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Case study: How a marketing agency used Leadin to generate leads and increase sales


In an ever-changing world, companies must constantly find new ways to reach their customers and generate leads. For the marketing agency, a company specializing in SEA advertising targeting the home services market, Leadin proved to be the ideal tool to achieve this goal.

Challenges faced by the Marketing Agency

Before using Leadin, Agence Marketing faced several lead generation challenges:

  • Difficulty targeting qualified prospects: The company had difficulty identifying the prospects most likely to be interested in its products or services.
  • Manual, time-consuming prospecting process: Prospecting was carried out manually, which was time-consuming and limited the number of prospects the sales team could contact.
  • Low conversion rate: The conversion rate of leads into customers was low, which had a negative impact on the company’s sales.

How Leadin helped the Marketing Agency

Leadin enabled the Marketing Agency to meet these challenges by providing an automated and efficient lead generation solution. Here are just some of the benefits the company has reaped from using Leadin:

  • Precise targeting of prospects: Leadin enables the Marketing Agency to target its prospecting efforts on the most qualified prospects, based on criteria such as position held, company, sector of activity and interests.
  • Automated prospecting: Leadin automates many of the tasks involved in prospecting, such as finding prospects, sending personalized messages and following up on leads. This allows the sales team to concentrate on more strategic tasks.
  • Increased conversion rate: Leadin enabled the Marketing Agency to increase its lead-to-customer conversion rate, thanks to more personalized messages and more effective lead follow-up.

Concrete results

The use of Leadin has had a significant positive impact on the Marketing Agency’s results. Here are some concrete figures:

  • 50% increase in the number of leads generated
  • 30% increase in lead-to-customer conversion rate
  • 20% increase in sales


“Leadin has been a real game-changer for our company. Thanks to Leadin, we’ve been able to generate more qualified leads, increase our conversion rate and, ultimately, increase our sales. Leadin is an indispensable tool for any company looking to grow its business.”

Leadin is a powerful tool that can help companies of all sizes generate qualified leads and increase their sales. If you’re looking for a way to improve your prospecting results, Leadin is a solution worth considering.

In addition to the benefits mentioned in the case study, Leadin also offers the following advantages:

  • Ease of use: Leadin is an easy-to-use platform, even for non-technical users.
  • Affordable pricing: Leadin offers price plans to suit all budgets.
  • Responsive customer support: Leadin offers its users excellent customer support.

If you’d like to find out more about Leadin and how it can help you grow your business, visit the Leadin website:


In today’s hyper-competitive sales landscape, generating qualified leads is vital to the success of any business. Attracting the right people into your sales process and converting them into loyal customers is the recipe for sustainable growth. For Agence Marketing, a fast-growing company specializing in SEA advertising targeting the home services market, the struggle to identify and convert relevant leads was hampering their ability to achieve their growth objectives. Fortunately, Leadin came on the scene, radically transforming their approach to prospecting and propelling their business to new heights.

Let’s delve into the challenges facing the Marketing Agency and explore how Leadin helped overcome them.

Marketing Agency challenges: Inefficient lead generation process

Before integrating Leadin into its marketing arsenal, the Marketing Agency faced several major obstacles in its lead generation strategy:

  • Inaccurate targeting: The company relied on traditional, often vague targeting methods, wasting resources by contacting prospects unlikely to be interested in their products or services.
  • Manual, time-consuming process: Prospecting and lead qualification were carried out manually, taking up a lot of the sales team’s time and limiting the number of prospects they could reach.
  • Insufficient personalization: Messages sent to prospects lacked personalization, resulting in low engagement and conversion rates.
  • Poor follow-up: Lead follow-up was inconsistent, leaving many qualified prospects untapped.

These combined challenges severely limited the Marketing Agency’s ability to generate a strong lead pipeline and achieve its growth objectives.


Introducing Leadin: Automation, targeting and personalization

Leadin offered the company a complete solution to transform its approach to lead generation. Here’s how Leadin helped the Marketing Agency overcome its obstacles and optimize its prospecting process:

  • Precise targeting thanks to dynamic forms and landing pages: Leadin enabled the Marketing Agency to create registration forms and landing pages targeted to their ideal buyer personas. These forms collected valuable information about prospects, enabling the company to better qualify them and send them more relevant messages.
  • Automation of tedious tasks: Leadin has automated many lead generation tasks, such as capturing leads via forms, sending welcome and nurturing messages, and qualifying leads according to predefined criteria. This has freed up valuable time for the sales team, enabling them to concentrate on higher value-added activities, such as closing sales.
  • Increased personalization of interactions: Leadin has enabled the Marketing Agency to personalize its communications with prospects according to the information collected via forms and their behavior on the website. This made it possible to send more relevant and engaging messages, thus increasing the conversion rate.
  • Automated lead follow-up and nurturing: Leadin provided the Marketing Agency with tools to set up automated lead nurturing workflows. These workflows enabled targeted emails and messages to be sent to leads over time, educating them about the company’s products or services and gradually bringing them closer to conversion.

Concrete results: exponential growth thanks to Leadin

Integrating Leadin into the Marketing Agency’s strategy has had a significant and measurable impact on their lead generation results and overall growth:

  • Dramatic increase in the number of leads: Thanks to targeted forms and landing pages, as well as automated marketing campaigns, the Marketing Agency was able to multiply its number of leads by 500 K€ in just 5 months.
  • Improved conversion rate: Message personalization and automated lead nurturing enabled the Marketing Agency to increase its conversion rate by 25%, generating more leads for the sales team.
  • Sales explosion: The combination of a significant increase in the number of leads and an improved conversion rate led to a meteoric rise in the Marketing Agency’s sales, with an increase of 20% over 5 months.

Testimonial: A resounding success

“R. Paulet, CEO: “Leadin has been a crucial element in our business transformation. Thanks to its automation, precise targeting and personalization features, we’ve been able to generate qualified leads at an unprecedented rate and convert them into loyal customers. Leadin is an indispensable tool for any company wishing to develop its business and achieve its growth objectives.”


The benefits of Leadin beyond the numbers

In addition to the concrete results mentioned above, Leadin has also brought the Marketing Agency several other benefits:

  • Time and efficiency savings: The automation of tedious tasks has enabled the sales team to concentrate on more strategic activities, such as qualifying leads and closing sales.
  • Better understanding of prospects: Leadin provided the Marketing Agency with valuable prospect data, enabling them to better target their messages and optimize their marketing campaigns.
  • Improved collaboration between teams: Leadin has fostered greater collaboration between marketing and sales teams, by centralizing data and facilitating communication.

Conclusion: Leadin, a catalyst for growth

The Marketing Agency story is a concrete example of the power of Leadin to transform lead generation and propel companies to new heights. By automating manual tasks, precisely targeting prospects and personalizing interactions, Leadin enabled the Marketing Agency to exploit the full potential of its lead pipeline and achieve lightning-fast growth.

If you’re looking to boost your lead generation, optimize your prospecting process and increase your sales tenfold, Leadin is a must-have solution. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Leadin can help you transform your approach to prospecting and achieve your most ambitious sales goals.

Feel free to explore the following resources to learn more about Leadin and its impact on businesses of all sizes:


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