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Top 6 Strategies for Selling with LinkedIn

How to sell with LinkedIn ? Top 6 Strategies That Really Work Ultimately and logically, the first metric you should follow from your LinkedIn marketing / prospecting efforts is sales. By looking at how much revenue you generate from each marketing channel, you have a much more objective way to identify your most effective tactic. […]

What is LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn prospecting tips: How to get started? You’ve heard of B2B sales prospecting…

When to publish on LinkedIn to communicate effectively and boost interactions

45% of executives targeted by social selling have made a purchase based on content that was on LinkedIn: it is the B2B network with the highest purchase incentive. But before you can convert, you need to attract traffic. Many influencers have leveraged their expertise by providing quality content. Some share posts that gather thousands of […]

LinkedIn green circle: what does active status mean?

The green circle on LinkedIn means that a person is online. 🟢 For the sake of practicality and efficiency, LinkedIn does not stop innovating and implementing new features. The active status (the green circle) is one of them. It is intended to facilitate communication between members. We explain everything in this article! What is the […]

#Hiring LinkedIn: what is it and what is it for?

The hiring feature on LinkedIn allows recruiters to signal that they are looking for talent ! In this article, we explain everything about this feature . 🚀 What is Hiring on LinkedIn? At the end of October 2020, LinkedIn announced the launch of 2 new features . From now on, it became possible to indicate […]

LinkedIn Pulse: what is it and how to use it in 2022?

LinkedIn Pulse is a feature of LinkedIn that allows its users to post articles, much like on a blog. With its 810 million users, LinkedIn is the best B2B acquisition channel. Learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn Pulse and how to leverage it. LinkedIn Pulse: what is it? LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s platform […]

Which FAANG company does LinkedIn belong to?

With just over 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn stands out as the undisputed leader in professional social networks. However, this company founded by the management team of PayPal had a difficult start. A year after its creation, LinkedIn had only 250 users, and the majority of them were simply acquaintances of the founders. Since […]