Generate qualified leads, appointments and new customers for your offers by entrusting your Google Ads campaigns to LeadIn

Don’t waste any more resources on agencies and a website that don’t convert. Let LeadIn manage your Google Ads campaigns to drive qualified traffic from the thousands of people who search for your services each month.

Starter 🏁
From 450€/month*.

Monthly advertising budget < 3K€

*Depending on the chosen method of payment (monthly or quarterly with -10%)

Scale 📈
From 1 250€/month*.

Monthly advertising budget 3K€ - 10K€.

*Depending on the chosen method of payment (monthly or quarterly with -10%)

Pro 🚀
From 2 450€/month*.

Monthly advertising budget 10K€ - 20K€

*Depending on the chosen method of payment (monthly or quarterly with -10%)

We help businesses grow with Google Ads

With and for all sizes of companies, small or large, without commitment :
We redirect the Internet users interested in your services to your sales team so that they become your customers.

Why your Google Ad campaigns don't perform well

After auditing hundreds of ad accounts, we’ve found that high CPMs and low conversion rates are what cause ineffective campaigns to fail. These are also the symptoms of the most common errors listed below:

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We constantly optimize ad copy, headlines, keywords and ad groups by proactively removing and replacing underperforming ad groups and keywords, while paying attention to advanced data points such as impression share, device and geography.

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How does it work ?

A service entirely made-for-you, which will allow you to launch your campaigns within 7 days after your registration.

1. Targeting information and enrichment

You fill out a short questionnaire and we will start the research and implementation of the campaign.

2. Drafting and validation during the launch (D+7)

You validate all the ads, the campaign structure and the landing page in order to start.

3. Execution of prospecting actions

We set up conversion tracking and a personalized and transparent dashboard, on the ad account or with Data Studio.

4. Get appointments and close deals

We proactively and consistently optimize your Google Ads account to achieve your goals and lower structural costs (CTA).

We recorded +1,500 calls with Google Ads alone for our agency.

We’ve gone through several Google ad agencies, and iterated our offer and landing pages enough to understand what really works.

Since then, we have applied this to hundreds of accounts.

63€ / Cost per appointment

The cost per meeting varies by client, but for LeadIn, $63 per meeting is very cost-effective.

200K€+ of publicity investment

And that’s just for our agency account. We have managed more than 3 million customer budgets.

meetings leadin agenda googleads

You can trust us: we are our most loyal customers.

meetings leadin conversion calls

Our 4 pillars for an effective Google Ads strategy

We constantly adapt our strategies to Google’s algorithm and your competition, while applying proven conversion principles to maximize the results generated by your spend.

Search terms and ad text

We conduct thorough keyword research in advance to isolate only the most relevant and profitable terms for your marketing strategy. We then write ad titles and descriptions that automatically adjust to the user's search to generate high click-through rates.

Landing page with high conversion rate (A/B)

Landing pages should be what people expect after they click on your ad, and should not include much else. For example, we hide your menu in the landing pages and make your main arguments extremely clear by providing A/B tests.

Advanced campaign structure

First, we organize campaigns, ad groups and keywords using our proven structure, then we go further and optimize bidding strategy, impression share, SKAGs, negatives, geography, devices and more.

Follow-up of the results

We use our marketing & data tracking software to give you a seamless dashboard that allows you to see the most important metrics, such as total spend, cost per click, number of conversions, cost per conversion and more.

We specialize in online and local businesses

In sectors such as: marketing services, software, travel, construction, lifestyle, medical, legal, entertainment, education, technology, finance, real estate, fashion, business, fitness…

All the power of an expert media buyer:
without cost, training and risk

Affordable pricing for the management of your Google ads (search and/or display – PPC).
You pay Google directly for the ad spend (per click) and then pay LeadIn’s monthly management fee.

