#Hiring LinkedIn: what is it and what is it for?

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The hiring feature on LinkedIn allows recruiters to signal that they are looking for talent !

In this article, we explain everything about this feature . 🚀

What is Hiring on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn hiring

At the end of October 2020, LinkedIn announced the launch of 2 new features . From now on, it became possible to indicate on your profile if you are looking for a job or if you are looking to recruit . These are the “OpenToWork” and “Hiring” functionalities.

Launched in the midst of a pandemic, these features aimed to help young graduates and people who lost their jobs find work more easily on LinkedIn.

Hiring means recruitment in French. It is therefore a feature dedicated to companies wishing to recruit on LinkedIn . Easy to use, this feature allows you to quickly find profiles that match your search criteria.

Thanks to its 810 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has established itself as the network of professionals . To recruit, the social network remains the place to be for professionals.

What is the point of using this function?

Concretely, the Hiring function consists of clearly indicating the mention ” #Hiring ” on the profile photo of your company page. This is a purple headband bearing this mention.

bandeau hiring on LinkedIn

The goal is to make it clear to your networks and anyone who might be interested that you’re looking for talent.

Wearing this evocative sign will allow your job offers to be highlighted and facilitate your search for talent . It is therefore a question here of giving a certain visibility to your job offers.

In addition, job seekers will be able to contact you spontaneously if they are interested. It is therefore an approach that will greatly facilitate your sourcing strategies.

How do I put a “#Hiring” badge on LinkedIn?

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile

  2. Click on the “My Goals” button below your name and profile picture

“my goals” button on the LinkedIn profile

  1. Click on it to show if you are available for:

  • New opportunities (allowing to obtain the OpenToWork green badge)

  • Recruitments

add the #Hiring badge

  1. Click on “Recruit”

  2. A pop up window will open asking you to select the company you are recruiting for. Click on yours. By default, LinkedIn offers you your employer company and those linked to the pages you administer. If this is a recruitment for another company , you should start by creating a dedicated company page .

  3. Once you have chosen the company, you have two options:

  • Select one of the offers that have already been published by your company

  • Create a new job posting (for free)

Jobs Hiring LinkedIn

Selected or created jobs will be published on your profile . Plus, LinkedIn will instantly add the “#Hiring” badge to your photo.

How to remove it?

Have you found the ideal candidate?

Your recruitment process is then complete and you want to deactivate the #Hiring feature .

To do this, you must deactivate the job offer you have published.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the “employment” icon located at the top of your homepage

  2. Then click on the “Manage Jobs” button

  3. Select the job posting you wish to deactivate.

  4. Click on “…More” to the right of the selected job offer and on “Manage job offer” in the menu that appears.

  5. Select “Close job posting” and confirm.

Your badge will then be automatically deactivated.

Other ways to use LinkedIn to recruit

Optimizing your profile for recruitment

Wearing the #Hiring badge is n’t the only way to let your network know you’re actively looking for talent.

You can also do this by optimizing your profile accordingly.

We have written a complete article to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile: it’s here. 👉

In a world where top talent is in high demand, you have to be proactive in recruiting .

For this, you must in particular take care of your profile photo but also your banner . Appearing in the background of your profile photo, your banner is also of particular importance. Neat, it can be a powerful way to convey specific messages.

For example, we see directly that this person works in a recruitment firm

clear LinkedIn banner example

In the recruitment phase, for example, it is possible to reflect it on the banner .

There is also a common practice that recruiters often perform on LinkedIn: changing the profile title.

For example, you can add to your title the mention “We’re hiring” or “We are recruiting” to clearly indicate that you are looking for talent . This mention will thus appear under your name and next to your title on the platform. Another way to gain visibility and find candidates faster.

Publish job offers

LinkedIn gives you the ability to post jobs . For it :

  1. Click on the “Jobs” tab in the menu

job menu LinkedIn

  1. Then click on “Post a job offer”

post a LinkedIn job offer

  1. Then fill in the details of the position, the options for receiving applications and the screening questions

publication of a job offer on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to post a job offer for free, which will be valid for 6 months . After this time, the offer is deleted automatically unless you have manually deactivated it yourself.

However, to find candidates faster, one solution is sponsorship → promote your job offers.

This attracts three times as many qualified candidates with more and more precise targeting options.

Hunt on LinkedIn

According to internal statistics from LinkedIn, 70% of its users are passive candidates.

The latter are already working in a company but remain open to new opportunities . So there is the possibility of hunting some for your business.

Sourcing candidates on LinkedIn is a popular method for headhunters . Unlike the other methods, this one involves reaching out to them proactively .

Profiles with the #OpenToWork badge will be your first targets .

Likewise, your #Hiring badge makes your intentions clear. However, you can go further by searching for potential candidates using the search bar and using a specialized tool like LeadIn to automate your search and contact.

In conclusion, the Hiring function of LinkedIn is intended to help companies that want to recruit on LinkedIn.

This evocative banner makes it clear to users that you are looking for talent .

Hope this article helped you, now it’s your turn to play around with this LinkedIn #Hiring feature .