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LinkedIn Pulse is a feature of LinkedIn that allows its users to post articles, much like on a blog.

With its 810 million users, LinkedIn is the best B2B acquisition channel.

Learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn Pulse and how to leverage it.

LinkedIn Pulse: what is it?

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s platform for publishing content . semi-long or long Originally reserved for influencers, the platform is now accessible to the general public .

Concretely, LinkedIn Pulse allows you to create content, like a blog. It therefore makes it possible to transpose, in LinkedIn, all the power of content marketing .

Thus, by publishing content that brings added value to your network, you will be able to demonstrate your expertise and develop your notoriety .

You can also take advantage of the share and message functions to open the discussion around your articles and thus increase the engagement of your potential prospects.

In fact, according to a HubSpot study , 2.74% of LinkedIn visitors become leads, on average.

It’s better than all other social networks . LinkedIn Pulse allows you to exploit this advantage even more!

What is the point of this tool?

  • Increase your visibility on the platform and develop your notoriety 🚀

  • Extend your inbound marketing actions to LinkedIn users

  • Complete your SEO strategies on social media

  • Attract traffic to your website

  • Create quality content to demonstrate your expertise and develop your legitimacy with your potential prospects. Pulse therefore allows you to reach a wider and more targeted audience in addition to your website.

  • Develop a content strategy on LinkedIn

How to access it?

Follow these steps to publish a Pulse article:

  1. Go to your home page in your news feed, then click on “Write an article”.

write an article on LinkedIn Pulse

  1. Once on the content manager, you can then write. The main difference with a typical LinkedIn post is that you can go up to 125,000 characters . Remember that you cannot exceed 1,300 characters for a classic publication .

However, it is better not to exceed 1,000 words to ensure that your contacts read you to the end of your articles.

writing content on LinkedIn Pulse

Once your article is written, all you have to do is wait . Indeed, without any concern for quality, LinkedIn selects the content that appears on the platform.

It can last between a few hours to a few days. 🥱

Then the article will appear on your News Feed and your contacts will receive a notification. It will inform them that an article has been published and that they can therefore consult it.

To boost the visibility of your Pulse publications , consider adding an image and a title that make you want!

How it works ?

Pulse isn’t just a content manager, it’s an optimized writing platform . Indeed, the algorithm optimizes the reach of your articles by offering them to a targeted audience sensitive to the information processed.

Thus, Pulse can be a powerful tool to gain visibility or to position a brand . Indeed, it allows you to reach prospects who do not belong to your network.

Users who read a Pulse article can read, share, comment : in short, open the dialogue.

The more an article receives comments, the more it will be visible and the more the author positions himself as an expert .

To really take advantage of the full power of Pulse, you have to keep in mind that it was originally a feature dedicated to influencers . The latter could publish their opinion in a given sector.

When you write a Pulse article, you must therefore ensure that your opinion is relevant to your sector. You can for example:

  • Share your vision of an organization

  • Talk about trends in your field 📈

  • Share your experiences

The ultimate goal is to add value to your audience . By doing so, you are positioning yourself as an opinion leader.

To monitor the performance of your articles, the platform provides certain statistics:

  • The number of shares (on LinkedIn or other social networks)

  • The number of clicks generated

  • The number of likes

  • The number of comments

  • Etc.

These statistics allow you to measure the engagement of your audience.

What return on investment with LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is an ideal tool for generating leads . However, the tool does not yet have a paid promotion option. However, you can redirect your contacts to a form or your website to convert them. 🎯

However, your publications must be part of a real content strategy . Thus, you must publish regularly to have results.

For example, if you post 20 times/month, you can reach up to 60% of your audience.

In addition, to obtain an optimal return on investment , we recommend that you follow your results with a magnifying glass 🔍 and adjust your articles.

In short: posting on Pulse should be thoughtful and not just to clear your conscience!

The statistics should notably allow you to know which format, type and length of articles generate the most engagement .

In conclusion, LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s integrated content publishing platform. Used well, it is a powerful tool for generating leads and driving traffic to your website.

To optimize the results, the rules are the same as with a blog :

  • Use relevant keywords

  • Publish flawless and well-written articles

So on your keyboard ⌨️, and it’s up to you to break through on LinkedIn Pulse !

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