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LinkedIn has become the social network for generating B2B leads . 71% of companies are on LinkedIn and more than 90% of professionals consider that the social network helps their business evolve.

Are you looking for a tool to automate your prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn and are considering using Zopto?

Features, prices, advantages and disadvantages: in this article, we tell you everything about this tool.

Our opinion on Zopto in a nutshell

Zopto is a tool that makes it easy to prospect on LinkedIn. However, several features are lacking and the solution remains very expensive .

If you are looking for a complete but affordable tool to start prospecting automatically on LinkedIn, choose LeadIn instead.

What is Zopto?


Zopto is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool . It automates your prospecting campaigns through LinkedIn. Aimed at startups, VSEs/SMEs, large groups, and in particular their sales team, this tool allows the acquisition of leads thanks to a targeted and precise campaign.

A complete and all-in-one tool, Zopto is a compendium of 15 features including a dashboard that allows you to:

  • Manage your prospecting campaigns from the Zopto interface

  • A personalized account manager

  • Targeting and prospect search filters

Zopto features

Here are the main features offered by Zopto:

Find leads

The whole reason for such a tool is to help you develop a list of qualified prospects. Thanks to its customizable filtering system, Zopto makes it possible to find customers who correspond to the precise criteria defined upstream by the user.

Here is an overview of the criteria you can use to filter your leads:

  • The number of subscribers

  • The area of the activity

  • The place

  • Company size

  • Their profile title

  • seniority level

  • etc.

Moreover, the tool automatically updates and cleans your contact list. It removes fake or less qualified profiles based on your criteria.

Automated messaging campaigns

Zopto lets you schedule your campaigns and start or stop them at any time.

The tool also provides message templates that increase the opening and conversion rate of your campaigns.

Moreover, discover now our personalized prospecting sequences and get up to 65% response rate .

The response detection system also allows you to be alerted in the event of a response from a prospect in order to react as soon as possible.

Moreover, as with LeadIn , Zopto allows you to centralize your messaging. Also, you won’t need to go back and forth between the tool and your LinkedIn account to talk to your prospects. Plus, the tool keeps your LinkedIn profile online to show your prospects that you’re available .

On the other hand, unlike LeadIn, Zopto does not allow you to create multi- channel campaigns using email prospecting.

Responsive customer support

Customer support is an advantage at Zopto. They have set up a team of multilingual experts who can be accessed free of charge. They are flexible and available by phone, chat and email.

Nevertheless, they are sometimes long to answer and do not always give very clear answers, if we look at the opinions of their customers .

Data security

Zopto makes sure to automatically back up your data to its servers located in the UK. You will also not have to worry about the GDPR because the collection of data is done in full compliance with this regulation.

Effective Reporting

With a comprehensive analytics dashboard , you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time. Thanks to A/B testing , you can also optimize the impact of your campaigns by choosing for more impactful models .

Here is an overview of the dashboard:

dashboard Zopto

We note the effort on the design but it is sometimes not very intuitive to use. Indeed, some users (a minority all the same) reported that the reporting was sometimes too complex and contained too many features .

Who is Zopto for?

Aimed at VSEs and SMEs in all sectors, Zopto is a flexible tool that adapts to your prospecting volume.

Here are examples of sectors for which Zopto can be used in prospecting:

  • Marketing agencies

  • human resources

  • Legal services

  • computer services

  • finance

  • Health, wellness and fitness

  • Event services

  • Etc.

Zopto’s prices

Zopto offers 3 packages :

  • Personal . Offered at €215 per month , the Personal rate gives you access to the tool’s main features: automated invitation requests, free inMails, high-converting templates, personalized visual messages, etc.

  • Grow . This is the intermediate package at €395 per month . It provides access to all the features of the Personal package plus 2 Zopto accounts and multi-account management on LinkedIn.

  • Agency . This is the business package at €895 per month . It gives access to all the features of the Grow plan with 5 Zopto accounts and the use of the tool in white label (in your company colors and with your brand logo).

Advantages and disadvantages of Zopto

According to the reviews of its users, Zopto has many advantages . They also point to some downsides , as mentioned above.


Here are the advantages of Zopto noted by its users:

  • An ideal tool for SMEs who are getting started by allowing them to generate quality leads automatically .
    The criteria we have discussed make it possible to target prospects very precisely. If you are an accountant, for example, you can target people based on their diploma, their school, their profession, their age, their background, and even their company.

  • Easy-to-read and understand charts for performance analysis of launched campaigns. This is an important point that allows users to improve their campaigns in order to optimize their impact.

  • Constant improvement of the tool by adding new features based on user feedback.

The inconvenients

Here are the main drawbacks reported by Zopto users:

  • Limits on Personalization of Messages. The 3 variants offered by the tool to personalize the messages are considered insufficient . This is a big black spot for us because LinkedIn’s interest is access to hyper-personalized data. However, not being able to exploit them makes them lose all their interest. Fortunately, other tools exist and overcome these disadvantages by offering unlimited customization.

  • Some users find the use unintuitive , especially in handling the list of profiles.

  • Bad onboarding . Some users indeed complain of spending too much time to understand the tool.

  • Campaigns are limited to 2,500 profiles , which is considered insufficient for some users. We can nevertheless understand the limitation given the severity of LinkedIn with automation tools. They are also very clear on this subject : automation software is prohibited and the risks are a permanent deletion of his LinkedIn account. This happened to Guillaume Moubeche , for example.

  • The lack of a feature to integrate emails . This is another big black spot of Zopto: the tool makes multi-channel prospecting difficult, which allows campaigns to be carried out with more than 72% of connection requests accepted .

  • A very expensive tool . This is the main obstacle to the use of Zopto. The tool is supposed to be suitable for businesses that are starting up, but the price is very high (at least €215 per month). At LeadIn , we offer a plan more than 2 times cheaper , with more features.

Click here to try LeadIn for free and enjoy a full demo .

Especially since there is no free trial version to get a taste of the power of the tool.

Finally, the last element is that the collection of leads is done from a Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium account. You must therefore also take out a subscription to one of these paid platforms. In short, forget Zopto without a minimum 300 € per month budget.

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Zopto


Like Zopto, LeadIn is a tool to automate prospecting on LinkedIn, but also by email . Here is what we offer:

  • The automation of inmail campaigns with reminder follow-up

  • Multi-account management . LeadIn also allows you to launch several prospecting campaigns at the same time.

  • Easy-to-read reporting thanks to clear and legible graphs

  • Responsive customer support available 7 days a week

Compared to Zopto, LeadIn offers additional advantages :

  • LeadIn’s price is much more advantageous with a single plan at €97 per month, with a 14-day trial period

  • A very easy to understand interface , to allow you to stay focused on your core business. For example, the startup Houzz mobilizes only one person to manage the activity of its 15 salespeople thanks to LeadIn.

testimonial LeadIn
  • An email finder integrated into the tool. LeadIn allows you to find and verify the email addresses of the profiles collected to prospect on several channels.

  • The ability to personalize messages with images and GIFs for an optimal conversion rate.

  • The possibility of analyzing certain data in greater depth to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns. LeadIn thus makes it possible to analyze the number of views, the response rate, the number of views of a publication, etc.

Click here to try LeadIn for free and enjoy a full demo .

If you want a turnkey solution for your prospecting on LinkedIn, click here .

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