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Are you planning to launch your prospecting campaign and are you looking for high-performance software? To be distinguished from CRM, which has a broader scope, sales prospecting software is a tool that automates the daily tasks of a salesperson. They are now widely on the market.

Discover our selection of the 8 best prospecting software.

How to choose your prospecting software?

Today there is a wide choice of prospecting software. In the past, Excel was acclaimed by salespeople. It must be said that there were not many choices.

Today, sales people are much more spoiled, especially since the limits of Excel are more felt as soon as a company begins to grow. However, you have to know how to choose the most suitable software for your company and your team.

To choose such a tool, you must worry about 2 categories of criteria: those of your company and those related to the software.

You must therefore take into account:

  • Your budget
  • Your needs
  • The size of your business
  • The level of digitization
  • The price
  • The ease of use of the tool
  • The possibility of synchronization with other tools used within the company
  • Etc.

Benefits of using prospecting software

Every business needs to find customers to exist. The basis of a prospecting campaign is to find prospects and then convert them into customers.

It is therefore to support sales representatives during this process that prospecting software finds all its usefulness, because it allows you to:

  • Generate leads and then qualify them
  • Automate daily tasks, increase productivity and save time. With good prospecting software, you can create all the steps of your campaign in one click. You can schedule reminders, import customer data and prospect files, set up relevant filters, etc.
  • Better monitor the process by providing salespeople with an overview. Most digital prospecting tools are equipped with an agenda and a reminder system to contact your leads. They also have an appointment management system.
  • Offer a better user experience to your prospects
  • Centralize customer data. You have access to the history of exchanges with a prospect. It will thus be easier to adapt the speech during reminders according to the degree of maturation of each prospect.
  • Gain efficiency through more synchronized work of the sales team

The best prospecting software

Here is our selection of the 8 best B2B prospecting software.



LeadIn is a prospecting tool on the 2 main prospecting channels that are LinkedIn and
emailing. It is published entirely in English. However, customer support is available in French and is very responsive.

The benefits of LeadIn:

  • A customizable tool and an ergonomic interface
  • The ability to manage multiple campaigns at the same time and easily switch users
  • Very responsive customer support
  • A good price-performance ratio. Although it may seem expensive at first glance, its many advantages quite compensate for its high price. Moreover, you have 14 days of free trial to test it
  • Creation of prospecting campaigns on several channels: LinkedIn, CSV import, LinkedIn Sales Navigator , etc.
  • Verification of emails collected before sending email sequence emails for optimal deliverability;
  • Messaging centralization for a multi-channel campaign
  • Simple and effective reporting for easy readability of your campaign statistics
  • The possibility of adding personalized images and GIFs to your emails to capture the attention of your prospects

LeadIn prices:

The software is available at a single price of 97 euros/month.



Lemlist is a prospecting tool specializing in cold emailing. However, it is a tool that also allows multi-channel prospecting by offering the possibility of integrating LinkedIn, personalized landing pages as well as telephone calls. Startup founded by the French Guillaume Moubeche, Lemlist is a software that offers many advantages.

The advantages of Lemlist:

  • Automation of the different stages of your prospecting, from the scrapping of qualified email addresses to the sending and follow-up of emails, including personalization
  • Personalization of your emails (texts, images, etc.) and your landing pages
  • Utilisation facility
  • Many possible integrations (LInkedIn, Facebook, GoogleDrive, Slack, Zapier, etc.)
  • Good deliverability with Lemwarm, the warm-up tool for your email address
  • Real support with a very active Facebook community of 16,000 members and a Youtube channel that contains many tutorials on email outreach

Lemlist prices:

Two plans are available at $59 and $99/month if you plan to pay monthly. A discount of around 20% is applied if you take an annual plan.



Snov is a business automation tool founded in 2017, which has over 200,000 active users.

The advantages of Snov:

  • An easy grip
  • Good value with a free version and subscriptions starting at $39/month
  • An all-in-one platform that automates all the tasks of commercial prospecting: collecting emails, checking them, sending emails, etc.
  • Responsive and efficient customer support

Its disadvantages:

  • Limited number of users

Snov’s prices:

The software is available from $39/month. The editor also offers a free trial for you to try out the tool.



Reply is a cloud-based lead management and email prospecting platform. Multichannel, it also makes it possible to manage several campaigns at the same time and to personalize email sequences.

The benefits of Reply:

  • An automatic classification of responses for a quick overview of users interested or not in your offer
  • The follow-up of sent emails which allows you to adjust and correct your campaign for better results
  • The ability to A/B test emails

Reply’s prices:

The price for accessing reply is quite high with pricing options available starting at 70 euros/month.



Corporama stands out from the other tools in our selection because it is a corporate database. It is a tool that provides qualified prospects from its own rich database of 9 million French companies and 11 million contacts.

The benefits of Corporama:

  • A reliable solution accessible on PC or smartphone
  • Frequently updated data
  • Software that integrates with around sixty software
  • Complete management of email campaigns, from precise targeting of prospects to the analysis of campaign results
  • A market watch system allowing you to be notified of any developments in your niche

Corporama prices:

This software is quite expensive with a subscription that amounts to 5,000 euros per year.

Lead (Overloop)


Prospect (Overloop) is a sales prospecting software specializing in administration, sales and marketing.

The advantages of Prospect (Overloop):

  • A range of tools that allow the verification of prospects’ contacts (telephone numbers and email addresses) for better efficiency of your campaigns
  • Creation of cold emailing campaigns
  • Customizable email templates
  • Possibility of integration with the most popular tools
  • Analytics data to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns

Prospect (Overloop) pricing:

Prospect’s pricing is available upon request. It uses a credit-based pricing system. Thus, the amount you pay corresponds to your use.



Skrapp is a lead generation software particularly suitable for extracting leads from LinkedIn. It allows you to collect email addresses of prospects in a few clicks.

The benefits of Skrapp:

  • Automation of sending personalized email sequences
  • Creation of landing pages and web forms
  • Social media integration
  • Possibility of integration into your CRM tools
  • Creation and management of webinars
  • Lead segmentation

Skrapp’s prices: pricing is available upon request. Its publisher offers a flexible pricing system. Additionally, a free trial is available.



Cold emailing distribution software, Mailshake was created in 2015 by Colin Matheww, Bob Senoff and Sujan Patel. This tool automates the different stages of an emailing campaign and offers wide customization possibilities.

The advantages of Mailshake:

  • Numerous integrations also make it possible to optimize the various evaluation parameters such as the click rate, the opening rate, etc.
  • A software dedicated solely to outreach by email. It cannot be used to send transactional emails
  • Automation of the sending of personalized emails with optimized deliverability
  • A / B testing
  • Many customizable email templates available
  • Integration in many software (more than 80) thanks to Zapier
  • Numerous resources made available to help entrepreneurs optimize their prospecting campaign (white papers, blogs, masterclasses, etc.)

Disadvantages of Mailshake:

  • The tool is only available in English.

Mailshake pricing:

The Mailshake software is available in 2 formulas at 59 dollars/month and 99 dollars/month.

In conclusion, there is a multitude of software on the market. They all (or almost) allow you to cold prospect your contact list.

If you are still unsure which one to choose, we recommend LeadIn, which today offers the best value for money: for €97/month, you will have all the features to prospect on Linkedin and by email.

Click here to try LeadIn for free.

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