Delegate the management of your social medias to a community manager and gain visibility

Whatever your activity, you know you have to post on your social networks but you don’t have the time/you don’t know what to say/you don’t want to do it yourself? Our community managers take care of everything for you.

Starter 🏁
From 290€/month* without commitment

1 Publication / week

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Boost 🚀
From €590/month* without commitment

2 Publications / week

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Premium 📈
From €890/month* without commitment

3 Publications / week

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Delegate your social networks, attract customers.

+More than 300 freelancers and companies trust us to generate visibility for them :

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Customized support for your social medias

Our social media communication experts integrate community management into your overall social media strategy.
You can take full or shared control of your accounts, depending on your needs. 

Our services allow you to easily :

Improve your company's brand image
Develop awareness and visibility
Strengthen the link with your customers
Generate traffic to your site
Generate more leads and sales

How we generate you visibility and new customers

1. Targeting information and enrichment

You fill out a short questionnaire and we will start the research and implementation of the campaign.

2. Creation and follow-up

Our community managers create your posts, manage responses and comments on one or more networks of your choice generating engagement and positioning you as a specialist in your business.

3. Publication on your pages

We set up conversion tracking and a personalized and transparent dashboard, on the ad account or with Data Studio.

4. Get appointments and close deals

We increase your follower base and your business pages become more visible to new prospects not yet part of your network and you generate new customers.

There are only advantages for your business to entrust us with the management of your social networks

Delegate the management of your social networks and focus on your business.
Let our quality, regular, tailored and targeted content increase your sales.

Publication of regular content

Considerable time savings

Increase your followers

Customer generation

Take care of your business, we manage its visibility.

Your company is unique and your social networks should reflect your brand identity. We take particular care with the tone used so that your customers and your target can find your graphic and editorial line at first glance.

Your customers are all around you

In a market where competition is tough, you need maximum visibility with consumers. The presence of your establishment on social networks is not optional.

Your time is money

The lack of time, inspiration, know-how on social networks, prevent you from professionally developing your visibility, and therefore from reaching new customers.

Start now with our social medias management service

All the power of a specialized community manager for your company: the cost, the training and the risk are reduced.

All the power of a specialized ghostwriter :
without cost, training and risk

Choose the collaboration type that suits you best to get started with our services →

Leader 🏁

From 350€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen

Influencing 📈

From 680€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen


Complete configuration and management

4 Posts on LinkedIn / month

8 Posts on LinkedIn / month

Drafting and full validation

Planned content calendar

Publish from your profile

Creating retargeting audiences

Lead generation

Without engagement


Checking points

Implementation and daily follow-up

Dedicated account manager


CRM integration

+150€ once, the 1st month

+150€ once, the 1st month

Combined special offer

Combined special offer

Implementation of a Marketing-Sales CRM tailored to your company

From +97€/month

From +97€/month

What our clients say about our outsourced prospecting services

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!

How long does it take to start up?

We start in about 1 week, from our first contact to the launch of your communication. After registering for one of the packs on this page, you will be redirected to a booking page for your launch call from D+5. At the same time, your account manager will ask you to prepare the start-up with our community manager.

What are the pre-requisites?
  1. Have access to your social networks (with code or by being an administrator)
  2. Have photos and/or videos of your products or that illustrate your services. As well as a list of some of your competitors
  3. Each publication will be textual accompanied by a photo/video “raw” or edited (depending on the media provided)
  4. You choose the themes: publications 100% focused on your products/services; or alternating with current topics in your sector?
How are the posts written?

The posts are written by our team of community managers and our visual creation team will take care of the photos and other graphic variations. Your posts will be personalized and tailored to your company and the message you want to get across!

Is there a set-up fee?


Where do the generated followers come from?

We target your business area to improve your reach to people who live near your business or who are interested in your business.

Will I have a right of review on the publications?

Yes, you will have access to the content and the publication schedule. You will have an insert to suggest any changes or remarks you may have.

What activity(ies) are your services suitable for?

Whether in France or abroad, our teams work for all types of clients, from companies serving corporate clients (B2B), but also for companies serving individuals (B2C)!

How can I follow the evolution of my pages?

Depending on the package chosen (boost / premium), we send our clients a report on the effectiveness of their various networks every two months or monthly. This will allow you to have a global visibility of the key figures of your page.

Want to know more about our social media & community management services?

Book an appointment with our sales team to take the next step.