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According to one study, 80% of B2B leads are acquired through LinkedIn. However, a minority of sales teams have suitable tools to automate this social network.

We-Connect is one of them. The platform boasts of being the most secure , advanced and affordable . We will see in this article if its features live up to its ambition .

Here’s our full We-Connect review .

Our opinion on We-Connect in a nutshell

We-Connect is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools, according to many users and rankings on the Internet. However, it seems to be reserved only for prospecting on LinkedIn . Unlike LeadIn, We-Connect does not allow you to run multi- channel campaigns by combining, for example, emailing .

What is We-Connect?

home page We-Connect

We-Connect is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation solution. It allows you to prospect, perform lead nurturing and convert prospects . Its motto ?

A new approach to prospecting on LinkedIn by banishing the classic mass invitations.

Indeed, with LinkedIn’s restrictions , sending such mass invitations is the promise of sanctions, including the suspension of your account.

We-Connect’s bet is therefore to offer intelligent sequence campaigns. You now only focus on lead quality and less on quantity.

Discover our best prospecting sequences on LinkedIn (the best gets 65% of responses…)

With We-Connect ‘s smart and intuitive campaign sequences, you automate actions like:

  • Visit a profile

  • Like a post

  • Send a login message

  • Etc.

For the duration of a campaign, the tool therefore completely simulates a human action in order to avoid being spotted by LinkedIn’s algorithms .

We-Connect features

We-Connect is a set of more than 55 features , of which here are the main ones.

Intelligent Sequence Management

You can configure the different actions of your campaigns from A to Z. The tool can for example:

  • Like events and posts

  • Follow up with prospects

  • Send connection messages while respecting a random delay between each action.

You can even define the actions to be taken in the event that an invitation is not accepted . You can, for this, attract the attention of the prospect by visiting his profile again or by liking his publications.

On the other hand, if the invitation is accepted, you can schedule the sending of follow-up messages or any other action intended to increase your chances of converting the prospect.

mise en place séquence We-Connect

You can thus start several campaigns and define different schemas for each of them:

  • For group members

  • For sending free InMails to profiles who opened your message

  • For the first connections

  • Etc.

Sending free InMails

Instead of following the classic connect invite scheme, you can also send free InMails directly to your prospects. This requires open profiles . The response rate may, in this case, be higher than that of a classic invitation campaign.

Sending messages to group members

We-Connect makes it possible to circumvent the weekly connection limits imposed by LinkedIn . This is done in particular through the direct sending of messages to members of LinkedIn groups without sending connection requests .

Synchronize data

We-Connect allows you to access data from all your work tools thanks to API and Zapier integration. Thanks to the API terminals, you also have the possibility of importing contacts from your CRM to integrate them into your We-Connect campaigns.

Multiple campaign management

With We-Connect, you can run several campaigns in parallel. Plus, you can manage everything from a single dashboard and single sign-on.

A multifunctional dashboard

tableau de bord We-Connect

Thanks to a single dashboard , you can manage different actions:

  • Follow the progress of a campaign

  • Add contacts to blacklist

  • Track all your contacts and their status (connected, invited, on hold, location in sequence, etc.)

  • Sort prospects

  • Pause certain contacts or tag them

  • Export personal data

  • Etc.

Team management

tableau gestion d’équipe We-Connect

We-Connect allows you to easily distribute tasks to your team members in just a few clicks .


analytics We-Connect

You can analyze the performance of your campaigns using interactive charts with reports and statistics accessible from the dashboard. You can download these reports or share them directly with your team or even with your clients.

A powerful campaign manager

You have access to all the data on your campaigns from a single screen in the form of a table. You can thus carry out all kinds of actions such as

  • Change settings

  • Pause or activate campaigns with one click

You can also easily switch from one campaign to another, carry out A/B tests, etc.

Who is We-Connect for?

We-Connect is a practical and ergonomic tool. It is particularly aimed at marketers , sales teams , recruiters and other professionals who need to prospect in B2B .

We-Connect prices

We-Connect offers a very simple pricing system with the possibility of choosing between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription:

  • Monthly plan: from 49 dollars / user / month

  • Annual plan: from 490 dollars / month

The price increases as the number of users increases.

You also get 2 months free with an annual plan .

Advantages and disadvantages of We-Connect

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of We-Connect.


According to its users, We-Connect has many advantages :

  • Personalization of messages. In addition to the prospect’s professional title or company name, you can also include Mr./Madam or the prospect’s city of residence.

  • Possibility of retargeting thanks to telephone numbers or email addresses collected after a Linkedin or Facebook advertising campaign

  • An affordable price given the many features offered plus the 2 months free.

  • Effective customer support .

  • Enhanced security with a dedicated IP address, random delays between each action, blacklist, automatic deletion of duplicates, cloud-based tool.

The inconvenients

Here are some disadvantages noted on We-Connect:

  • Getting started and complicated configuration when using the tool for the first time. However, this is compensated by many available tutorials and efficient customer support.

  • Some users complain about frequent bugs when using We-Connect. We ourselves had bugs adding members to our team and modifying tags when we only spent a few hours on We-Connect.

  • A tool reserved for teams who want to run campaigns on LinkedIn only . If you want to prospect on other channels such as email or other social networks , you will need to subscribe to another service. This will increase your overall cost.

LeadIn: the ideal alternative to We-Connect


More than a simple LinkedIn automation tool, LeadIn is a real all-in-one sales prospecting solution . It makes it possible to carry out multi- channel campaigns thanks to the sending of automatic emails .

Based on the cloud like We-connect, it is a secure software that works with a dedicated IP. As such, LeadIn keeps your profile online even when you’re not connected to your computer.

Click here to try LeadIn free for 14 days.

LeadIn offers all the features you would expect from a LinkedIn automation platform:

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

  • Send free InMails and follow-up messages

  • Multi- account management

  • Multiple campaign management

  • Easy-to-read reporting to analyze and correct the performance of your campaigns.

Discover all the reasons to choose LeadIn rather than We-Connect for your prospecting strategy on LinkedIn.

The price of LeadIn subscriptions is certainly higher than that of We-connect. However, it is a price justified by more complete functionalities with:

  • Native customization with GIFs and images. This is a significant feature because it allows you to hold the attention of your prospects. According to our internal data, personalized messages with GIFs and images would also achieve an engagement rate 2.2 times higher than the average .

  • Multi- channel campaign management. LeadIn has an email finder tool that automatically extracts prospects’ email addresses. It is then from these email addresses that an emailing sequence is then initiated . In addition, email addresses are first checked and enriched automatically, thus optimizing your bounce rates .

Multichannel offers an important advantage because you multiply your points of contact with your prospects.

LeadIn also offers a 14-day free trial to allow you to test its many features.

Click here to try LeadIn free for 14 days.

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