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Hunter io is one of the best known tools for finding email addresses. It is widely used in B2B prospecting. To go faster in their prospecting strategy, more and more companies are using a tool to find email addresses .

Email marketing remains a powerful acquisition channel favored by B2B marketers when we know that 49% of professionals make a purchase after receiving an email.

Here is a complete overview on Hunter io.

Our opinion on Hunter in a nutshell

Hunter of emails, Hunter is a tool which makes it possible to find and check emails on Internet. Generally appreciated by its users, it is however a tool which is limited to the search for emails and the creation of cold emailing campaigns. It does not allow prospecting via other channels.

What is Hunter io?

avis Hunter io

With a name meaning “hunter” in English, Hunter is above all an email address hunter. This is a tool that collects and lists professional email addresses to store them in a database.

Hunter is therefore an ideal tool for a company wishing to do growth hacking . Marketers can quickly have a database of prospects to tap into for their email campaigns.

However, the email hunter tool does not stop at just extracting it, it also sorts and verifies the email addresses collected. This feature is a must have for email scraping tools today.

You are therefore guaranteed to find the valid email addresses of the professionals you are looking for.

The tool also offers diversified search options:

  • By domain

  • By author of articles on the web

  • From a name

If no address contained in the database corresponds to your search, the tool offers you an interpretation.

For the sake of transparency, the tool also systematically indicates the sources of the addresses collected, which makes it a rather reliable tool.

Here is an example of what happens when using the Hunter Chrome extension (on the Ouest France site in this case):

sources Hunter pour trouver des emails

Hunter features

Here are the main features of Hunter:

Email search: email finder

fonctionnalité email finder

Hunter allows you to discover professional email addresses one by one or in bulk . Simply enter the domain name of a company to find the list of employees of a company with their name and email addresses.

The tool also has a feature to find the email address of an article published on the Internet.

You can then find the email address of a blogger or journalist by entering only the URL of the article in the search bar of Hunter.

trouver auteur d’un article

email checker

Deliverability is an essential parameter in an emailing campaign . Poor deliverability can damage your reputation. Your emails could then fall into the spam boxes of your recipients.

Hunter tries to maximize your deliverability through its email verifier. The tool automatically carries out a complete verification of the emails collected so that you have reliable addresses.

Here is an example with our contact address:

vérifier adresse email avec Hunter

Email campaign manager

Hunter allows you to connect to Google and Outlook to launch cold emailing campaigns .

Its campaign manager is however not very powerful but it has the basic functionalities:

The tool provides you with a large library of email templates to customize . You can also schedule the sending of these emails yourself.

You can track your emails from the tool’s dashboard. It is also possible to connect several Microsoft or Google accounts to the tool to allow your team to run simultaneous campaigns.

Integrations of your favorite work tools

You can integrate tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Zapier or even Gmail thanks to its API.

API Hunter io

Bulk Tasks

Hunter has a “Bulk tasks” function that allows you to perform mass searches and verification of a large number of email addresses. The tool also allows the mass sending of emails.

bulk tasks Hunter io

Just enter the parameters of your choice. For example, if we want to verify domains in bulk, it gives this:

bulk domains

lead management

Hunter has a basic CRM that allows you to segment your email addresses, filter them according to various criteria, export data to your usual CRM, etc.

In practice, the table looks like this:

gestion de leads

However, we regret the lack of power of this tool which becomes difficult to handle as soon as we do a little volume.

Who is this email scraping tool for?

It is a general public tool. Anyone who needs to prospect can use it. It is suitable for freelancers, startups and SMEs as well as for agencies or large accounts.

Hunter’s prices

The software offers 5 pricing plans suitable for all types of users.

It also has a free trial with 25 email searches per month, 50 email checks, and Google, Google Sheets, and Firefox plugins.

Here are the formulas available to access it:

The Starter formula at 49 euros entitles you to:

  • 500 monthly searches

  • 1,000 email checks/month

  • 5 email accounts

  • Personalization of emails with images

  • Adding attachments to emails

  • 2,500 recipients per campaign

  • Unlimited number of users

The Growth formula at 99 euros/month gives access to:

  • 2,500 searches/month

  • 5,000 email verifications

The Pro formula at 199 euros/month:

  • 10,000 searches/month

  • 20,000 checks/month

The Enterprise formula at 399 euros

  • 30,000 searches/month

  • 60,000 checks/month

Overall, only the number of searches and verification varies between the different formulas.

The annual subscription allows you to save 30%. For example, if you opt for an annual subscription to the Starter formula, you will only pay 34 dollars/month (i.e. 408 euros/year instead of 588 euros).

Advantages and disadvantages of Hunter

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of use:


Here are the main advantages of the tool:

  • A free version available

  • Excellent tool to find emails by search of authors, domain

  • Integration with multiple platforms

  • Friendly and easy to use interface

  • Large volume processing with the “bulk tasks” mode

This is reflected in the testimony of Harbans on the G2 site.

témoignage positif Hunter


There are few negative reviews about this software. However, some netizens have noted the following points:

  • A high price knowing that such a tool is only one component of your marketing strategy. You will therefore have to use other tools to complete your range.

  • No social media search functionality

  • Some limits regarding GDPR obligations

  • A lack of reaction from the support

  • Major deliverability issues

  • Subscriptions not canceled despite customer requests

Here’s an example of Joe’s experience with support:

témoignage négatif

Or a client in deliverability assurance:

témoignage mauvaise délivrabilité

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Hunter

Hunter is an email finder and email marketing tool, and nothing else.

LeadIn , on the other hand, is a more complete solution that allows you to do both email marketing and prospecting on LinkedIn.

LeadIn is indeed also equipped with an email finder option which allows it to scrape the email addresses of prospects on LinkedIn.

Learn more about this amazing feature we launched.

It also makes it possible to launch email marketing campaigns from the addresses collected, in parallel with prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

LeadIn is therefore a tool that completes and allows you to carry out cross-channel prospecting campaigns : via email and on LinkedIn.

Like Hunter, LeadIn systematically checks emails. Deliverability is therefore ensured because the connected emails are guaranteed to be valid.

On the other hand, LeadIn integrates with email providers like Outlook or Gmail in order to send an email customizable email campaigns with GIFs or images (they allow to multiply the engagement by 2.2 , d after the tests carried out by our prospecting agency ).

In conclusion, the tool seems very appreciated for the power of its database or for the reliability of the email addresses collected.

However, it is only an email collection tool. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive marketing tool, consider LeadIn instead.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

To become a full-fledged prospecting tool, Hunter still lacks a few key features.