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Since I've been using LeadIn for my prospecting, this workload has decreased considerably. I have much more time to concentrate on other tasks and I'm more productive.

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It is (already) time to look for an alternative to Waalaxy.

They did everything to convince you, you tried, and you were disappointed …? No worries ! They have also been there. Find out why Waalaxy users are (finally) happy with LeadIn. Check out the comparison below and see for yourself why we are constantly seeing an influx of Waalaxy users. migrate to LeadIn (and what they say about it) !

LeadIn le meilleur outil du marché

LeadIn vs. Waalaxy
(In truth...)


Custom LinkedIn Automation

Limit  to basic variables and actions only

Cloud-based, secure, undetectable software (works offline)

Creation of campaigns from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and CSV import

Create campaigns from LinkedIn news feed post

Create Campaigns from Saved Sales Navigator Lists of Prospects

Free InMails

Native hyper-personalization of images and GIFs (multichannel)

Construction of intelligent multichannel sequences (behavioral conditions)

Limit  to simple sequences and without behavioral conditions

Email automation - Gmail, Outlook, Custom SMTP compatibility

Limit  to Gmail and Outlook

B2B email enrichment & verification

Limit  a paid integration via third-party application (Dropcontact) for email discovery (validity check not included)

Smart connected inbox

Option to return prospects in sequences after response

Multi-account management interface

Advanced dashboards and statistics

Limited to basic statistics (LinkedIn activity and number of emails sent - without advanced KPIs)

Export of prospect data

Limit  to basic variables only

CRM integration (Webhook)

Chat support

Without engagement

Free try

14 days

7 days

Examples of unique features that LeadIn offers you that Waalaxy does not have

Native customization of images and GIFs

Impress your potential customers by using hyper-personalized images and GIFs in your footage. You need less than 2 minutes to create them and they will be personalized for each prospect. And best of all ... no need to pay for separate tools, everything is available in a single LeadIn subscription.

Intelligent behavioral sequences

Make your workflows think for you. Smart sequences allow you to build multiple actions to take based on the conditions you choose. Some examples: "If connected", "If pro email identified", "If free InMail possible" ...

Multi-account and 100% secure (cloud based)

Connect one or more accounts, choose a proxy (fixed IP address for your account) and define your working hours. Your account will take prospecting actions for you, in complete security, whether you are active or not. Take the opportunity to go on vacation and prospect on LinkedIn and by email by car!

LeadIn gives you 6 of the most advanced solutions in 1, the price less.

LinkedIn automation

No need to do everything manually on LinkedIn, you can now send your connection requests, messages and personalized InMails on autopilot. LeadIn also gives you advanced data and reports that will tell you which sequences are performing the best. Take advantage of targeting features that are unique in the world (engagement by post, lists of saved prospects, etc.).

Email automation

LeadIn is also an emailing platform that allows you to send automated personalized emails on a large scale. Just connect to any email provider on LeadIn and create your campaigns with as many steps as you want. Better yet, you can combine your prospecting actions on LinkedIn and by email in a single campaign with different “IF” conditions thanks to the intelligent sequences of LeadIn.

Hyper-personalization of GIFs and images

Today more than ever, it is important to stand out from the crowd in your prospecting actions. With LeadIn’s native image and GIF customization, see how you can double your response rate up to 2.7x. Create custom images or GIFs where you can include prospect’s profile image, company logo, and dynamic text like first name, title, company name, etc.

Discovery of E-mails

Find professional emails from your prospects on LinkedIn. Email Discovery uses a lot of data to find a prospect’s verified email address with our LeadIn crawlers. It’s unlimited and you don’t pay by email address through the use of other tools. If you select “Professional Email” when sending your emails, you can therefore be 100% sure that your email will only reach your prospect’s professional address, 100% compliant.

Email verification

After you find out about your prospects’ business emails on LinkedIn, LeadIn checks them for you. You don’t have to buy several separate tools for extracting, discovering and verifying email addresses, LeadIn gives you everything in one place. We test in real time the addresses found to ensure that you have no bounce rate when sending your emails. Indispensable to preserve your deliverability and avoid spam!

Data extraction

LeadIn automatically collects data from all your prospects. You can download data for a specific campaign or all of your campaigns in CSV format at any time. Included: First Name, Last Name, Campaign, Profile URL, Position, Email and Professional Email (if identified by LeadIn), Phone, Website, Twitter, last message exchanged, prospect status in your sequences, tags applied …

All this and many more features, for only 97 € per month and unlimited user.

We regularly try out all the tools on the market. You won’t find better elsewhere for hyper-personalized and engaging prospecting. Watch the demo video and we’ll show you how to maximize your lead generation with LeadIn.

What they say after their migration

Waalaxy is primarily intended for beginners or teams who are looking for a simple gadget.

The tool is based on the previous one (Prospectin) and you will need to have your LinkedIn open and your computer running for it to work in the background.

This is quite annoying, because Waalaxy sends all messages at once and does not meet the deadlines. Most of the users who have seen the solution know this.

LeadIn works in the background (from the cloud, even if your computer is turned off) and mimics human behavior. Which makes it the most secure and advanced alternatives to Waalaxy.

LeadIn vs Waalaxy in other words

The most advanced alternative to multichannel automation with features unique in the world

The world's most secure and secure alternative for your LinkedIn account

We are your reliable and expert partner

We teach you the best multichannel growth tips

Tutorial videos and responsive support around the clock

What our users say

LeadIn is the tool you've always been looking for.

Are you ready to use a “4.0” tool? Book a demo with our team and see for yourself why we are constantly seeing an influx of Waalaxy users migrate to LeadIn !