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In marketing, emailing is 40 times more effective than social networks in generating leads . But how to get the email addresses of your targets?

One of the quickest and easiest ways is to use an email search tool . You can search for a company’s email address as well as a specific person’s email address .

Let’s discover 5 email scraping tools for:

  • Generate leads for your business
  • Contact and partner with a blog

test-Hunter is one of the best known email extractors. Features allows you to:

  • Scrape email addresses from a domain name
  • Check their validity (if they are used)
  • Perform group tasks (check a list of email addresses for example)

Searching for email addresses from a domain name with

test-hunter-extension-chrome searches for the emails you need from the domain name of the business website you have targeted . You simply enter the domain name in the search bar of this web scraping tool, and you will obtain the email addresses of your prospects, as well as their respective functions and names.

You can also use the Google Chrome extension and discover the email addresses linked to the website you are visiting.

For example, you can obtain the email address of the human resources manager, to contact him and offer him your training offer for his employees. also has an “Email Finder” feature to find a particular prospect’s email address . But you need their name and company website.

Verification of collected email addresses allows you to check if the email addresses obtained from your searches are valid , that is to say if they are active (they receive emails).

You can also check the validity of email addresses in your email list (contacts you already have), but not those with @gmail and @yahoo.

Grouped tasks

You can perform bulk tasks to :

  • Search multiple email addresses at once
  • Check a list of email addresses

This saves you considerable time (checking the validity of each email address in your email list one by one will take a lot of time if you already have several contacts). prices offers a free plan with which you can do 25 searches and 50 email address verifications per month .

You also have the choice between 4 paid packages :

  • The Starter package at €49/month (500 email address searches and 1,000 checks)
  • The Growth package at €99/month (2,500 searches and 5,000 checks)
  • The Pro package at €199/month (10,000 searches and 20,000 checks)
  • The Enterprise package at €399/month (30,000 searches and 60,000 checks)

These are monthly rates. You can save 30% by paying annually . Their subscriptions are quite expensive, knowing that this type of tool is only one element among others of your marketing strategy.

test-skrapp is also a Chrome and Firefox extension . The tool also has in-app features :

Features of allows you to find prospects and their email addresses via Linkedin or their company’s website . The email addresses provided by the tool are verified .

Skrapp is therefore more complete than on this point: cannot be used on Linkedin.

Find email addresses via Linkedin with

To search your prospects’ emails on Linkedin with

  • Go to Linkedin.
  • Research the company you are targeting.
  • Look for people working for the company.
  • On the results page, click on the extension button and start email scraping.

Find email addresses from the company’s website

As for Linkedin, go to the website of the targeted company . Launch the extension to find key contacts and their email addresses . in-app features

With, you can perform grouped email searches from lists of :

  • Names
  • Company names
  • Web sites Pricing offers a free plan for one user and 150 email addresses per month.

Paid packages are available:

  • Starter at €39/month (2 users, 1,000 email addresses/month)
  • Seeker at €79/month (5 users, 5,000 emails)
  • Enterprise at €159/month (8 users, 20,000 emails)
  • Global at €239/month (15 users, 50,000 emails)

Their pricing is a bit lower than, but it’s still quite expensive . You save 20% with an annual payment.

That’s Norbert


This email search tool allows you to search email addresses one by one or in bulk.

Features of Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert gives you a confidence rate for each email address found . For example, a confidence rate of 80% means that the email extractor is 80% sure that the email address found is correct.

Search email addresses one by one with Voila Norbert

As with the other tools, you need the domain name of your prospect’s website for the tool to find their email address . Once the email address has been found, just hover your cursor over the name to get the trust rate estimated by the tool.

You can send an email directly to the lead, or save their email address in a list.

The group search for email addresses with Voila Norbert

You can search several email addresses at once with Voila Norbert from a CSV file.

Bulk search may take time depending on the number of email addresses to search. But you can let Voila Norbert do its job and you will be notified (by email) when the search is complete .