Choose the collaboration type that suits you best to get started with our services →

Starter 🏁

Generation of successful appointments

From 450€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen (monthly or monthly quarterly with -10%)

Scale 📈

Lead generation & appointments

From 1 250€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen (monthly or monthly quarterly with -10%)

Pro 🚀

Lead generation & appointments

From 2 450€/month*.

*Depending on the method of payment chosen (monthly or monthly quarterly with -10%)


Complete configuration and management

Monthly advertising budget < 3K€

Monthly advertising budget 3K€ - 10K€.

Monthly advertising budget 10K€ - 20K€.

Customized landing pages

A/B testing (ads and landing pages)

Remarketing campaigns

Calls and appointment booking

Precise geolocation

No commitment


Dashboard with reports

Offline conversion tracking

Daily set up and tracking

Dedicated campaign manager


CRM integration




Implementation of a Marketing-Sales CRM tailored to your company

From +97€/month

From +97€/month

From +97€/month

Budget security with anti-click system (competitors)

From +97€/month

From +97€/month

From +97€/month


Managed budget for our clients for +10 000 leads & appointments generated


Our clients have a 5-10% ROI in the first year with LeadIn


More opportunities compared to any other traditional marketing technique

What our clients say about our outsourced marketing services

LeadIn is the partner you've been looking for.

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Frequently asked questions about our Google Ads management offers

You have a question ? We’ve probably answered it already below!
For any other request, contact our team via the chat at the bottom right of your screen.

Google PPC ads (search & display) are ideal for :

1. Established businesses that are already making regular sales with a proven offering. If you are not making more than $10,000 in sales per month, we recommend that you first focus on ad-free lead generation (see our service offerings > prospecting) to achieve the ideal product-market fit before scaling up with advertising.

2. Companies that can spend a minimum of $500/month on advertising. Anything less will be too slow to get meaningful data and generate conversions.

3. Companies that have at least a 3 month view. Although our services are non-binding, the launch phase of a campaign is the most important and iterating towards effective optimization is a time consuming process.

All we need is your Google Account ID, so we can request access, or you can follow our instructions to add us as an external administrator. If you don't have a Google Ad account, you can create one online. We'll manage all your ads in your Google Ad account, which you own and can access at any time. We will also show you how to navigate your Google Ads account as well as your account in our campaign data tracking software.

Landing pages are used to send targeted traffic to pages customized for that traffic, in order to get a higher conversion rate than your website's homepage. There are two main use cases for landing pages:

1. For special offers and lead magnets.

2. For specific advertising campaigns, audiences or product/service lines (e.g. comparison with your competitors).

By using our custom landing pages, we can quickly modify content and perform split (A/B) testing on headlines or other elements, while setting up personalized tracking more easily. In our tests, sending traffic to most websites converts between 0% and 3%.

Our landing pages typically convert between 3% and 20%.

Why do our landing pages increase conversions?

A) Experience. Our representatives have built over 100 landing pages and websites combined, most of which exceed industry standards for cold traffic conversions. We've studied most of the top copywriters, designers, marketers, and salespeople and their methodologies.

B) Process. We don't build landing pages without a thorough research process, structured implementation of CRO principles, design standards with great attention to detail, clear and concise writing, and continuous iteration protocols based on results.

We take care of your needs entirely. So we don't need much from you, other than our startup form and your initial feedback on keywords and ad copy. However, businesses that actively communicate with us get better results. For example, your feedback on conversions, lead quality and overall expectations is valuable. Also, the more you refine your offer and the more marketing assets you create, the better the campaigns perform.

All campaign strategies and iterations are managed by our in-house PPC team, based in France. Our production team is responsible for campaign implementation. This is how we maintain the quality of our services and how quickly we can set up campaigns. We take care of everything from keyword research, competitor research and bidding to retargeting campaigns. In the initial questionnaire, we ask a series of questions to better understand your business, so we know what to look for.

Yes, for full transparency, you will receive access to your account created on our software so you can have a personalized dashboard that you can access 24/7 to check the performance of your campaigns. Then you will receive weekly updates from your campaign manager.

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