LinkedIn automation: 3 things to implement in 2022

LinkedIn automation : 3 things and tools you must automate on LinkedIn in 2022
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Automation on LinkedIn: 3 things + tools you MUST automate in 2022 (if you haven’t already!)

LinkedIn is known as the world’s most powerful B2B platform with nearly 750 million users, of which 60 million are senior executive decision makers .

So whether you want to network , find your ideal client , do cold prospecting , showcase your expertise , or educate other users about your products, LinkedIn is the place to be.

However, like in any other business, on LinkedIn too, if you don’t prepare, it’s just like preparing to lose.

In other words, you need to have a clear goal and a well thought out strategy to be successful.

Once you’ve come up with a plan for growing your LinkedIn business , you’ll probably want to find a way to save time and money.

And it is from now on that you will revolutionize your business. 👇

LinkedIn automation is everywhere. You’ve probably heard of it. And you know how valuable it can be for prospecting and generating business opportunities .

It can save you hours , if not days , messaging people and exploding your social sales .

Pretty promise, isn’t it?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Develop your network according to your ideal customer persona + Sales Navigator

2. Maintain your network with publications + Hootsuite

3. Automate prospecting loops on LinkedIn and by Email with LeadIn

You are ready ?

We are going to see below 3 things you need to do on LinkedIn to reach more customers , faster , and increase your business income !

1. Develop your network according to your ideal customer persona + LinkedIn automation via Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a paid subscription on LinkedIn. It is designed to help its user-sellers do their prospecting work more efficiently and get better deals .

But not only !

Sales Navigator gives you advanced options that can improve the quality of your targeting and prospecting.

When used to its full potential, it is the formidable weapon of marketing and social selling experts.

Let’s take a look at some of its essential features, and why it’s a great tool for automating the search for qualified leads for your business (with – almost – nothing to do)!

Access to “off-grid” connections (3rd degree)

One of the biggest benefits of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator automation tool, especially today with LinkedIn’s new restrictions and limits , is the ability to extend your business reach outside of your network.

Namely, you can only view a limited number of profiles outside of your network.

Sales Navigator allows you to both visit an unlimited number of profiles , but also to “ unblock ” your prospects’ information, for a maximum of 25 profiles per month. So you can better understand your prospects and make more meaningful connections.

In addition, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription entitles you to almost 20 paid InMails per month. You can thus get in touch with your 3rd degree relationships and establish important business relationships.

Also, these InMails are based on a monthly credit . This means that if someone replies to your InMail, the one you sent first will not count towards your monthly limit.

To learn more about InMails, the difference between “ free ” and “ paid ” InMails, and discover proven writing models , check out our full guide here .

More targeted research

Sales Navigator gives you the possibility of ultimate targeting!

With 24 filters only for ” Find prospects ” at your disposal, you can narrow your audience until you get the best results .

Imagine how much you can narrow down your search and select quality leads who will almost certainly be interested in what you have to offer:

LinkedIn automation filters

However, before you embark on your search for your ideal client, learn how to use the filters in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator automation tool (link to our expert user guide later in this article!).

Prospect recommendation

The ” Lead Recommendation ” feature suggests relevant leads based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and previously saved leads.

An overview of these targets may be available on your Sales Navigator home page:

Recommendation by prospect

Then by clicking on ” See all “, you will discover a list of prospects tailored to your activity:

Recommendation prospects results

In short, the more you use Sales Navigator, the more it will use the data to do useful targeting for you!

Powerful insight into potential sales opportunities

Throughout your activity on Sales Navigator, whether it’s searching for leads , registering them, and connecting with them, Sales Navigator will keep you up to date with updates to your network such as:

  • Job changes
  • Company updates
  • Relevant connections and “hot” prospects

This way you will always be up to date with the latest trends in the industry .

To take it a step further and discover all the best features as well as our advanced guide to using Sales Navigator so that you too can become an expert, click here !

CRM integration and customer relationship management

A CRM brings together data and interactions of prospects and customers across all channels in one place. Centralized data management helps businesses improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention and service.

