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Thanks to its 810 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the ideal playground for marketers. It is indeed the ideal place to close B2B deals .

In order to take advantage of all the advantages of this social network, however, you must remain very active. It takes time and a lot of work .

Automating your actions on LinkedIn, and in particular commercial prospecting , is the whole purpose of LinkedIn automation tools like Linked Helper .

Check out our full review of this tool in this article.

Our opinion in summary on Linked Helper

Linked Helper is a tool that impresses with the number of useful features it offers. However, they remain limited compared to other tools such as LeadIn which, for example, offers the possibility of conducting a multi-channel campaign, on LinkedIn and by email.

What is Linked Helper

avis Linked Helper

Linked Helper is, first and foremost, an automation tool. As such, it makes it possible to automate certain recurring tasks such as:

Linked Helper therefore allows you to save time to allow you to stay focused on your core business.

The tool also allows you to develop your professional network on LinkedIn thanks to the automatic addition of contacts every day .

Unlike similar tools, Linked Helper is local software . It must therefore be installed on a computer in order to be used. This notably differentiates it from LeadIn , which is cloud-based.

Features of Linked Helper

fonctionnalités Linked Helper

Linked Helper has a total of 31 features. They can be summarized under 3 headings:


Linked Helper is primarily an automation tool on LinkedIn . As such, it helps automate certain tasks so that you can focus on your core business while the tool works for your LinkedIn prospecting .

Here are the tasks performed automatically by Linked Helper:

  • Sending invitations . Thanks to the “invitation and follow-up” function, Linked Helper can send automatic invitations to your 2nd and 3rd level connections. For this, the tool examines the different profiles based on the searches you have already carried out or on the basis of the parameters you have defined. Thus, the tool allows you to increase the number of your connections in a completely autonomous way.

  • Sending messages . Once the invitations have been sent, the tool performs a watch to monitor possible acceptances . Contacts who have accepted immediately receive an automatic message that you have predefined and pre-written.

Thanks to the reply detector , if the contact sends a message first, your automatic message will therefore not be sent. This smart setting helps to avoid erroneous sending when a conversation is already in progress.

  • Approve Skills . On LinkedIn, you have the possibility to define the skills related to your activity. If these are approved by your contacts, your profile will gain credibility and visibility on the social network. To increase your chances of being approved, Linked Helper can automatically approve your contacts’ skills. They will be more inclined to return the favor, thus boosting your profile.

  • Deleting Contacts . Linked Helper automatically deletes profiles that do not respond to your messages.

Lead Generation

By allowing you to expand your relationships, Linked Helper greatly helps you in your lead generation . With this tool, you can program the sending of sequences of personalized messages. The responses sent by your contacts will then be automatically sent to your CRM software via the Zapier integration in order to enrich your contact database. It is also possible to export your contacts in CSV format.

Your messages can also be personalized to increase your response rates. It is also possible to add “IF, THEN, ELSE” variables to create a workflow that the tool will follow automatically.

Linked Helper also allows you to build a sales tunnel in order to convert your leads into customers thanks to a campaign of messages sent in sequence.

Message sends are not restricted as the tool has several techniques to bypass LinkedIn restrictions . If you have any doubts, however, it is possible to set limits using the “limits” function.

This point is a big downside . LinkedIn is likely to realize that a profile is using an automatic tool if there are too many invitations. In other words, any unsuspecting Linked Helper user risks banishment at any time .

At LeadIn, we take every precaution to minimize the risk to our users.

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Complete CRM

The integrated CRM on Linked Helper allows you to create a database of ultra-targeted contacts . So you can manage all your contacts in one place. You just need to add all the information in the integrated CRM to then establish an ultra-targeted mailing list.

To improve your response rate , you can automatically delete contacts.

Who is Linked Helper for?

Linked Helper is a tool for:

  • Individuals who own an online business

  • Sales Managers

  • Prospecting agencies

Linked Helper prices

tarifs Linked Helper

Linked Helper offers 2 pricing plans : pro and standard, and prices vary depending on the length of commitment.

For the Standard rate : connection request limited to 20/day, 20 automatic messages/day whether to group members or participants in an event.

  • 15 dollars for 1 month commitment

  • 40 dollars for 3 months commitment

  • 60 dollars for 6 months commitment

  • $99 for 12 months commitment

For the Pro rate : no limit on the number of invitations or messages sent.

  • $45 for 1 month commitment

  • $120 for 3 months commitment

  • $180 for 6 months commitment

  • $297 for 12 months commitment

However, these prices are valid for a single license.

Linked Helper also offers a 14-day free trial to test all the features offered by the tool.

Advantages and disadvantages of Linked Helper

According to its users, Linked Helper multiplies the advantages. Just look at its good ratings on G2 (4.2/5) and on Tekpon (8.9/10). However, some disadvantages are also noted.


Here are the main benefits of Linked Helper:

  • Compatibility with Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Recruiter and Sales Navigator.

  • Good value for money . Linked Helper is affordable considering the many features offered .

  • Possibility of limiting daily actions by setting the frequency of actions in order to limit the risks.

  • Access to a 14-day trial version . So, like LeadIn, Linked Helper offers the possibility to test all its features for free for 14 days. In addition, Linked Helper’s pricing plan is flexible to allow any type of use, individual or business.


Here are the disadvantages of Linked Helper:

  • Linked Helper is a local application. Its automation capabilities are therefore limited. Unlike LeadIn, a cloud-based tool, tasks are performed only when your computer is on . Moreover, it must be downloaded and then installed. It is therefore more cumbersome to set up than LeadIn.

  • A slower learning curve because of the many features. However, the tool offers many videos and a rich FAQ to support the user in his learning.

  • Big problems to limit the risks of banishment. As mentioned above, the tool does not give any recommendation on the limit of automations. A user could perform an unlimited number of automations and have their account banned by LinkedIn.

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Linked Helper


Just like Linked Helper, LeadIn is also an automation tool on LinkedIn.

Here are its main points of difference with Linked Helper:

  • LeadIn is a cloud-based tool. It therefore does not require any download or installation on your computer. Moreover, the whole advantage of a cloud-based tool is that it can continue to work even if your computer is turned off. Thanks to a dedicated IP, it is also an ultra-secure software.

  • LeadIn is an easy-to-use, ergonomic tool. In addition, the quality of customer support is one of its main assets.

  • Advanced message customization options with GIFs and images. The latter make it possible to achieve an engagement rate 2.2 times higher than the average .

  • Multi- channel campaign management. Thanks to its ” email finder ” function, LeadIn allows you to automatically export the email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts in order to start a parallel email campaign . Email addresses are also checked before use in order to limit the bounce rate .

  • It is a more expensive access tool with 97 euros/month/account. However, the price-quality ratio is there if you use all of its features. Moreover, just like Linked Helper, LeadIn also offers a 14-day free trial with full and unlimited access to all of its features.

Click here to try LeadIn free for 14 days.