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Prospecting messages on LinkedIn have become very common.

89% of B2B companies use Linkedin to prospect . You need to stand out to generate more leads . The best way is to personalize your Linkedin prospecting messages .

How to approach prospects on Linkedin?

To approach prospects on Linkedin :

  • Take care of your profile and choose your photo carefully .

  • Before contacting them, react to the posts of the prospects you are targeting (like, comment on their posts, look at their profile).

  • Send them a (really) personalized message .

What you should not do to succeed in your prospecting message on Linkedin

It shall really not :

  • Send generic messages

  • Sending too many messages (LinkedIn may apply penalties to your profile)

Send generic messages

Generic messages bring little or no results . Most B2B companies prospect on Linkedin: if your messages are generic , they will go unnoticed among dozens of spam emails.

It is better to use personalized messages , including for the connection request . The contact will be more attentive to your message and you are more likely to respond to it .

Send too many messages

If you send too many prospecting messages , you will be penalized by Linkedin . Indeed, there is a limit of connection requests you can send: 100 per week since the last updated rules.

This rule applies to all users of the platform and regardless of the method used :

  • Standard account and Premium version

  • Manual or automated sending of connection requests

For example, if you have reached the limit of 100 connection invitations in 5 days , you will receive a message from Linkedin . It will let you know that you’ve exceeded your weekly invite limits and won’t be able to send any more for the coming week .

In this message, Linkedin especially suggests that you do not send connection requests to people you do not know . This is to “ keep the Linkedin community safe ”.

Instead of sending out too many connection invites, Linkedin offers other options , like:

  • Join groups whose members share the same interests as you.

  • Invite people you don’t know via Inmail.

Top tips for successful messaging

To make your messages successful :

  • Go step by step, do not try to sell from the first contact.

  • Use Sales Navigator to find the best profiles.

Send messages step by step: do not be commercial at the beginning of the exchanges

If you try to sell your offer as soon as the exchange begins , your message will probably end up in spam . The person or company does not know you, so trust is not built.

Send step- by-step messages instead. Get noticed first by commenting on the posts of the future prospect. You can also like them.

With Leadin , you can automate and customize this workflow . Automatically send personalized messages and Inmails .

You can limit the number of invitations that you send automatically, so as not to be penalized by Linkedin.

After getting noticed, the next steps are to:

  • Send a personalized message

  • Obtain a telephone meeting to better understand the issues and show your added value

Only then can you sell your offer .

Filter and select the best profiles with Linkedin Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a tool allowing you to filter and select the profiles that best meet your needs . Thanks to the tool, you will find the right contacts in the companies you are targeting. This will help you talk to the right person to increase your chances of selling .

Linkedin Sales Navigator promises, among other things , 17% more leads generated and a 42% increase in the value of contracts .

What method should you apply to write your prospecting message?

For a prospecting message, you can use the AIDA method :

  1. Attention

  2. Interest

  3. Desire

  4. Stock

There are 4 steps in the method . It is necessary to attract the attention of the contact, through a personalized message .

To arouse his interest , you have to show him that we know his needs and prove to him that your offer will be able to meet them . Then create desire by demonstrating the added value of your offer .

Finally, push the contact to take action (buy your offer) with a trigger (an opportunity).

The 5 Best LinkedIn Prospecting Message Templates

If content writing isn’t your specialty, here are the best LinkedIn prospecting message templates .

How to make a good Linkedin post?

A good Linkedin post doesn’t have to be generic . A personalized message is more likely to grab the contact’s attention and get a response .

Also look for something in common with the contact (the subject of a post from the prospect, for example). For example, you can say:

Hello [prénom]

Your post on[thème du post] really caught my attention. On the same subject, I advise you to read[ressource de valeur] .

I would like to discuss more about the subject, how about[thème lié au post] ?

See you soon.

Show interest and take a genuine interest in the other person

Showing interest and being genuinely interested in the other person is a very good approach to approaching the contact.

Linkedin prospecting message template: show interest and be interested in others

Hello[prénom du contact] ,

I read a lot of content about[domaine du contact] . I sometimes write about it too. I saw your post about[thème du post] . It’s very interesting, thank you! It raises many questions about[un sous-thème du post] .

I would like to discuss this subject: what do you think of[thème lié au post] ?

See you soon.

Share his admiration

Sharing admiration increases the chances of you getting a response from the contact . Who doesn’t love having “fans”?

Linkedin prospecting message template: sharing your admiration

Hello[prénom] ,

I came across your profile and saw your amazing journey: congratulations on these experiences! I noticed your arrival at[nom de l’entreprise] : they must be really proud to have you as their[fonction du contact] .

I’m hosting a very limited webinar on this. What would you say to taking part in it, and why not to intervene?

See you soon.

Start from the problem you are answering

Starting from the problem you are responding to is also a very good way to write a prospecting message on Linkedin.

Let’s take an example: your company provides solutions for managing support requests for customer services : you then ask the contact if their company is having difficulty managing their tickets .

Hello[prénom du contact] ,

76% of companies have difficulty managing tickets: is this also the case for you?

Our company provides solutions to outsource the management of your customer tickets: 95% of our users are satisfied. If you want, we can exchange more.

See you soon.

Create exclusivity

To create exclusivity is to give the contact the feeling of being privileged .

For this, you can for example organize a very restricted webinar to which you invite the contact . You can also share proprietary information.

Hello[prénom du contact] ,

I’m hosting a webinar on[domaine d’activité de l’entreprise du contact] . Very few people are invited to encourage everyone’s participation.

I would like to invite you there, it will take place[date et heure du webinaire] .

See you soon.

How to make a good LinkedIn message?

A good Linkedin message must above all be personalized . You can then choose different approaches like:

  • Really caring about each other

  • Create exclusivity

  • Ask a direct and open-ended question

But don’t just write good messages and limit your prospecting on Linkedin . Opt for multi-channel prospecting .

Leadin allows you to prospect in automatic mode both on Linkedin and by email with personalized prospecting messages .

Are you looking for a lead generation tool? Request a demo of Leadin !

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