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Professional social network par excellence, LinkedIn is a great place to prospect and generate leads in B2B.

This is one of the reasons why 71 % of companies are now present on it.

Are you looking for a tool to automate your sales prospecting on LinkedIn?
Find in this article everything there is to know about Salesflow : features, prices, advantages and disadvantages.

logo Salesflow

Our opinion on Salesflow in a nutshell

Salesflow is an effective prospecting tool when you are only looking for basic features to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more advanced features like the ability to run multi-channel campaigns or the ability to evaluate more detailed aspects of your campaigns, go with LeadIn instead .

What is Salesflow?

dashboard Salesflow

Salesflow is a LinkedIn automation tool for prospecting and closing prospects.

As a marketing automation tool, Salesflow makes it possible to prospect on LinkedIn by automatically selecting profiles corresponding to predefined criteria .

As a result, it boosts the generation of qualified leads and sends them to its conversion tunnel.

Salesflow has 9 features to target prospects and optimize the sales process.

Salesflow features

Salesflow includes a total of 9 features, here is a summary of the main ones:

Management of several campaigns in parallel

Salesflow allows you to create , schedule and manage several prospecting campaigns at the same time. To do this, it provides a dashboard that centralizes the management of all its campaigns.

fonctionnalités Salesflow

On the other hand, unlike LeadIn, Salesflow is limited to campaigns on LinkedIn . LeadIn has an email finder that automatically finds prospects’ email addresses . Also, it offers the possibility of creating multi-channel campaigns to maximize results.

Lots of campaign message customization options

In order to optimize the reach of your messages and your conversion rate, Salesflow provides you with many customization options . Indeed, no LinkedIn user appreciates receiving a standardized message that is not addressed to them personally.

The more personalized a message is, the higher its response rate . The recipient of your messages should not suspect that they are automatic and impersonal messages.

Salesflow therefore allows you to personalize your messages in order to bring them a human touch.

Additionally, the tool offers over 100 connection request message and inMail templates to help you optimize open and conversion rates.

Reminders and message follow-up

With Salesflow, you can also get more results by scheduling automatic and unlimited follow-ups. You can program a series of messages according to the scenarios that you have predefined. Finally, you can operate a lead nurturing strategy to educate your prospects and not miss any sales.

Centralization of customizable inboxes and chats

Although you can manage multiple accounts with Salesflow, you don’t have to go back and forth between them to reply to your messages. Your messages are centralized in a single inbox. Additionally, you can customize your chats with your logo and company colors.

Easy-to-read reporting

reporting Salesflow

Thanks to statistics and diagrams, you can measure the performance of your campaigns and plan your adjustments . Among the metrics, you have response rates, your connection volumes, etc.

Responsive customer service

temoignage Salesflow

Depending on your profile (agency, sales team, individual or startups), Salesflow provides you with personalized support . It all starts with a call with an account manager who will introduce you to the tool and ask you a series of questions to better understand your business, better identify your expectations and your type of ideal client.

Who is Salesflow for?

Salesflow is a tool dedicated to different customer profiles:

  • Individual customers

  • Agencies

  • Consultants

  • Companies

  • software publishers

Salesflow pricing

The price is unique, at 99 euros per month and per user. If you choose a 6-month subscription, you can get a discount and pay 79 euros.

This package gives access to all the features of the tool including:

  • Send more than 400 invitations per month

  • Send over 800 inMails

  • Schedule sequences of more than 2,000 follow-up messages per month

  • Integrations with Zapier

  • Access to advanced reports and statistics

  • Team management

  • Integration with Sales Navigator

  • Data export in CSV

Advantages and disadvantages of Salesflow

According to the opinions of its users, Salesflow has many advantages but also disadvantages .

The advantages of Salesflow

Salesflow delivers the benefits you’ve come to expect from a basic LinkedIn automation tool.

  • Ease of handling with a pleasant and fluid interface . Salesflow is known to be an easy to use tool. So you don’t need to know how to program to be able to use it, unlike for example Phantombuster .

  • Responsive customer support . All Salesflow users agree that the quality of its customer support is one of its main strengths. Customers are even assigned a dedicated account manager.

  • A cloud -based tool. This aspect is essential to avoid being banned by LinkedIn. This is a standard adopted by the majority of prospecting tools on LinkedIn .

  • Good results as evidenced by some reviews that show positive ROI.

temoignages Salesflow

The inconvenients

Generally speaking, Salesflow is limited to basic features on LinkedIn. The tool does not offer significant differentiating factors.

  • Unable to import contacts. It is also not possible to transfer contacts from one campaign to another.

  • Frequent error messages

  • The rates. Indeed, to be able to use Salesflow, you must have a LinkedIn Premium account which is also paying. Many users then complain about the rather expensive total costs . This is all the more true with the limitation of the number of connections imposed by LinkedIn.

  • Inability to define prospect segmentation scenarios

  • The blacklist function is limited

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Sales Flow


Salesflow is a tool essentially based on commercial prospecting on LinkedIn . In this sense, it is limited to creating automated sequences on LinkedIn and storing your leads in a third-party CRM.

In comparison, LeadIn offers more comprehensive features , for example:

  • Cross- channel prospecting through LinkedIn and emailing . Moreover, the tool comes with an email finder feature. The email addresses of prospects are automatically collected in order to be able to carry out cold outreach campaigns. By multiplying the points of contact with the prospect, campaign performance is maximized for a better conversion rate.

    Moreover, find our best multi-channel prospecting campaigns (the best get an 85% opening rate).

  • Further reporting . With LeadIn’s reporting tool, you have the possibility to analyze certain data in more detail: response rate, number of views of a publication, number of views, etc.

  • With a single price of 97 euros per month, LeadIn offers greater comparative advantages. Indeed, you can count on an interesting price-quality ratio given the many features offered in addition to Salesflow.
    In addition, a free 14-day trial version is possible to test the product without risk.

Click here to try LeadIn free for 14 days .

LeadIn also has the other advantages of Salesflow such as:

  • Responsive customer support available 7 days a week

  • Multi-account management

  • Automation of message campaigns with unlimited follow-ups

  • An ergonomic and easy-to-use interface. Plus, with multi-account management, you can easily switch between accounts without friction.

Click here to try LeadIn free for 14 days .

If you want a turnkey solution for your prospecting on LinkedIn, click here .

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