Two columns are added to your CSV file when the search is complete: the email addresses of your prospects and their confidence levels.

The prices of Voila Norbert

You can try Voila Norbert for free . The free trial allows you to search up to 50 email addresses .

Otherwise, you can choose from 4 paid plans, each with an unlimited number of users :

  • The Valet package at €49/month (up to 1,000 email addresses per month)
  • The Butler package at €99/month (up to 5,000 email addresses per month)
  • The Advisor package at €249/month (up to 15,000 email addresses per month)
  • The Counselor package at €499/month (up to 50,000 email addresses per month)

Suffice to say that Voila Norbert is mainly aimed at companies with large sales teams! If you are alone or in a small team, their prices are not suitable.

Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator is Linkedin’s lead search tool . You can then connect with your leads through InMails (private and customizable messages that you can send to all Linkedin users).

Linkedin Sales Navigator allows salespeople to be 80% more productive (according to Linkedin).

Sales Navigator features

Sales Navigator lets you search for accounts and leads on Linkedin . You can use different filters, which makes search results more precise.

Find accounts with Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator allows you to find companies or professionals that match your persona. You can filter the results by sector, location, workforce in the company, or even by turnover!

You can first create your list of target companies. Only then will you identify the contacts for each company.

Find leads with Sales Navigator

To maximize your conversions, you need to find the right people to contact within a company .

You can use as filters :

  • The geographical area
  • The hierarchical level
  • Function

Sales Navigator Pricing

Sales Navigator offers 3 types of subscriptions:

  • The Core package at €82.99/month per user
  • The Advance package at €119.99/month per user
  • The Advance Plus package (à la carte rate)

You can save up to 25% by paying annually . You can cancel at any time, whether you chose to pay monthly or annually.

Sales Navigator is certainly more expensive than other tools, but it allows you to generate mass leads with an accuracy that others cannot . We have prepared a complete guide to Sales Navigator for you, to better understand the power of this tool.



If you have a little experience in lead generation and contact research, you have probably noticed that Linkedin is the best source of qualified leads!

That’s why Sales Navigator is a great tool (even if it’s a bit pricey).

Since Linkedin is such a good resource, why not focus on it?

This is precisely the role of Leadin. It is an all-in-one tool allowing you to obtain the professional email addresses of your prospects, then to launch your campaigns directly on the platform .

Because if all the previous tools bring you qualified leads, they do not allow you to contact them en masse to convert them! Email scraping tools are incomplete to achieve your business goals.

Find and verify your prospects’ emails

Leadin lets you search for your prospects’ email addresses on Linkedin, even if you’re not connected with them .

The email addresses provided are verified . You are thus sure that your prospects will receive your emails . Which also protects your deliverability .

Linkedin is a great choice because 80% of B2B social media leads come from Linkedin . Only 13% come from Twitter and 7% from Facebook.

Scrape leads with Linkedin events

Different types of events (meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.) are regularly organized on Linkedin. All you have to do is look for the most relevant ones: those that interest your target audience and with a lot of participants.

Once the event has been chosen (and you are registered for it), use Leadin to retrieve the list of participants, then contact them automatically.

The approach is effective because of the common interest with the prospect (when asking for a connection, specify that you participated in the event!). You can get a connection request acceptance rate of 76%, and a response rate to your messages of 35% . We did the test for you!

And after getting the email address?

Finder emails are very useful, but the email addresses obtained are only a means to achieve your goal: to sell .

To convert your prospects into customers, Leadin allows you to launch campaigns both on Linkedin and by email, automated or not.

You can connect any email provider with Leadin (Gmail, Outlook…) . Emails are customizable and you can even add custom images or GIFs.

On Linkedin, you can send personalized connection requests, messages and free InMails.

Leadin is particularly appreciated as an all-in-one marketing tool : simple, effective and inexpensive prospecting.

Our single rate is €97 per month. But you can try the platform for free for 14 days .

Request a Leadin demo to get to know this comprehensive prospecting tool better!

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