In short, a CRM will help you understand the needs of your prospects, segment your audience, and therefore how to best target them .

That being said, Sales Navigator integrates with the following major customer relationship management software:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • Pega CRM
  • Oracle CRM
  • Dux Soup
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

NB: Our edition recommends the Twilead all-in-one CRM, being unlimited and supporting direct integration with LeadIn . Ideal for simply ” scraping ” and ” nurturing ” your LinkedIn network with marketing automation , and much more …

2. Maintain your network with publications + Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform where you can do everything from creating great content, scheduling posts on each social network, managing team members and measuring ROI. .

It offers you the possibility of:

  • Create, schedule and send posts
  • Manage all your social media channels
  • Plan upcoming campaigns
  • Stay tuned for incoming social media posts
  • Measure your performance and analyze the results
  • Extend your social reach
  • Stay on top of the trends of each social network
  • Optimize your advertising budget
  • Etc.

Social media presence is crucial for any type of business. Today, as businesses and their employees have multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms, it becomes more difficult to post great content and plan a good strategy without using an automation tool.

In the end, trying Hootsuite doesn’t cost you anything. Literally.

It is the only social media management platform that gives you a 30-day free trial , as well as the ability to continue to use it for free, on a limited basis.

Give it a try!

3. Automate prospecting loops on LinkedIn and by Email with LeadIn

Surprisingly for all traditional sellers, cold emailing and / or making contact on LinkedIn have proven to be the most effective ways to generate new leads and it is also a way prized by startups for their growth strategy.

However, this only works if you’ve targeted your audience well, come up with a very elaborate strategy , and have proven messages that you’re going to send.

This is where LeadIn comes in. It is a LinkedIn and Email Automation Tool, an Email Extractor and an Email Finder , all in one software.

Click here to discover the creation of a first campaign with LeadIn.

Prospecting with LinkedIn

To prospect on LinkedIn, for example, you need to connect with your prospects and send them a message .

As seen before, you can also use the paid or free InMail options, depending on whether you have a basic or paid LinkedIn account.

Prospecting on LinkedIn with LeadIn

As you can see, LeadIn gives you the ability to personalize login invitations , LinkedIn messages and InMails for each prospect, and fully automate this process.

LeadIn supports “basic” LinkedIn accounts, but you are better off upgrading to a Premium and / or Sales Navigator subscription to achieve more volume of activity and engagement on the platform.

It goes without saying that Sales Navigator is also much more advanced when it comes to filters compared to a classic LinkedIn profile, and therefore allows your campaigns to be more effective in their targeting.

E-mail prospecting

LeadIn personalizes the sending of email sequences and combines it all with the functionality of LinkedIn.

Email engagement involves having personal email addresses, emails imported through a CSV file, and business emails discovered and verified using LeadIn’s email discovery and verification feature.

Here’s an example of a campaign that combines LinkedIn prospecting with professional emails.

Email prospecting with LeadIn

As you can see in the image, LeadIn allows you to simply use multiple channels to reach your prospects.

For full examples of multichannel sequences, click here .

Email discovery and verification function

With its Email Discovery and Verification feature (see above), LeadIn manages to collect data, ‘try’ all possible business email options, and verify them, even without yoube connected with the prospect on LinkedIn.

This is what your lead list would look like on LeadIn, with verified email addresses in green, marked “✔️”:

Discovery and verification of emails

More information on this feature by clicking
here .

Hyper-personalization tool for images and GIFs

With LeadIn’s image and GIF hyper-personalization tool, you can offer products and services in a less conventional way, post funny jobs, wish your customers a happy vacation, or organize an informal meeting …

Hyper customization of images and gifs

This option is available for messages , emails , and InMails on and outside of LinkedIn.

