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With more than 800 million users, LinkedIn has established itself as the professional social network par excellence. Ideal for commercial prospecting, however, it requires an almost permanent presence to really produce results. However, if you don’t have time to animate your account all the time, you can use a LinkedIn Automation tool. It is a tool that allows you to automate your activities on this platform.

Check out our list of the 5 best LinkedIn automation tools.



Prospecting on LinkedIn can be extremely time-consuming. Generating quality leads without having to spend too much time on it: this is the bet that Clément Druelle and Pierre-Ange Chemarin took on by creating the LeadIn tool.

LeadIn is an all-in-one sales prospecting tool on LinkedIn. Published in English, it offers a full range of features to allow you to automatically generate leads on LinkedIn.

Here is an overview of its main features and the advantages offered by the tool:

  • Profile optimization

  • Sending LinkedIn inmails and following up on reminders

  • Email finder: a tool that allows you to find the emails of prospects and verify them. This makes it possible to conduct effective multi-channel campaigns based on contacts collected on LinkedIn

  • Personalization of messages and emails with images and GIFs. This feature allows you to stand out to your prospects. In addition, sending personalized messages with images or gifs results in 2.2 times higher engagement than the average (according to our internal data)

  • Multi-account management. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time from different accounts and switch between accounts with ease

  • Simple and effective reporting to evaluate the performance of your prospecting campaigns. The platform gives you access to a graph readable at a glance. In addition, you can select the data you want to analyze in more detail: the number of views of a publication, the number of messages sent, the response rates, the number of Inmails sent, etc.

The plus of LeadIn:

  • A very responsive customer support by chat available 7 days a week and available in French

  • The possibility of using their lead generation agency service


LeadIn prices:

LeadIn charges a single price of 97 euros per month and per account. A discount is offered by the platform from a number of accounts. A 14-day free trial is also possible to test the product.

Click here to try LeadIn for free.



An extension of LinkedIn, Podawaa is a tool that gives visibility to your accounts and stimulates the virality of your publications. It allows you to automatically generate links and comments on your posts. Unlike some tools, with Podawaa, your account is not at risk of being sanctioned by LinkedIn (the social network may consider you a spammer). Indeed, the tool allows you to carry out an effective content strategy while obtaining engagement with a qualified audience.

Here is an overview of the features made available by Podawaa:

  • Write your content and schedule its publication

  • Advice provided to optimize the reach of your publications

  • The ability to precisely target your audience based on more than 15 criteria. The quality of the audience is essential for the effectiveness of your campaigns. Thus, you choose who will like and comment on your posts

  • An intelligent algorithm that allows you to predefine relevant comments

The most of Podawaa:

The tool simulates human engagement as much as possible so that the risks of being sanctioned by LinkedIn are minimal or even non-existent.

Podawaa prices:

Podawaa fares are based on a credit system. One credit equals 5 comments. According to figures released by the site, 50% of its users spend less than 487 credits in a month. In addition, the credits are cumulative from one month to another.

Podawaa has 3 tariff plans:

  • A free Freemium rate but limited to 100 credits / month

  • The Pro rate at 9.99 euros per month and per user with 500 credits/month

  • The Advanced rate at 24.99 euros per month per user from 2,000 credits/month



Marketed by the same publisher as Podawaa, Piwaa is a tool to streamline the user experience on LinkedIn. An extension of Google Chrome, this tool defines itself as an “overlay” of the LinkedIn mailbox. With Piwaa, salespeople who launch their campaign can say goodbye to all the friction that an average user generally faces on this professional social network.

Here is an overview of what you can do with Piwaa:

  • Schedule reminders automatically

  • Tag your prospects for better filtering in your prospecting

  • Create memos about your prospects

  • Use personalized canned responses with the first and last name of your prospects

The advantages of Piwaa:

  • A tool intended to correct all the problems encountered on the LinkedIn messaging system (difficulty filtering conversations, unwelcoming and unergonomic design, difficulty managing several messages, bugs, etc.)

Its disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t really automate your campaigns. It’s more of a messaging assistant

Piwaa’s prices:

Three tariff plans are available:

  • A free Freemium version with limited features

  • The advanced rate at 4.99 euros per user

  • The corporate rate at 3.99 euros per user with a minimum of 2 users



Buffer is a minimalist tool that essentially allows you to schedule your publications on LinkedIn as on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Indeed, LinkedIn does not allow you to schedule your publications natively. Buffer helps to remedy this.

Buffer thus makes it possible to:

  • Plan your posts

  • Manage multiple accounts

  • Evaluate the reach of your publications thanks to the statistics provided by the tool

The advantages of Buffer:

  • Extreme ease of use

  • An economical solution

Its disadvantage:

  • The tool is quite unsuitable for beginners as it does not offer content recommendation

Buffer prices:

Like Podawaa and Piwaa, Buffer has 3 plans:

  • The standard rate at 99 euros per month and per user

  • The Pro rate at 199 euros per month and per user

  • The Enterprise rate at 399 euros



A tool developed by a Canadian company, Hootsuite is used in more than 175 countries. It allows to :

  • Plan your posts on LinkedIn

  • Monitor trends in your sector

  • Analyze the performance of your publications and optimize your strategies thanks to the statistics provided by the tool

  • Manage your accounts from a functional dashboard

The advantages of Hootsuite:

  • A tool accessible in mobile version

Hootsuite prices:

A flexible and tailor-made pricing system with 4 plans:

  • The Professional package at 25 euros per month

  • The Team rate at 109 euros per month

  • The Business package with 599 euros per month

  • The Enterprise plan available on demand”

In conclusion, LinkedIn automation tools are not lacking and compete in efficiency. If you don’t know which one to choose yet, we recommend LeadIn for its excellent quality / price ratio.

Click here to try LeadIn for free.

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