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How to write the perfect recruitment post on LinkedIn?

Thanks to its 810 million users, LinkedIn has become the ideal place to recruit .

For this, it is important to write good recruitment posts .

We explain how to do it in this article.

Why create a post to recruit on LinkedIn?

More and more recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to source their ideal candidate . The platform also has features that facilitate the recruitment process . It is even possible to “go and meet” the potential candidate for the recruiter who cannot find a profile suited to his expectations.

In fact, 70% of LinkedIn users are passive candidates .

In other words, they are not actively looking for a position but remain open to professional opportunities. To attract these passive candidates, it is therefore necessary to adopt a truly proactive approach strategy. The first step is to create posts to recruit .

In this way, you will be able to attract people in active search , but also more passive people.

5 steps to publish your post before tonight

The prerequisite for any recruitment procedure on LinkedIn is to create a company page , if this has not already been done. If a candidate is interested in your job offer, their first instinct will be to find out about your company . The business page is therefore what will allow him to do this.

However, care must be taken to update it regularly so that it is easily visible to candidates.

Once your company page has been created, follow these 5 steps to publish your recruitment post :

  1. Click on “Jobs” in the LinkedIn menu

perfect recruiting post on LinkedIn

  1. Then click on “Post a job offer”

post a LinkedIn job offer

  1. Then fill in the details of the position, the options for receiving applications and the screening questions

publication of a job offer on LinkedIn

  1. Write your text. Remember to add suitable hashtags or keywords (we explain how to optimize them just below).

    You can use the ones that LinkedIn offers you or add others . To find the most relevant keywords, put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker.

    What keywords would he use to find a job similar to the one you are offering?

LinkedIn job posting text

  1. Add a link to a job posting . Your job offer is already published on your website. Copy the url of the offer then paste it to your recruitment post on LinkedIn .

  2. Add an image . Once the offer URL is pasted on the post, a logo or an image appears. You can click on it and replace with the image of your choice. To do this, you must click on the pictogram image to insert a visual that you will have taken care to prepare.

It is done ? Click on Finish then proceed to the final step.

  1. Proofread the post before publishing. Make sure you have followed each of the steps listed above. Preview and proofread the text to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. When you’re done, you can finally publish. 🚀

How to use hashtags for your post?

hashtag for a LinkedIn recruiting post

First appearing on Twitter, the hashtag is a technique used to make a publication stand out and gain visibility . LinkedIn is not left out since it is also possible to use hashtags for your recruitment posts on LinkedIn.

The principle of the hashtag is simple: by adding one to your job offer, you make it more easily visible to any user.

Here’s how to choose your hashtags:

  • From the point of view of its form, a hashtag necessarily includes the sign “#”. This sign is followed by a series of texts exclusively in letters. Avoid putting punctuation marks like an apostrophe , comma , or any other sign in a hashtag.

  • A LinkedIn hashtag should be concise . Two or three letters should be enough to make it legible and precise.

  • Choose a hashtag consistent with your brand image and the job you are offering in your post .

How to make your post original?

A number of techniques can be adopted to make a text more attractive , which makes you want to be read and which generates commitment.

Here are our tips:

Ventilate the text

The first step to a good recruitment ad is to have it aired .

This Decathlon offer is a good example:

LinkedIn recruitment post example Decathlon

Add emoji

Emojis make a text more visually pleasing and make you want to read it.

  • Decorate with a visual. A picture is worth a thousand words and what better than a picture to mark the spirits .

  • End with a call-to-action . A text without a CTA is like a book without an epilogue, a text without a conclusion. Clearly invite interested candidates to apply or follow the link to your posting.

3 examples of posts to attract talent

Here are some good examples of recruitment posts:

This position of the founder of LiveMentor is not intended to find talent to recruit. However, it shows the spirit of the company.

Reading this post, we suspect that LiveMentor is a benevolent company. It is therefore a good point for the employer brand .

example of a good recruitment post on LinkedIn


Valentin Decker leaves the LiveMentor adventure, to create his own with Sauce Writing

As he doesn’t do things by halves, he writes the most detailed article about the inside of LiveMentor

I recommend reading it if you’re thinking of changing your professional life.

This second example is similar but it presents the company as a whole. It does not target any particular position.

post recruitment example

Since February 14th, we are happy to welcome 2 new investment funds
Thanks to ISAI and Keensight. We have learned a lot and are proud of the path we have taken with them since 2014.
We are accelerating internationally and developing new activities alongside digital marketing.
Finally, a big thank you to our employees!

Finally, the great positive point of this example is its synthetic aspect. The person goes straight to the point and the information is clear .

recruitment post on LinkedIn

-1 maintenance engineer in France
-1 technician based in Congo

In tandem, you will audit the existing maintenance plan (by extracting existing data and analyzing them), then propose a new maintenance plan (delivery of documents and technical supports)

-Very good knowledge of SAP and PACK Office
-Experience in lifting and handling (fleet of offshore cranes)
-Written and spoken technical English

If you are interested, please send your CV to…

In conclusion, LinkedIn is full of nuggets . However, it is essential to post recruitment posts to attract them.

Also, to help you save time in your recruitment strategy , you can also use an automation tool like LeadIn or hire specialized hunters .

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