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Overloop (formerly Prospect io ) is an emailing tool and email address tracker.

It is a tool suitable for those who rely on emailing in their sales prospecting strategy. With an average ROI of more than 3,800% for each euro spent, it remains a channel largely favored by many marketers.

Without further ado, here is our full review of Overloop (Prospect io).

Our opinion on Overloop (Prospect io) in summary

Overloop (Prospect io) is a tool that offers many advantages. In particular, it allows you to discover the email addresses of prospects in many ways on the Internet and to launch emailing campaigns. However, Overloop does not allow you to prospect on LinkedIn, which is a disadvantage when you know the potential of this social network.

What is Overloop (Prospect io)?

avis Overloop (Prospect io)

Overloop is an email address lookup tool and sales automation platform. It allows you to scrape the email addresses of professionals on the Internet to then launch cold emailing campaigns .

To ensure the deliverability of sent emails, the tool has an email address verification function. But that’s not all, the Chrome extension of Overloop io also allows you to verify other personal information of prospects, for example their telephone number or their position in the company.

It is also possible to export collected email addresses in CSV format for large-scale verification.

The tool is also equipped with all the necessary features to launch prospecting campaigns:

  • Customizable templates

  • Sending scheduler

  • Etc.

The tool integrates with other platforms like Google, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Close io, etc.

This is a tool that can enhance the effectiveness of your existing tools, not replace them.

With analytics data, you can track key metrics like click-through rate, response rate, and more. This will allow you to assess the reach of your ongoing campaigns.

Features of Overloop (Prospect io)

Software intended to help modern sales teams automate their prospecting and selling process, their teams have included several useful features for this.


prospection par email sur Overloop

In order to boost your prospecting strategies , Prospect io allows you to search for email addresses and verify them using the email finder and email verification option.

This feature is very useful and can be found in all serious tools on the market ( LeadIn , Hunter , Snov , etc.)

The search options are diverse. In particular, you can:

  • Search for specific people’s email addresses by entering their name or website domain

  • Discover the email addresses of a company’s managers by entering the domain name

  • Find the email addresses of professionals linked to a web page

  • Find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles

It is also possible to launch bulk email searches.

In addition, the tool limits the bounce rate by first checking the email addresses collected before launching email campaigns.



This software has all the basic features to manage and automate emailing campaigns:

  • A sending scheduler to reach recipients at the right time

  • Advanced customization options to stand out in the reply box and boost your engagement rates

  • Personalized follow -ups to relaunch prospects at the right time


reporting Overloop

Thanks to reporting, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time. You can thus follow the rate of engagement, click or conversion. You can take advantage of the analysis results to correct and improve your future campaigns.


Overloop integrates with the tools you already use like Slack, Calendly, Aircall, Pandadoc, and more.

Live chats

It is also possible to add live chat widgets on your website to exchange in real time with your visitors. This will give you the perfect excuse to approach them by email afterwards.

Who is Overloop (Prospect io) for?

The software is suitable for all types of users who need to prospect . It is aimed at freelancers, SMEs and startups as well as large groups.

Overloop fares

The tool uses a pricing system based on the principle of credits. With this system, you pay for what you use.

3 pricing packages are offered:

  • Lite at 39 euros/month : one user then an additional 19 euros/user for a maximum of 3 users. 50 credits/month.

  • Standard at 79 euros/month : one user included and 39 euros/additional user (unlimited number of users). 250 credits/month.

  • Advanced at 129 euros/month : one user included and 49 euros/additional user (unlimited number of users). 500 credits/month.

Each level gives access to all the features of the tool within the limit of the number of credits offered.

There is also a 14-day trial version to freely test its many features.

Advantages and disadvantages of Overloop (Prospect io)

According to Internet users, the tool has advantages but also a lot of disadvantages:


Here is an overview of its main advantages:

  • Schedule to send emails

  • Automatic response detection and classification

  • Email synchronization

  • SaaS software accessible from any terminal (desktops or mobile devices). There is also a version in the form of a mobile application suitable for mobile users. All you need is an internet connection.

  • An ergonomic interface available in French

  • Possibility of integration with the most popular tools


There are few negative reviews of Overloop. However, some users complain of disadvantages in their use:

  • Customer service accessible only during working hours in Europe, so that users in North America, for example, are harmed.

  • Insufficient email personalization options

  • Deliverability issues

  • Unresponsive support

Ernesto’s testimony on G2 is very telling:

témoignage négatif Overloop

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Overloop (Prospect io)

LeadIn is also a sales prospecting tool .

First and foremost as a LinkedIn automation tool, it also allows you to launch emailing campaigns. Indeed, LeadIn is one of the few tools to allow the launch of omnichannel campaigns.

This is a great asset because multichannel offers significant advantages in a prospecting strategy:

  • Ability to reach different prospect profiles : those who are mostly on LinkedIn and those who only check their mailboxes

  • Adapt to prospect behaviors by reaching them on different channels

  • Develop the confidence of the prospect who ends up getting to know your brand and your service offer better

Thus, unlike Overloop, which is limited to an emailing tool, LeadIn goes further by also allowing prospects to be approached on LinkedIn. It is also a big asset because this professional social network has 810 million users in 2022. It is therefore a blessed ground for prospecting.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

You can send free InMails and follow-up messages to prospects who may be interested in your services on LinkedIn.

LeadIn also has a unique mailbox to find your LinkedIn messages and your emails in the same place.

On the other hand, like Prospect io, LeadIn also has an email finder and an email checker. Thus, it makes it possible to scrape the email addresses of prospects on LinkedIn and to check them beforehand before the launch of email campaigns.

LeadIn therefore also guarantees good deliverability during your campaigns.

Finally, the tool also offers easy-to-understand statistics and graphs to allow you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Among the alternatives to Overloop, also find:

In conclusion, Overloop is a commercial prospecting tool that allows you to find email addresses on the Internet and launch outreach campaigns by email.

However, in a world where prospects are solicited from all sides , a company must do its best to be present wherever the prospect is. That’s why it’s more efficient to use a multi-channel solution like LeadIn.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

We regret that this is not possible on Overloop (Prospect io).

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