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Snov is an American web scraping tool. It also allows you to send automatic and intelligent email sequences. The emergence of such tools testifies to the still intact popularity of email marketing.

Here is our full Snov review (features, pricing, pros and cons).

Our opinion on Snov in a nutshell

Snov is considered one of the most comprehensive email finder and email marketing tools on the market. It offers all the features for prospecting by email. However, it does not allow prospecting on multichannel, which greatly optimizes your results and generates more leads in B2B.

What is Snov?

avis snov

Snov is an outreach marketing tool that comes to us from the United States. It is used in particular to scrap information such as the email addresses of prospects on the Internet and then to launch emailing campaigns . It is therefore a tool that can be categorized among email finders or web scraping.

Already very popular in the United States, scraping is a method of extracting data from prospects. Long decried in Europe for reasons of confidentiality, it is a method which is nevertheless beginning to be emulated on the old continent.

Snov allows finding emails from any domain name . The software also contains a “Bulk domain” option which allows you to explore up to 20,000 domains at the same time.

Besides the domain name, other filters can also be used to find email addresses:

  • Domain name

  • The name of the person

  • The name of the organization

  • Social media URLs

  • The size or location of the business

The platform also has an API allowing it to be integrated with other third-party solutions (Zoho, HubSpot , Google Forms, Intercom, Calendly, Dux-Soup, Phantombuster , Google Sheets, etc.).

Snov therefore allows you to:

  • Prospect new customers

  • Boost your acquisition of quality contacts

  • Contact your prospects without obtaining their authorization

  • Send bulk emails

It is a cloud platform. It therefore requires no download or installation. It is available as a monthly or annual subscription.

Snov features

Here are the main features of Snov:

Extracting email addresses

email finder Snov

We have understood: Snov is primarily used to collect prospect email addresses on the Internet. In order to ensure the deliverability of its prospecting emails, the tool first checks these emails.

Invalid addresses are then automatically deleted . Thus, only qualified contacts are retained. The service therefore makes it possible to enrich your contact database with ultra-qualified leads.

It is possible to recover emails with Snov’s Chrome extension to save time.

Creation of outreach sequences

créer campagne outreach Snov

Next step when the emails are collected and then filtered: sending prospecting emails to the selected contacts. You can use templates made available by the tool and customize them.

templates Snov

The tool relies heavily on personalization of emailing sequences. Moreover, the content of the emails changes automatically according to the marketing objectives to be achieved for each campaign.

You can define trigger scenarios, predefine reminders with the desired deadlines and times, etc. Thus, the flow of emails can be adapted according to the behavior of the recipients.

In order to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can also conduct A/B tests . this allows you to evaluate two or more versions of email to retain only those with the best conversion potential.

However, we note the low power of this AB testing tool. Other tools like LeadIn allow you to test up to 5 campaigns simultaneously.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

Real-time email campaign stats tracking

Snov allows you to keep control of your campaigns even after triggering the sending of emails. Thanks to the statistics available in real time, you can analyze your KPIs such as:

  • Open rates

  • click through rates

  • Response rates

You can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

You can also modify the contents of your emails or even add new recipients as you go.

Contact management

gestion des contacts Snov

Snov is first and foremost a lead generation solution. It therefore saves time in building your database by collecting the email addresses of prospects directly on the Internet.

Collected and verified emails are automatically stored in a CRM. The tool also automatically deletes the email addresses of prospects who do not seem interested in your offer. This allows in particular to maximize the deliverability of emails.

With Snov, you save time building qualified databases and you save time and money by focusing on qualified leads.

The tool also allows you to export prospect data in CSV or XLSX format.

Who is Snov for?

Snov is a tool aimed at different types of actors:

  • Startups

  • Marketers (cold-marketers, SEO link builders, PR specialists, etc.)

  • B2B salespeople

  • The self-employed

  • Representatives of sourcing departments

  • Fundraisers

  • The subcontractors

  • The recruiters

Snov’s prices

Snoc offers 2 pricing levels and a free trial to test the application:

The free trial version provides:

  • 50 email searches

  • 100 recipients for a drip campaign

  • 100 email verifications

  • Free CRM

To take full advantage of Snov, you have the choice between 5 formulas ranging from 39 to 738 dollars per month.

An annual plan saves two months.

Rate S, suitable for startups and freelancers, is $39 per month and includes:

  • 1,000 bulk email searches

  • 5,000 recipients for drip campaigns

  • 2,000 email verifications

  • Free CRM

  • Data export

  • Custom tracking domain

  • Teamwork with shared credits and recipients

  • Over 3,000 native integrations with Zapier

The XXL rate is the highest , at $738 per month. He understands :

  • 100,000 bulk email searches

  • 100,000 email recipients

  • 10,000 email verifications

  • Free CRM

  • A/B testing

  • Custom tracking domain

  • Data export

  • Over 3,000 native integrations via Zapier

Advantages and disadvantages of Snov

Here is an overview of the advantages but also the disadvantages of Snov.


Here are, in the opinion of its users, the main advantages:

  • Save time in lead generation with bulk email address extraction

  • The ability to create smart, personalized email sequences by adapting flows based on recipient behavior

  • Effective and relevant customer support

  • Verification of emails to optimize deliverability

Here is for example the opinion of Aldo on G2 .

avis Snov


User reviews of using are quite positive overall. However, the experience is anything but positive for some of them. We note in particular:

  • A rather high price for the features

  • Integrations that don’t work

  • Credits used while the tool does not find any address

  • A pleasant and ergonomic interface

Here is for example the testimony of Artem on G2.

avis négatif Snov

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Snov

Snov is an email marketing tool. Although it allows extracting email addresses from LinkedIn like LeadIn, it does not allow cross-channel prospecting .

Yet this is what LeadIn allows!

It’s our tool but it ‘s really amazing. It allows you to carry out prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn as well as by email.

This is a big plus because carrying out omnichannel prospecting campaigns allows you to:

  • Become familiar with and gain the trust of the prospect because you multiply the points of contact with him

  • You can reach more prospects : those active on LinkedIn and those who are more so by email

In addition, LeadIn offers a whole range of features:

  • Email finder . Like Snov, LeadIn also allows you to scrape the email addresses of prospects on LinkedIn. It also has an email checker that helps to remove invalid emails and thus maximize deliverability.

  • Prospecting by email. LeadIn also allows you to send ultra-personalized email sequences to optimize open and response rates.

  • Sending Inmails and automatic follow-up messages on LinkedIn

  • Personalization of messages and emails with GIFs and images to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns (it allows you to multiply by 2 the commitment, according to the feedback from our tests conducted with our customers )

  • A single mailbox to access all your LinkedIn messages and emails in one place

  • Simple and effective reporting with easy-to-interpret graphs and statistics available in real time

Among the alternatives to Snov, also find:

Snov remains less complete than LeadIn. Nowadays, betting only on email marketing is equivalent to missing sales opportunities on other channels such as LinkedIn for example.

Bringing together more than 800 million users, it is the professional social network par excellence. The opportunities it offers in terms of B2B prospecting are enormous.

It is with this in mind that it is therefore more reasonable to multiply your prospecting channels and LeadIn is the ideal tool for this.

Click here to experience the tool now for free.

Unfortunately, these items are not available on Snov .