sequence checks if the prospect’s account is open for InMails. If so, it will continue with this option. Remember that with LeadIn, you can send up to 600 free InMails per month .

Second, if the prospect’s account is not open for InMails, the sequence will continue with email discovery and verification. LeadIn can generate thousands of emails per month just using the information available on Linkedin, allowing for many additional personalized touch points with your prospects.

If no email or InMail is available, the sequence will continue with a connection request.

How easy is it to create a smart sequence?

All you have to do is choose items (email, InMail, message, etc.) and conditions (whether email is verified, whether open to InMails, etc.) on your right and drag them to your left to create the flow.

For each element that requires text, you have the option to insert it immediately and use all available tags. You can also decide the time that must elapse between sending of this InMail, Email, Message and the previous step. The same option applies to conditions.

It’s as simple as that. Take a look.

Gif smart sequences

Dynamic hyper-personalization (images, GIFs): the ultimate multi-channel growth hack

The hyper-personalization tool for images and GIFs is a dynamic and unique feature that LeadIn makes available to you. It is perfectly compatible with LinkedIn messages , the InMails and the Emails used to build smart scenarios .

This tool is a real asset when it comes to standing out from the competition and creating a surprise factor with its unconventional way of communicating what you have to say.

Thanks to its hyper-personalized visual effect and dynamic writing, it is difficult for one of your prospects to be indifferent!

For more information, click here .

Hyper-personalization visual

Why multichannel prospecting?

A multi-channel prospecting campaign increases on average the average engagement rate which can reach up to 2.7x the initiation of a single-channel prospecting campaign. Here is the current secret of “ growth hackers And experts in B2B engagement to continue to generate as many new opportunities as possible within their target audience.

Until now, building such scenarios was not easy for everyone: a tool for finding data, a tool for check emails , a tool to create LinkedIn sequences, a tool to create sequences by e-mail, a tool to connect everything together … knowing that it would be inevitable to spend time reworking the data and monitor campaigns on both sides … a real headache, not to mention the cost of all these added tools (on average € 300 per experienced user for a full stack).

Not to mention the complexity of finding the right tools, in the middle of a jungle MarTech , always more dense:

MarTech Map

In conclusion, while LeadIn offers a multitude of features such as LinkedIn messages, InMails and Emails, it now gives you the freedom to combine channels , operations and build your scenarios! All in a single platform, accessible to all.

LeadIn is also the most secure tool for bypass LinkedIn restrictions or emails in the spams of your prospects. We monitor your campaigns constantly and we make sure they stay within safe limits.

Start generating more qualified leads by hyper-humanizing safely your B2B prospecting. Whether you are a LeadIn user or not, you can always schedule a demo call (for new users) with a specialist from our team, or a introductory call with our agency to discuss how your business can benefit from our services.

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