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Tired of seeing all these posts from growing companies, and you know you need to post on LinkedIn but you don’t have the time/don’t know what to say/don’t want to do it yourself? Our team of ghostwriters will take care of everything for you.

Leader 🏁
From 480€/month* without commitment

4 LinkedIn posts / month

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Influencer 📈
From 800€/month* without commitment

8 LinkedIn posts / month

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Our team generated +1500 leads and appointments on LinkedIn for our agency and our clients

With and for all sizes of companies, small or large :

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It's never too late to start building your personal brand on LinkedIn and generate leads

Most companies think that publishing on LinkedIn is not a priority and do not have a social selling strategy. Based on the results of hundreds of posts analyzed by our team, here are the success factors identified on LinkedIn :

Post at least once or twice a week, without stopping. According to LinkedIn, the ideal would even be... every day! Indeed, the regularity is the most important thing in the eyes of the algorithm of LinkedIn and it favors the reach of publications from profiles that publish regularly. Rhythm above all.
Posts between 1200 and 1600 characters maximum per post. That's between 200 and 300 words. If you plan to add hashtags, add 3 to 5 of them. A photo is recommendable, a video is not.
Engage with 3 news feed posts after posting. Add 2-4 new comments every 24 hours. If possible avoid editing your post, and never comment on your post first!
Never add external links in publications. Like any social network, LinkedIn wants to keep its users on its platform as much as possible.
Our team of marketing specialists will manage your campaigns by handling targeting, design, copy, support and optimization to maximize your conversions

How we generate leads with LinkedIn content

We use data from thousands of prospecting campaigns and LinkedIn posts to turn your expertise into content that gets great results on LinkedIn, even if you don’t have a large network yet. All in a service that’s completely done for you.

1. Strategic audit

We know exactly what to ask you to get answers so we can write optimized content for your ideal prospects.

2. Viral Content

Our ghostwriters write engaging LinkedIn posts that get engagement and position you as an expert in your industry.

3. Publish on your LinkedIn

Once validated, our team plans and publishes for you at a rate of 1 to 2 per week depending on the package chosen.

4. Generation of opportunities

You become more visible within your network as well as with new prospects who are not yet part of your network (second degree) and generate new leads.

There are only benefits to your business from developing your visibility on LinkedIn

After publishing quality content consistently, and coupled with adding qualified connections daily, you will begin to generate sales, partnership, and recruiting opportunities coming your way.

Regular content publishing

Profile optimization

Visibility beyond the network

Lead generation

Only prospecting on LinkedIn is not enough

Within months of starting with LeadIn, our clients have thousands of followers and connections, getting thousands of views on their profile and generating qualified leads from each post, alongside their prospecting efforts.

Your prospects are on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals. CEOs, executives and employees from countless industries attend to discover new services, recruit and network.

LinkedIn is looking for content

B2B marketing experts agree: LinkedIn is the most underutilized and promising social media platform today. Only 3% of users post on LinkedIn, and the algorithm is very generous in promoting content.

Your LinkedIn profile is a constant asset

All the connections and subscribers you gain stay with you forever, like an always-updated and active email list. You can always send free messages to your connections and share new services with them through publications.

Personal brands = More trustworthy than corporate brands

Companies with popular leaders generate more leads and qualified candidates. As you grow your business, you become able to spend much less on recruitment and marketing.

Get started with our LinkedIn content writing services

All the power of a specialized ghostwriter: minus the cost, training and risk.

All the power of a specialized ghostwriter :
without cost, training and risk

Choose the collaboration type that suits you best to get started with our services →

Leader 🏁

From 350€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen (monthly or monthly
quarterly with -10%)

Influencer 📈

From 680€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen (monthly or monthly
quarterly with -10%)


LinkedIn posts

4 Posts on LinkedIn / month

8 Posts on LinkedIn / month

Complete writing and validation

Planned content calendar

Publication from your profile

Development of your personal branding

Lead generation

No commitment


Ongoing content optimization

Monthly strategic calls

Dedicated campaign manager


Optimization of your LinkedIn profile

+150€ once, the 1st month

+150€ once, the 1st month

Combined special offer

Combined special offer

Implementation of a marketing contact management software configured for your company

From +97€/month

From +97€/month

What they say about our marketing services

Join leaders who have successfully marketed on LinkedIn to generate revenue

In sectors such as: marketing services, software, travel, construction, lifestyle, medical, legal, entertainment, education, technology, finance, real estate, fashion, business, fitness…


Pipeline for our customers for +10,000 leads & appointments generated


Our clients have a 5-10% ROI in the first year with LeadIn


More opportunities compared to any other traditional prospecting technique

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