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According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute , 97% of marketers use the LinkedIn social network in their B2B content marketing strategy!

However, some are unfamiliar with the best tools and the benefits they offer.

Dux-Soup is one of the best tools created for LinkedIn to generate lots of leads.

What is Dux-Soup? What are its features ?

We discover all this together in this article!

What is Dux-Soup?

Dux-Soup is a digital tool designed to manage your LinkedIn account. It is a robot, whose main function is to prospect. It will therefore allow you to automate your prospecting on the social network and therefore save time.

Our opinion on Dux-Soup in a nutshell

Very easy and simple to learn, Dux-Soup allows you to automate your prospecting tasks on LinkedIn .

Overall, we find that the tool fulfills its promises: you can generate leads with minimal effort.

On the other hand, many users complain that they have been blocked by LinkedIn while using Dux-Soup .

On the feature side, only the most expensive subscription is sufficiently comprehensive: the free version is almost useless, and the first paid plan is too limited.

We also regret the absence of automated emailing.

Benefits :

  • Reasonable rates

  • Few reported bugs

Disadvantages :

  • A slow tool and interface

  • No emailing

  • Many users banned from LinkedIn

Features of Dux-Soup

Find leads

The Dux-Soup application allows you to do online prospecting. It is based on an analysis of the prospects that interest you. With this analysis, you can target contacts similar to your persona.

Once this analysis is done, the application will study the profile of these leads before putting you in contact. You can make this contact using a personalized message template , with fields specific to each contact.

A message template with Dux-Soup might look like this:

Hello[prénom] ,

I really enjoyed your last post on[sujet du post] ! I completely agree with you:[call to action à la fin du post] is very important.

This is what drives me every day: I support companies in their digital transformation.

I can review your IT environment free of charge for half an hour. Feel free to book a slot on my calendar here.

Very good day,


Additionally, it can be used to filter results based on characteristics such as:

  • The place

  • Posts)

  • Centers of interest

  • Language

  • The level of connection of the individual

Once you have identified potential prospects , you can then:

  • Visit profiles

  • Send connection requests

  • Send tracked messages

  • Filter profiles

Contact your prospects

Once the list of prospects is available, you can then contact them. Thanks to the tags , you will identify the prospects who are really interested in your offer.

To do this, it will suffice to choose the tags appropriately for a better follow-up of your contacts. With good segmentation , your prospects will not seem to receive automated messages, but messages tailored to their area of interest .

Automate your actions

Dux-Soup not only allows you to automatically generate leads, it also allows you to:

  • Send personalized messages

  • Send InMail (a premium feature to send a message directly to a LinkedIn member who is not in your connection).

  • Send personalized invitations

  • Visit profiles

  • Recommend Skills

  • Follow your prospects with alerts

Enrich your customer data

The Dux-Soup plugin allows to collect data and extract certain profiles on LinkedIn. The data that this tool helps you collect about your prospects is usually:

  • Their email address

  • A detailed description of the profiles

  • The centers of interest of the profiles tagged

This data allows you to refine your marketing strategy . You can easily use them to improve your CRM ( Customer RelationShip Management ) and enrich your prospect data.

You can reuse these email addresses to launch campaigns with email automation tools (Dux-Soup does not allow this).

Put Tags (attributes) on contacts to segment lists

When using Dux-Soup, it is easy to no longer recognize which prospects have been contacted or not. Tags are functionalities available to Dux-Soup and which allow you, for example, to consult all your messaging to identify to whom you have not yet written. So you just have to either manually tag the profile or activate an automatic tagging .

2 examples of automatic marking rules :

  • [SI] the contact never received a message,[ALORS] apply the “uncontacted lead” tag,[SINON] apply the “lead contacted” tag.

  • [SI] the contact makes an appointment following the exchanges by message,[ALORS] apply the “hot prospect” tag.

Connect with Hubspot / Pipedrive / Zapier

Dux-Soup allows you to connect with several other applications. Among others, Hubspot, Zapier and Pipedrive are among these applications.

  • Pipedrive is an application to automate your customer relationship management.

  • Hubspot will help you with all your marketing needs (CRM, support management, marketing automation, CMS, workflows, etc).

  • Zapier will let you connect Dux-Soup to several other apps. Thanks to Zapier, you can transfer data from Dux-Soup to almost any application.

Who is Dux-Soup for?

The Dux-Soup tool can be used by everyone. Whether you are freelancers, small or large companies, as long as you are prospecting, you may need Dux-Soup. Businesses can incorporate it into their sales strategies to increase their opportunities.

For example, in the testimonials shared on the Dux-Soup site, we find the company White Rabbit. She increased prospect engagement by 250% using Dux-Soup:

Also, on the same site, Littoral was able to improve its campaigns with a conversion rate of 70% thanks to Dux-Soup:

Dux-Soup prices

Dux-Soup is a tool that exists in both free and paid versions.

With the free version, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Find leads

  • Target and filter profiles

  • Tag profiles

With the Professional version at 12 € 99 per month, you can use all the features of the free version, plus the possibility of:

  • Download your profile lists

  • Send InMails and messages automatically

  • Send connection requests automatically

With the Turbo version at 49 € per month, you will be able in addition to the features of the Professional version:

  • Send automatic messages following an approved connection request

  • Track your leads

  • Run unlimited campaigns

  • Create complete sales funnels

  • Connect your CRM to Dux-Soup

The pros and cons of Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup has both advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits of Dux-Soup

It is very easy to handle. Indeed, just by installing the Chrome extension , you can perform most of the possible actions.

Also, it allows you to save a lot of time that you can devote to other activities:

Thanks to Dux-Soup you will no longer spend your time checking the profiles yourself to identify your prospects :

The value for money is quite advantageous: 49 € for the latest version, when for example its competitor Waalaxy asks for 80 € per month.


Misuse of Dux-Soup may result in LinkedIn banning you. Indeed, LinkedIn prohibits in its terms of use the use of marketing automation extensions: improper use and without competence harms the quality of the social network.

It will therefore be necessary to remain within the norm and not to abuse it:

We also notice slowness, whether on LinkedIn, on Chrome (with the extension) and on the tool itself:

Finally, only the most expensive plan is worthy of interest: the first

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to Dux-Soup

LeadIn is a tool that also allows automated prospecting on LinkedIn. Safe and secure, LeadIn allows you to set up high customization and work from an intuitive interface.

Thanks to its message manager , you will be able to reply to your messages from LeadIn without any difficulty. With the possibility of modulating the rhythm of contacts, you therefore do not risk being banned by LinkedIn.

In addition, the tool allows you to do prospecting by email . Thus, the email addresses collected on LinkedIn can be used directly on Leadin!

You can contact your leads through several channels to increase your chances of converting them (goodbye Sendinblue, Mailchimp and their friends).




Multichannel campaigns (emailing)

Identification of people who have visited your page

Know precisely the content visited on your page

Smart inbox

Sending personalized and automated emails

Multi-channel campaigns

Customizing your messages with images

Profile visit

Send connection request

Sending tracked messages

Profile filter

Send personalized messages

Send InMail

Send personalized invitations

Visit profiles

Recommend Skills

Follow your prospects



Dux-Soup is one of the tools to manage prospecting automatically. This tool is not complete.

With all the disadvantages of Dux-Soup (risk of getting you banned from LinkedIn, no emailing possible, many users having been banned, etc.), LeadIn seems like a better option.

At €97 per month , LeadIn is certainly more expensive, but it also replaces your emailing tool .

Especially since to obtain quality leads, you need a complete tool to create real sales funnels, to offer a smooth and natural experience to your leads .

Request a demo on LeadIn .

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