You can import any image or GIF into LeadIn and start the process with just a few clicks:

Template customization of images and gifs

As you can see, there are options for:

  • Add me “: import your LinkedIn profile picture
  • Add lead “: import your prospect’s LinkedIn profile picture
  • Choose custom logo “: import a logo from your computer
  • Add lead’s logo “: import the LinkedIn profile picture of your prospect’s current company
  • Add text “: Add text and customize it using all the tags available in LeadIn. Bonus: if you import your leads through a CSV file, each column in your CSV file also becomes a tag!

To learn more and check out our full guide on using hyper-personalization of images and GIFs, click here .

Smart sequences

LeadIn is the only 100% cloud-based prospecting tool that offers a multi-channel approach through smart sequences . In other words, it combines LinkedIn messages , emails and InMails with other LinkedIn functions such as invite to connect , profile view , and profile tracking , thanks to the ‘addition of ” if / then (condition) ” conditions.

The “if / then (condition) ” step allows you to apply several scenarios to your prospecting campaign. In short, it ensures that you will contact your prospects in one way or another, whether that is by connecting with them on LinkedIn, sending them an email or subscribing to their profile on LinkedIn to remind them. subtly as you try to contact them.

For example, let’s say you create a sequence like this:

“Invitation to Connect” → “LinkedIn Message” → (followed) “LinkedIn Message”.

Smart sequence invitation to connect

Here, if the prospect does not accept your connection request , the sequence will not go further.

With smart sequences, the same flow would be presented like this:

1. “If the connection request is accepted” → “Send a message”, and,

2. “If the connection request is not accepted” → “Discovery and verification of the e-mail” → “If the e-mail is verified” → “Send an e-mail”, etc.

Smart sequence connection request

As you can see, your smart sequence will not stop but will continue with other available / possible paths to your prospect.

And this, 100% on autopilot . 😎

For our complete guide to smart sequences, click here .

Integrated inbox

Whether your prospects’ responses come from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or emails, LeadIn has a built-in inbox. Its role is to bring all of these answers together in an orderly and organized manner.

You know where your prospects’ responses are coming from at all times thanks to the well-defined chat icons . It is up to you to choose where you want to continue communication – in the integrated inbox or directly in the inbox of the channel affected by your interaction with your prospect.

Integrated reception box

Ideal for following, relaunching, and above all, NEVER miss a sales opportunity again!

Need help running your LinkedIn inbox like an expert? Consider reading our advanced guide on the subject by clicking here .


Automation is here to help you grow your business while ensuring consistency in customer experience and opportunity costs .

In other words, with the right linkedin automation tool , you will save and earn money while generating new opportunities for your business to grow.

To learn more about how LeadIn can help you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience, schedule a demo call with a representative from our team by clicking here .

We look forward to opening up a world of new prospecting opportunities for you!

You can also go further with your lead generation by reading the following guides :

So far, these 15 templates have been kept secret! 👇🏽

One thing is for sure: without the best strategies, the best tools are not enough.

Because everyone uses the same models of messages seen and reviewed,

“Hello, I saw that you are {{titre} }, let me sell you something? “

LeadIn has tried dozens of strategies over the past 8 months on behalf of our clients, and we’ve picked the best performing posts to get you started.

Based on this, we wrote an ebook with some of our favorite approaches that generated hundreds of high potential conversations, and converts like BOOM!

So we decided to share them 👍

This eBook contains 15 templates to start engaging your ideal audience for better results.

For our agency, this generated:

+ 55% acceptance rate in general

+ 40% response rate on follow-ups

+400 reserved demos

A large number of new customers …

So if you want to learn more about sequences and get new ideas to strengthen your acquisition campaigns, download your copy! 👇

Mockup 15 linkedin messages templates

Maximize the potential and results of your prospecting👇🏽

Join our community of experts in social selling / automation / B2B growth and take advantage of the advice and support of expert social sellers to maximize the potential of your sequences to explode your generation of B2B prospects! The community is based on thekey pillars of digital acquisition: strategy, targeting, copywriting and in-depth data analysis.

It is also +1,000 campaigns launched and thousands of leads generated for clients of our agency division!

To maximize the potential of your sequences, it’s here👇🏽

The LinkedIn Stack: Best Social Selling, Tools & Automation Hacks

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